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As we tiptoed into the endless corridors, our eyes lit up with

wonder, our hearts beat a lil faster. This is it! We are here!


Angkor Temples itinerary - Angkor Wat
The Angkor Temples – shrouded in mystery


The Angkor temples, sometimes mistakenly called The Angkor Wat Temples (Angkor Wat is just one of the temples in the Angkor Archaeological complex), have been a source of mystery and inspiration for wanderlusters all over the world and we must admit they live up to the hype. When we recently flew to Asia to attend our friend’s Chinese wedding we knew we had to finally tick the Angkor Temples off our travel bucket list.


You’ll be surprised to know that the Angkor Archaeological complex consists of over 1000 temples. The temples range from stunning architectural marvels to ordinary edifices full of rubble. However most of the Angkor Temples boast of characteristic endless corridors, secretive passageways, narrow chambers, and intricate carvings. It’s tough to choose which ones to visit, so we thought we would put together a guide of how we conquered the ancient city of Angkor – our favourite bits, the Angkor temples that definitely need to be on your itinerary, and the ones you could possibly skip – the hits and the misses. But before that, a handy image outlining the map of Angkor and how the temples are laid out


Angkor Temples Map
Angkor Temples Map (image courtesy – Visit Angkor)


We opted for the 3 day ticket and made good use of the tuk-tuk that was provided to us by our hotel and explored all the temples in the “Grand Circuit” (marked in red + yellow in the map above) and some that were around 30Kms from the main complex.


#1 Ta Phrom

Let us start with one of our favourite Angkor Temples – Ta Prohm. Ta Prohm is a popular temple on the tourist route because it was featured in the Tomb Raider film. But for once, it is worth every bit of the hype. Gigantic roots are intertwined with man made structures and crumbling stones crowd lengthy corridors – it’s the kind of place that made us want to play hide and seek with the sun and shadows. The magical stones made us wish we knew the stories embedded in them – the enigmatic tales we will never know.

VERDICT – Amazing. Go for It.


Ankor Temples Ta Phrom Roots
Look at those roots – Ta Phrom is one of our favourite Angkor Temples


Ankor Temples Ta Phrom Roots
Ta Phrom – Crumbling but gorgeous



 #2 Pre Rup

Pre Rup is one of the few Angkor Temples that is famous for an apparently unforgettable sunset. Don’t be sucked into the hype – sunset here is anything but spectacular! When we visited Pre Rup, we had imagined a sunset with the other temples in the foreground – this was not the case. Trees and dusty grasslands obscured the view. That said, the temple is quite spectacular, but that can be said for most of the Angkor Temples.

VERDICT – You can give it a miss if you are short on time


Angkor Temples Pre Rup
Pre Rup – Not the best Angkor Temple for sunset



#3 Prasat Kravan

One of the smaller Angkor temples, Prasat Kravan was made in the 10th century. Its facade consists of symmetrical towers made of red bricks. The muted colour of the stone lends it an incomparable beauty. Prasat Kravan is usually the first stop of the ‘big tour’ of the Angkor temple complex.

VERDICT – Go for it!


Prasat Kravan Angkor temples
Prasat Kravan, one of the smallest Angkor Temples



#4 East Mebon

This temple is literally falling apart. Restoration work is in full swing here but the obstruction cannot dampen the sheer beauty of this temple. This massive three-tiered temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. It is laden with intricate carvings and sculptures of guardian elephants and lions at gateways. It is easy to spend hours at East Mebon and not get bored.

VERDICT – Don’t miss it for the world !


Spot Vid? That should give you an idea of the size of East Mabon and Angkor Temples in general


The impressive East Mebon Temple is a part of the Angkor Archaeological Complex



#5 Ta Som

Of all the Angkor temples, the ones we liked best were the root temples. Ta Prohm is special, but the ‘Tomb Raider’ hype ensures it’s always crowded. The alternative? Ta Som – a small root temple that is equally special, if not more. The magnificent entrance alone is enough to make your heart skip a beat.

