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Why Bruised Passports?

Bruised Passports

We live in London, but for 10 years we travelled on Indian passports. But Vid just got his British Passport, almost 10 years after we first started travelling together.I continue to travel on my Indian passport. If you’ve ever travelled on one of those, you’ll know the perils that accompany it. We need visas for each and every country, so it’s imperative we plan our travel in advance. We’d love to just book a ticket and take off to Argentina one fine winter morning, but we cannot. Nope! We need to get our documents in order, book our tickets, decide where we want to stay, procure bank statements, book accommodation – you name it! It’s easy to get dissuaded from travelling at all, but of course wanderlust triumphs EVERY single time. We are well versed with the whole jig now, but all our visas and stamps ensure Bruised Passports- what else ?! 🙂

Have a question about travelling on an Indian passport? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

59 thoughts on “Why Bruised Passports?

    1. We’ve heard of it, but not tried it yet. We’re definitely not averse to it, but think it can work only if one has at least a month or two 🙂 Would love to pick an olive or grape farm somewhere deep down in Tuscany- aah

      1. Hello Vid and Savi, I am pathology resident in Miami, Florida on J1 visa.Usually Visa stamp from India is valid for one year and it has to be renewed before you be able to travel any other country except U.S. Now I want to visit Bahamas in October before I visit India in December. My J1 visa stamp from India expired on June 30. I do have a document from U.S. government which renewed my J1 clinical visa. Based on which I can get my J1 stamped from India. Now, my question ( it may not pertinent to your experience) to you is whether I can travel to Bahamas based on my renewal of Visa from U.S government. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY INPUT/SUGGESTIONS TO MAKE MY TRIP TO BAHAMAS HAPPEN.

        1. Hey Bhaumik- unfortunately we have no idea about US visas (other than tourist visas to US), so we won’t be able to help you on that front. Sorry about that 🙁

      2. I am also a travel junkie . My first trip outside India was to Edinburgh, Scotland. I loved highland trip and inverness. I can palpate the excitement you guys shared for the travelling.Good luck to you guys. I would love to have your feedback for chile and islands around Greece if you have travelled to. I havent checked your blog completely. But I will if you already had been.
        Thanks. God bless you guys.

        1. Hey Bhaumik – we haven’t been to Chile but we love Greece and frequently write about it. Happy Travels 🙂

  1. I had no idea how easy we have it with our US passports until we met so many other people this past year from other countries who don’t have it quite like us. But like you said though, wanderlust triumphs and I’m happy you guys don’t let the process get in the way of getting out there. 🙂

    1. Hey Kieu,

      We just treat the experience of getting a visa a part of the overall travel experience now 😉 Always have a story to tell after each visa application. I am already on to my 3rd passport – there are so many visas and stamps in there lol! Bring on them visa application forms 😉

  2. stumbled upon your blog by following a link from one of the fashion blogs. Loved the quirky name Bruised Passports and your explanation of it too! I’m quite a travel buff too and happy to see that in your case wanderlust triumphs 🙂

    1. I came to your blog after reading about it in Mumbai mirror yesterday. I am myself a travel buff…..though i am not fortunate enough to travel as much as you guys do..i must say i am going to live out my hunger for travel through you 🙂 :)..i read a lot about food culture and travel on the internet…getting a first hand experience from you guys would be great fun………..keep travelling and telling us about it.

      1. Thanks for such a warm message Komal- we hope you continue to enjoy reading Bruised Passports 🙂

  3. Savi and Vid, u guys have got me addicted to Bruised Passports!! It is like a spa treatment for travel buffs.. lol.. after a long day it is so rejuvenating to read your posts. Travel,Food and Fashion.. your blog is a complete package 😀

    1. Nidhi nicest thing we’ve heard in a while- spa treatment for travel buffs – we’re totally bookmarking that for marketing Bruised Passports 😉

  4. You guys are awesome… With an Indian Passport, I can personally sense what kind of challenges are awaiting us even before our travel starts. Glad and surprised that you overcome it every time and have traveled to so many places. Cheers!

    1. Thank you. Hope you continue to enjoy Bruised Passports 🙂 Will look forward to reading your comments

  5. You had me at Berlin. So sitting in my office suffering from Berlin withdrawals, I ‘googled’ – love Berlin (yes, my withdrawals are THAT bad) and I stumbled upon your blog and glad I did.
    I can never remember the names of the places I have been to except for…. The next time you travel to Berlin – Please visit Mustafa’s Doner Gemuse Kebab at kreuzberg next to the metro – order the Durum doner with everything. You will have to probably wait half an hour in line but it’s worth the wait and you make new friends along the way.

