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These days it’s become somewhat of a trend to compile a bucket list. Everybody from a teenager to an 80 year old has one. The common feature is always indulgence. After all, isn’t the idea of a bucket list all about making dreams come true? From staying at a luxury resort to hiring a Ferrari or indulging in a spot of fine dining, everybody secretly has a bucket list full of experiences that could cost a lot.

When it comes to our bucket list, we would absolutely choose a holiday to an exotic destination. No we don’t want to fly half way around the world only to end up at a resort strip lined with luxurious hotels. Sure we could indulge ourselves at said hotel and its private beach but we look for something more in a dream holiday. It would have to be a place with the promise of culture, history, and most importantly adventure. Diving, snorkelling, bungee jumping, sky diving – anything would do the trick really! Having said that, we find it hard to compromise on hotels. We enjoy a bit of luxury – so a spacious suite in a nice hotel would definitely form part of our dream getaway.

Lux* Belle Mare Honeymoon Suite


In terms of destinations, Spain would have to top our list of places to visit on a dream holiday. Spain has everything a tourist could possibly want. First there is the weather. Everybody who is starved of sunshine in UK would agree that sunny days and clear nights are such a welcome respite from the constantly grey and cloudy weather in UK. Then there are the beaches – it is hard to overestimate the beauty of these gorgeous stretches of azure water. Every single part of Spain, be it Costa Brava, Costa Del Sol, or the island have stunning waters and (consequently) a variety of water sports to offer. If adventure sports isn’t your thing, there is always football on offer.


best things to eat in Spain
Churros (fried dough) and creamy chocolate syrup = culinary nirvana in Spain


Of course, who can get over the food? The local food in Spain is amazing and flavourful but there are a number of Michelin star eateries in and around Barcelona that offer fine-dining experiences like no other. The most important part, as always, are the hotels. Spain, especially the costal towns of Southern Spain, offer a stunning variety of luxurious hotels and resorts. We would pick a romantic and luxurious resort that affords privacy to its guests while pandering to their every request. After all isn’t that what dream getaways are all about?

Aah – all this dreaming just wants to make us hop on a plane and fly to an elusive dream land where everything is tailored to perfection just for us.


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All the best – we hope you win your dream holiday. We’re off to try our luck at winning an indulgent break peppered with adventure sports and fine dining.


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