As one delves deeper into the temple one discovers untouched corners left to nature, secret crevices, and roots – oh those roots! At the furthest end of the temple are little kids selling souvenirs to visitors. We met a little girl, Persai, who could talk in 60 different languages (yep 60!) and endeared every visitor around by chatting to them in their native language. Her British pièce de résistance? “Lovely Jubbly missy ! How’s the Queen treating you these days? Want to take some gifts back for her ? They’re sure to brighten up the weather in Britain” 😉

VERDICT – Yes, yes, yes! This is our favourite Angkor temple. Just make sure you wear covered shoes – there is red sand everywhere.


Angkor Temples Ta Som Entrance
The entrance of the Ta Som Temple, our favourite Angkor Temple


Angkor Temples
Little Persai


Angkor temples
These massive roots make Ta Som temple stand out amidst other spectacular Angkor Temples



#6 Neak Poan

A long wooden corridor over mush leads to this small temple amidst a small artificial lake. Neak Poan (literally ‘intertwined serpents’) is one of the less impressive temples of the Angkor region.

VERDICT – You could certainly give this temple a miss if you are short on time.


Neak Poan Angkor Temples
Neak Poan is a small yet charming temple in the Angkor Archaeological Complex


Neak Poan Angkor Temples offbeat
Visitors walking towards Neak Poan temple



#7 Preah Khan

Preah Khan is one of the most fascinating in the Angkor temple complex. Preah Khan literally translates to ‘Sacred Sword’. In keeping with the name, this temple is littered with phallic symbols everywhere  – lingas, giant serpents at both east and west entrance, and garudas holding ‘nagas’ (snakes). It’s majestic statues have been vandalised and disfigured over the years by various religious sects – these layers of history lend an impenetrable aura to Preah Khan Temple.

VERDICT – Don’t miss it. Preah Khan is one of the most mystical and photogenic temples in the Angkor Complex.


Angkor Temples Preah Khan Temple
Preah Khan Temple, part of the big tour of the Angkor Temples


Angkor Temples
Phallic symbols can be seen everywhere at the Angkor Temples



#8 Bayon and Baphuon

These 2 adjacent temples are overwhelming. Bayon is characterised by gigantic faces that are full of intrigue. It’s amazing how inanimate structures can give rise to a range of feelings – from intrigue to horror in the visitors. The enormity is stark and needs to be seen to be believed. Make sure you walk to the giant Buddha ensconced between the two temples.

VERDICT – You need to see these temples, especially Bayon


Angkor Temples Itinerary-Bayon
The Bayon Temple – Notice the giant faces carved in stone?


Angkor Temples Itinerary_Baphuon
A giant statue of Buddha between the Bayon and Baphuon temples



#9 Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is undoubtedly the most famous of the Angkor Temples. The colossal temple is the world’s largest religious monument, an impressive accolade. It is dotted with gorgeous balustrades, galleries, chambers, courtyards, corridors, and porches. Every area has elaborate carvings on the walls, representing mythological tales. Angkor Wat is, above all, a microcosm of a Hindu Universe.

The famed sunrise at Angkor Wat is every bit as spectacular as it looks. We have to say, the crowds are somewhat of a mood-killer. Thousands of people throng the temple grounds to witness the spectacular sunrise. Even so,there are more cameras than people – no kidding! We saw a guy trying to take photos from his DSLR, iPad, and iPhone all at once 😉 But nothing can obscure the sheer beauty of this temple. It might be crowded but one look at its dazzling architecture or the swishing sounds of monks’ robes as they go about their work will put all your doubts to rest.

VERDICT: Angkor Wat is gorgeous and lives up to the hype. The temple is bound to be overwhelming, so we suggest devoting an entire day to it.


