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Choies review
Urban Androgyny


Most days I’m happy to waltz around in a maxi dress with a bunch of gypsy trinkets thrown on for good measure. But that can’t do at work can it?! 😉 I still can’t tame myself enough to wear blacks to work but I do opt for traditional silhouettes. This blue boyfriend blazer and these high-waisted trousers are favourites. I always dig them out from my wardrobe when I’m yearning for a ‘clean’ outfit without any fiddly accessories. On this day, I combined them with a printed top from Choies (remember them from this post? Still really enjoying shopping with them 🙂 ). The flashes of colour brighten up days at work but this top also has buttons all the way down at the back, which makes it perfect summer days 🙂


We shot these photos on a summer’s evening in London. Vid and I decided to meet for an impromptu meal in the city (burgers, milkshakes, and ice-cream *sigh*). We nipped out for a quick dinner but ended up staying out listening to some gorgeous music by street performers. London’s markets are alive in the summer, I love ’em!!


Outfit Details :-

Top – Choies

Blazer- H&M

Trousers – Zara

Clutch Bag- GAP (check out VoucherBin for discount codes before placing your order)

Shoes – H&M




Choies Review
Street performers at Covent Garden


Choies Review
We blame them for staying out late!


Choies Review
London lovin’



Choies Review
Play with colour when opting for androgynous cuts


Choies Review
Workwear with a twist 🙂


Choies Review
It’s a trouser suit kinda day



Is work wear the last thing on your mind with the weekend around the corner? I don’t blame you! Check out my favourite outfit for summer holidays and my favourite bikini cover up 🙂



15 thoughts on “Urban Androgyny

  1. I love your dressing style savi! You made office wear such fun. The blazer, trousers and top, loved all of them and the way you put them together 🙂 At my workplace it’s more of a smart casual code but I still hate buying clothes for work bcoz I feel so restricted! Oh, and I love maxi dresses too.:-) enjoyed reading your post on them 🙂

  2. this outfit is definitely impeccable !!! there’s nothing that can go wrong when Savi wears it !!!

    1. Thanks Ranjini- I didn’t know about OASAP but will check it out now. I love finding new online websites 🙂

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