  6. hey…
    This seems really interesting… i would be reading the whole blog in few days from now… Traveling is awesome… i would be traveling to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos this Jan… really looking forward to it..

    1. Thank you Sachin. We will look forward to hearing from you once you have read our blog 🙂

    1. Hope you get to travel the world Aditi- it’s never about money or annual leave, just about taking that first step and following your heart 🙂

  7. I am so glad i chanced upon this blog.. what an absolute great find! i am taking notes and definitely going to use this as my go to guide for traveling..its so informative! much love <3

    1. Thanks a million. Hope you continue to enjoy reading Bruised Passports. Just drop us a line if you need any help planning your travels 🙂 Much love

  8. I just love love love loveeeeee this blog <3 I can't express my love for traveling, food and exploring places..but here I am stuck in my graduation :/ what all I do is read your blog, spend sleepless nights planning my future trips 😛 and then realizing I have a long way to go -.- I wish to travel everywhere, anywhere, at least somewhere 😛 you guys are the best thing happened to me in this social media world..i just can't wait to be the next "savi vid"..feeling like packing a bag, feeling this so damn life and explore myself..i soooo love you guys and ofcourse the blog is my favourite:*

    1. Hey Shivangi- I find it hard to articulate how pleased I was when I read your comment 🙂 Thank you ever so much.

  9. Hey Savi & Vid

    What a lovely blog! My husband and I are also travel enthusiasts. We met in Alaska – he, being Indian, was running around in the port of Skagway in a T-shirt, me, being Swiss, was wearing two fleeces and I was still freezing 🙂 ever since we explore the world together.

    I can therefore relate a lot to the whole visa scenario when holding an Indian passport! I have visited many embassies on behalf of my husband 😉

    Happy travels to you guys!

    1. Hey Sabine,

      Your story is so cute ! 🙂 We had a look at your blog and love it. I am sure your Swiss nationality does help your husband in getting Visas with slightly less hassle ! Here’s to travelling the world despite all difficulties – Cheers !

  10. I started to laugh when I read about your 3-going-on-4 booklet, because I’ve got one just like that. Just returned from Taiwan and unlike the others in my group who have a thin passport, mine is rather a bulky one. So grateful that I found your blog because I’m in a similar position as you in terms of visas. I just have to, as you say, treat visa applications as part of the travel experience. Where can I access the 58 countries that I don’t need a visa to? Many thanks.

  11. Hello there – just returned from our tropical paradise travel early this morning and it appears that shall be the last leg for travel for the year (I like the idea of waking up in my own bed on 1st Jan!) – stumbled upon your page while filling in my personal travelogue and while I am hardly the sort to write in to someone I don’t know, could not resist the pull of saying hello to a fellow traveller(s) to whom traveling seems just as important as breathing as that’s certainly the case with us! My Husband and I have been traveling extensively for over a decade now and we are delighted to have a new travel partner – our Daughter! She’s all of 26 months and has 30 trips to her account and counting! I have met many young parents for whom the idea of leaving comfort turf once they have kids is unthinkable and I want to shake some sense into their heads! Quite the trooper our kiddo is! We have a family tradition – before we finish the last leg of the current travel, our next one needs to be decided and booked! And we have been spot on month on month….glad to say! Needless to say, we have quite the travel stories – including a hour long sea ride in the choppiest waters on the planet with rain belting down – all of it when my lil one was 9 months….she slept through and we emerged at the most gorgeous holiday ever on the other side!

    May the year to follow bring in lots more unexpected, wonderful travels for you and Family!

    1. Hi 🙂

      Thanks a lot for such a nice message. We loved reading it and so happy to see that a child has not prevented you from fulfilling your wanderlust. Very inspirational 🙂 We believe it’s all about prioritising and happy to see that travelling is on top of your list. Really nice to meet you and look forward to reading more of your adventurous tales !