Angkor Temples - Angkor Wat
Sunrise at The Angkor Wat Temple


Angkor Wat at Sunrise
The Angkor Wat Temple post sunrise with a lotus pond in the foreground



#10 Banteay Srei

This temple is over 35 kms away from Siem Reap. The drive takes visitors through the Cambodian countryside – expect little children playing with abandon, farmers going about their work, and men and women making palm-sugar candy by the roadside.

Once at the temple, we couldn’t help gasping in disbelief. The intricately carved buildings, made from a delicate pink sandstone, resemble a tapestry. This miniature temple wouldn’t be out of place in a fairy tale

VERDICT – Visiting Banteay Srei is an experience. Go for it!


Angkor Temples Itinerary_Baphuon
Intricate carvings and delicate pink sandstone makes Banteay Srei Temple special
Angkor Temples Itinerary - Banteay Srey
Palm-sugar candy being made in the Cambodian countryside




  •  Tickets cost  $20 for 1 day, $40 for 3 days, $60 for 1 week (as of January 2014). More information here.
  • If you buy a ticket after 4.45 pm, entry into the temples that evening is free.We bought a 3 days ticket and were able to visit the complex the evening before our ticket actually started
  • The visiting times are 5:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Banteay Srei closes at 5:00 P.M.
  • Make sure you wear covered shoes. There is red sand and dust everywhere at the temples. Carry water with you since it gets very hot during the day.



Have you been to the Angkor Temples? Do you have a favourite? 🙂



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44 thoughts on “Angkor Guide: 10 Angkor Temples That You Must See

  1. Great photos and wrap up of the temples guys! I loved this region and found it incredibly interesting. All of the temples had something different to offer and I found it really hard to pick my favourite.

    1. Hey Jen,

      Thanks 🙂 The temples are so spectacular that it’s quite easy to get good shots, especially at sunrise and sunset 🙂

      You are right, it’s very difficult to pick a favourite out of all the Angkor temples !

    2. The temples are just the sugar coating to a fabulous Khmer people, whose ancestor built Angkor, whose voted “World’s Most Friendliest” two years running (2013 and 2014)!

      1. Absolutely. Cambodian people are so warm and friendly Ronnie, we made so many friends while travelling through the country 🙂

    1. “Templed Out” is quite an apt phrase to use for the feeling one gets after spending 3 days exploring the Angkor temples 😉 But it doesn’t get boring – that’s the charm of Angkor 🙂

    1. Thanks Laks 🙂

      That photo of the Angkor Wat post sunrise does seem to be the favourite of quite a few people 😉

  2. I feel like I’ve finally been to Angkor! My favorite photo is sunrise with the lotus pond in front. Just beautiful! And let me give you additional praise for the wardrobe changes. Stylish as ever. 🙂

    1. Leah 🙂

      We are sure it won’t be long before you’ll be jetting off to Cambodia 🙂 The Angkor temples were quite spectacular and it was difficult to come up with a favourite. Vid loves that photo too 🙂 Thank you ever so much for the compliment ! Hopefully this guide to the Angkor temples will come in handy whenever you do make it to that corner of the world 😉


  3. I was not really interested when I first read the title but once I started reading it I found it to be so interesting. I just could not keep myself away from writing this comment. Thank you so much for this wonderful post

    1. Prerna,

      Thanks for commenting. I blame Vid for the boring title hahaha 😉 Glad you enjoyed reading the post and whenever you get a chance you should definitely visit the Angkor Temples 🙂 You should hire a tuk-tuk driver who will also double up as your guide for the Angkor temples !

  4. Commenting for the first time. I loved this post! Didn’t know Angkor Temples could be so fascinating.
    And oh I have a huge crush on both of you btw 😀 Looking good, as usual!

