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The Cruising Life — Preparing for a Round-the-World Cruise

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Cruising the world has all the potential to be the trip of a lifetime. Hey, no, wait, not potential — it is the trip of a lifetime! Whether you’re Phileas Fogging it up, circumnavigating the globe in 80 days, or simply along for the ride, a cruise around the world will be a travel experience you won’t soon forget.
But what do you pack for such an epic adventure? What will you do aboard the ship? Do they offer excursions? What range of itineraries is available?

If you’re new to world travel, let alone travelling the world on board a cruise liner, you might want to consider the following tips that will help you make the most out of your round-the-world cruise.

Itineraries: On-board Offerings & Excursions
Evaluating different world cruise itineraries will make selecting the one for you a much easier task. If you want to spend more time at port, look for extended port calls. If you prefer sailing, make note of the sea days. If you’re geared toward Europe, make sure your itinerary spends plenty of time at European ports. If you’d rather bask in an island setting, try a Caribbean cruise. The following are some tips about how to make your itinerary work for you:


Ports of Call
If you don’t mind where the trip takes you, the ports of call probably won’t matter so much (as long as it’s not in some hellhole, of course!). If, on the other hand, you are ambitious about seeing as many places in the world as they possibly can, noting the ports of call should be at the top of the list. Though you can experience something new when visiting places you’ve already been, a new stamp on the passport is always a thrill.

Sea Days
People who are new to cruising may get frustrated when they realise how many sea days there are between ports. Prepare for this. Note how many days your cruise is at sea, and how many you’ll actually be able to explore the beautiful, exotic cities for which you’re taking the trip. Don’t despair if you’re whole days at sea. There are so many offerings on the ship that being bored is nigh on impossible.

Port Days
When you’re at port, you’ll want to make the most of it. See what excursions the cruise line is running. You may be able to seize some great travel opportunities, such as a trek up Machu Pichu or a Great Wall excursion. Also, look for extended port calls to break up any monotony you might feel being at sea for days. A full day or two in the city will allow you to familiarise yourself with it. You’ll feel more comfortable, see everything you want to see and relax better. Isn’t that what cruising the world is all about?

Packing Tips

Packing for the weekend is a job in itself, let alone for several months, with weather that will range from cold to hot and from dry to wet. Cruises also often have smart-casual, semi-formal and formal occasions, so when you’re packing you’ll also need to consider these if you’re going to take part. Instead of pulling every outfit from your closet, and pulling your hair out along the way, take a calming breath and read on. Below are several ways to ease the packing stress:


Cruises offer great relaxation
Cruises offer great relaxation


Basics & Neutrals
Basic outfits and neutral colour palettes don’t really jump off the page, but when you only have the average luggage dimensions in which to store a few months’ worth of clothes, throwing in plenty of simple styles and colours that blend will save your life (from a dress sense perspective!). These pieces can be coupled with just about everything, switched and swapped, giving you plenty of options for a ‘new’ look.

You’ve sorted the basics: now it’s time to accessorise. This is where you can give your inject some colour into your look and give it a fling of flair. And the best thing about accessories is they take up much less room in your luggage than a full outfit might.

Your cruise’s itinerary should definitely play a part in what you pack. If you’re departing from Europe in December, of course you’ll want to dress accordingly. Consider light and airy clothing for humid weather as well.

Round-the world cruises will offer a laundry service, so you need not go overboard in what you pack. If you don’t want to spend much on laundry fees, most have self-service laundry facilities as well. Remember that you’ll be doing plenty of washes on your trip, so you don’t need to pack your whole wardrobe.

That’s all the preparations done. All it remains is for you to enjoy your trip. That won’t be hard. You’ve done all the graft already! Sit back and relax now and sail away!


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