  12. Having lived in London for the last 12 years with an Indian Passport (3 Jumbo ones completely bruised before I had to “surrender” it!) and now a naturalized British Citizen, it brought a huge smile to my face that I tumbled onto this site by accident! Fab job guys… Me and my wife live my the simple rule of 5 new countries every year and like you say, its never about the money or annual leave. I am very inspired by this effort. Good luck guys – From another Indian in London 🙂

    1. Haha we hear you. We’re so glad you two manage to make the most of your leave and travel the world – high five 😀

  13. My wife and I just got married last year and started our travel and lifestyle blog a few weeks ago.

    I have a Pakistani passport and she has an Indian, which makes it so much harder but you guys have given us inspiration and the confidence that it can be done!

    If you two are ever in Bangkok, please give us a message…we would LOVE to show you guys around as we have lived here all our lives. Do make Thailand your next visit.

  14. ‘We live in London, but travel on Indian passports’ Respect! I used to live in UK but never applied for citizenship, still have an Indian passport and have been to many countries with my wife (both of us have Indian passports, Jumbo). It takes a lot to be an Indian while travelling!

  15. I am looking to start a journey like you guys. But wanted to know how do you survive your finances? I also want to bruise my Indian passport. Have been staying in Singapore and have been to Malaysia only. Want to know more on how to start my own bruisedpassports journey.

    1. Hi Chetan,

      Thanks for dropping by. You can read articles titled “our lives are changing”, “tips for bloggers”, and “you asked we answered” on our blog ? those should give you a good idea about how we sustain this lifestyle.


  16. Hey guys,

    Awesome blog!! Have been reading all your posts for days now. This is now my favorite go to website for interesting reads and visuals. My husband and I want to start traveling the world. All that you said about getting visas and all is so true. I was wondering how you guys overcame the risk of booking flight tickets in advance when applying for visa. I believe many countries do need booked flight tickets sent along with all other documents for visa application. Can you tell us how you managed it and how to proceed?

    1. Hey Neeha – we usually book refundable tickets if the price difference isn’t too great. So happy to hear you enjoy reading Bruised Passports 🙂

  17. Hey!! I had the opportunity to meet you both when you stayed at our little motel in Morro Bay. It was so wonderful getting to speak with you both and your blog is truly inspiring. I plan to follow you both from here on out to learn as much as I can about travelling and just, if nothing else, live vicariously through you! Thank you for sharing with us. I wish you both countless blessings and look forward to the day when you might pass through our little neighborhood again. 🙂

    1. Dear Christina – it’s so good to hear from you. Thanks a million for your little note. We loved our time in Morro Bay and really hope our paths cross sometime in the future 🙂

  18. I regularly follow your blog and instagram. You guys have inspired me to do more of road and cruise trips. Been traveled to more than 30 countries, I am totally competing with you guys to get that number, but everything apart, you guys have given me major relationship goals.
    God bless you both and hope you keep traveling more than ever.

    1. Hi Pratik, thanks so much for your feedback-you are too generous with your words but we loved every bit of it:) We are glad to know that you are as passionate about travelling as we are…keep going high!!

  19. Haii im Trisha from Hyderabad. I love travellin too.. its my dream to start a travel blog ever since i knew what actually is bloging. I have no doubt about going everywhere you go but just one. PHOTOGRAPHY… like its just perfect. When i saw your blog first i thought bruisedpassports might be a big team where four or five travel with a pro photographer. But i was worng u wrote in a blog saying only u both travel. So Who click your pictures if only you both travel??If your using a tripod how do u manage to carry it everywhere?? Too many questions na … hope you reply and wish me luck what all i want to do.

    1. Hey Trisha – yes we do carry our tripod everywhere. My camera bag weighs around 15 kgs and it’s a big commitment but photography is a passion, so I don’t mind it at all! 🙂

  20. Hey Savi! Firstly i would like to appreciate the way u guys travel. I follow u on Instagram (travel_food_diaries). I also love travelling but my schengen visa got rejected (Indian Passport) in 2015 Dec. Please guide me how to apply again to get a confirmed visa. Europe is on my mind every time..:/…..YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS….:)
    Happy Travelling!

    1. Thanks a lot Surbhi 🙂 It’s a shame that your visa was rejected. We hate the fact that there is so much inconsistency in visa outcomes. It’ll be best for you to apply again for your Schengen visa and address the reason why your visa was rejected earlier. We wish we could help you but it might be better to consult a visa specialist in your area? If you have any specific questions please drop us an email and we’ll try to help you based on our own experiences 🙂

      Much love

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