    1. Thanks Madhuri 🙂 Aww you made us blush. Will look forward to reading your comments on our posts in the future

  5. Hi there! Thank you for this well written article! I’m off to Cambodia to visit just the Angkor temples and needless to say, this article (and the photos!) excited me even more! 🙂 I’ve got only a full day to explore all the temples though. Do you think that’s sufficient time? I’ll be exploring it alone too, is it easy to get lost? haha 🙂

    1. Hey Jeremiack – You’ll have an amazing time in Cambodia, it’s a stunning country. One day is too less to explore the temples well – however you can cram quite a bit in if you start early. Don’t worry about getting lost, there are always people around 🙂

  6. Hi – how amazing is this!! Just found our Angkor Map in your article. Thank you so much for that!! We have now developed a second version. You can see on our website how it looks like, if you like. Here is the direct link: – if not ok to place this link, just delete it.

    Hope you had a lot of fantastic experiences in Cambodia – I love this country!!

    1. Hey Inga- thanks a ton for the link of the second version. Don’t worry, we aren’t deleting the link. It might help any readers who consult this article 🙂

  7. Number 1 site to visit to UNESCO Angkor WHS (Angkor Ecological Park) should start at Bakong temple and other surrounding temples where pre-Angkor civilization began some 300 years before Angkor began. Bakong is the artistic and materials “proven ground” before the building move to present Angkor. Also put Kbal Spean holy site hike and Banteay Srei temple on your MUST list. can provide you with do’s and don’ts tips while visiting there. Ronnie (native of Siem Reap)

  8. Hi, It seems that you had a wonderful time in Cambodia. I am travelling to Cambodia from 1st to 10th November 2014 and super excited for the same. Loved both of your pICS…. beautiful.. Makes me even more eager to visit and get my husband to click some snaps 🙂

    1. Yay – hope you have an amazing time in Cambodia Sonali. It’s a gorgeous country – we couldn’t get enough of the temples 🙂

  9. Hey Guys. We just got back from an amazing trip to Siem Reap. Loved the temples and how different they all are, from the temple-mountains to the ‘flat’ temples, temples overgrown with moss or trees to others which look like stone cities.

    We did our own Top 10 below. We overlap with most of our favorites: Bayon, Angkor Wat, Banteay Srei, Ta Prohm. And like you we thought Ta Som was a little gem. But we had a few other, little known temples (like Banteay Samre) which ended up as unexpected favorites.

    Nice post and always interesting to compare notes.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  10. Great highlights of the other temples! I posted about Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Bayon, on, and Ta Prohm is next, but there’s not enough attention given to the other temples.

  11. Reading this article makes me want to go back to Angkor Wat and lovely Cambodia. Thank you for this awesome post, Savi!

    My personal favourites were Ta Prohm and Bayon 🙂 Ta Prohm is the most incredible temple I have ever seen.

    Have you been to Borododur in Indonesia yet? I think it should be on your travel bucketlist as well 🙂

    1. Hey Wesley,

      Completely agree with you – Ta Prohm is amazing. No we haven’t been to Borododur yet:)

      Happy travels!

  12. Hey, there, I visited only a small part of the Cambodia. One week is not enough to discover everything this amazing country has to offer. I have also enjoyed Angkor Wat temple. It’s really amazing. But want to visit more and I hope to go back one day!

  13. This is the most honest travel post I’ve seen so far on Angkor guide. Thanks so much guys. BTW, I can’t keep up with good dressing as you guys while I’m travelling.

    1. Hehe we try but we aren’t always successful Dino. Glad you enjoyed our guide to the Angkor temples 🙂

  14. Thanks guys
    Just finished 3 days of Temples. Lots of research first but in the end based our trip on your recommendations. It paid off.
    As we are not huge sightseeing people (locals and animals every time), u this was on my bucket list. Using your suggestions we kept the three days to 1/2 days (it is a holiday not a challenge).
    Thank you so much. I do not normally write reviews but somewhat owe you one. Thank you.

    1. Hey Chris, thanks so much for making an exception and writing back to us- we really appreciate the effort. Happy to know that our post was of help to you.

  15. Thank you for your suggestions! Definitely echo with You! I only did Angkor wat & Bayyon. Will explore atleast TA prom & bantra srei- and per pum for sunset-
    Anything else besides temples here??

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