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Most Bucket Lists these days seem to start at the  Oktoberfest and end at La Tomatina. On most days, Vid and I are not averse to putting on dirndls, downing gigantic mugs of beers, or  slathering ourselves in tomato juice (aye – we aren’t too proud of ourselves 😉 ).


But there are days when we crave some good ol’ fashioned fun that’s right out of a film – dancing on the streets, impromptu karaoke bars, giant ferris wheels, horse carriages lugging people from one end of the road to the other, stalls selling cotton candy, and a party to remember.


Enter the Malaga Feria, Malaga’s annual carnival, which offers all that and more. While Malaga’s beaches continue to draw crowds, inland Malaga remains relatively undiscovered. This explains the lack of information about Malaga’s annual carnival online and the lack of tourists at the carnival itself.


The Feria de Málaga takes place every August in the city of Malaga, Spain. It goes on for 10 days, but the last day is definitely the best. Daily celebrations are divided into two parts. The Feria del Dia (day Feria) takes place from 10.00am until about 6.30pm in the city centre and the Feria Ground, located just outside Malaga’s city centre.


Then, in true Spanish style, everyone goes home for a siesta. In the evening, the party starts again at the Feria de la noche (night Feria) at the Feria Ground and continues into the wee hours of the morning. Take a look :-


Offbeat Spain Malaga Feria
Time Travel? Just another day at the Feria


Offbeat Spain Malaga itinerary 3
Yep, they are for real 🙂


Offbeat Spain Malaga Feria 3
The Feria Ground by day


As you can see, the Feria Ground looks just like an exciting film set. Everyone is dressed up up traditional Spanish garments. Even toddlers have tiny flamenco dresses on. People break out into dances at the slightest provocation. There is singing on the road and revelry everywhere.

Offbeat Spain Malaga itinerary 5
Spanish people taking dressing up seriously


Offbeat Spain Malaga Feria 8
Spanish people take dressing up very seriously indeed. How adorable are those kids?


Offbeat Spain Malaga itinerary 4
Cutest horse riders in town?


Offbeat Spain Malaga itinerary 2
The Malaga Feria


Offbeat Spain Malaga itinerary 2
Flamenco on the road


Offbeat Spain Malaga itinerary 9
There’s a street party in town – how can we be left behind?? 🙂


Offbeat Spain Malaga itinerary 11
The Feria by night



Tapas Bar abound by the dozen. Large canteen-style tapaserias dole out finger-licking Spanish delicacies – everything from Paella to Espeto De Sardinas is on offer.


Offbeat Spain Malaga Feria 6
Tapaseria at the Feria Ground


Offbeat Spain Malaga Feria grilled sardines
Espeto De Sardinas (sardines grilled on split-cane skewers), a local speciality


Grilled Sardines
Espeto De Sardinas (sardines grilled on split-cane skewers), a local speciality


Offbeat Spain Malaga Feria 5
Tapaseria at the Feria Ground


Offbeat Spain Malaga Feria 4
Spanish Paella is on the menu


Offbeat Spain Malaga itinerary 12
One giant food feast


The Malaga Feria – it’s our li’l secret, one so good that we almost didn’t want to share it 🙂 Go on, put it on your bucket list before it gets too popular with tourists all over the world.


Fact File

  • The Malaga Feria takes place in August every year
  • A number of budget airlines fly from London to Malaga. We flew with Monarch Holidays.
  • Expect traditional costumes, lots of singing, flamenco, and general revelry at the city centre and Feria Ground
  • The party continues late into the night. It is definitely not for the faint hearted.
  • Buses run all night from the City Centre to the Feria Ground. If you’re driving, there is a large car park near the Feria Ground. However, we’d recommend either going early to get a parking spot, or take public transport since it gets really crowded at night.
  • The Malaga Feria should definitely be on your bucket list if you enjoy learning about other cultures. It is the perfect introduction to Spanish culture and an easy way to familiarise yourself with colourful Spanish locals. You will love it.


Want to explore inland Malaga? Don’t forget to read our special ‘Wheres and Wears‘ entry on a hidden Spanish gem, El Torcal De Antequera.



17 thoughts on “Offbeat Spain – The Malaga Feria, One For Your Bucket List

  1. Málaga used to be known as a fly-into and get-the-hell-out type of place. But articles like this show why it’s worth sticking around. The Málaga Tourist Board will be chuffed with you sharing another side of the city’s secrets.

    1. I love Málaga. In fact, I think inland Málaga is the last part of that coast that’s still completely Spanish. Savi and I fell in love with the tapas bars, tiny fishing villages, and expansive national parks in the area.

      I would love to send this to the Málaga Tourist Board. Any leads?

    1. Thanks Gemma – we wanted to highlight the culture of Spain because its beaches always seem to steal the limelight

    1. Erica, it was definitely the most colourful carnival I’ve ever seen. The elaborate dresses and headgear left me dumbstruck 🙂

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Feria. Over one million people experience the feria every August 🙂 Malaga is a fantastic city these days, isn’t it?

    BTW, you forgot to mention all the fairground rides!

  3. Lovely! Never seen this side of Spain. 🙂 I love that little girl walking away in that colorful outfit. I would love to experience Spain’s revelry someday.

    1. Hey Karishma, so happy to hear you’re enjoying Bruised Passports. We will look forward to seeing your comments on our blog posts

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