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Hey you guys,

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to writing this post. We get so many questions on social media about travel-friendly skincare, our beauty essentials et al every single day, so I thought I’d put together a little guide to some of my favourite skincare and makeup bits and bobs 🙂


A quick disclaimer first – I have sensitive skin, so once I find something that works for me, I keep repurchasing it again and again 🙂 Some of these products have been favourites for years upon years, so they might not be the latest fad in the market but they’re classics that deliver consistently. Here’s a list of some of my favourites:


Our favourite skin care essentials all in one photo 🙂



I’ll start with a product that prompts most questions. We spend a LOT of time in sun-hazed locations and beaches, so what sunscreen do we use on our travels? I’ve tried a fair few SPF creams and lotions over the years, but both of us love sunscreens by Shiseido and Kiehl’s, so we try and pick those up whenever we are running low. Biore UV Watery Essence is also a great sunscreen but I’ve only seen it in shops in South East Asia.


Mosquito repellent

Another travel staple, this one is a no brainer! As you probably know, most mosquito repellents are loaded with toxic chemicals, especially DEET, which can be extremely harmful. So we try and stick to 100% natural and organic mosquito repellents made from citronella oil and other such. We love Kama Ayurveda’s natural Insect Deterrent Spray and always stock up on it.


Face wash

There are just 2 face cleansers I love at the minute. I’d be lost without Clinique mild liquid facial soap – it’s perfect for sensitive skin and doesn’t strip your face of moisture. I’ve gone through endless bottles of this. I also enjoy Kama Ayurveda’s rose and jasmine face cleanser which I picked on the recommendation of a friend – it’s mildly fragranced and gently cleanses the skin. Vid uses this all the time too! 🙂



I’ve been using Clinique’s toners for years but I also love a splash of natural rose water just to freshen up the proceedings – Kama Ayurveda’s rose water comes in a handy plastic bottle, so it’s perfect if you travel frequently.


Serums and eye creams

It’s Estée Lauder all the way when it comes to serums and night creams – I’ve been using the Advanced Night Repair for six or seven years now. Every once in a while I stray (read get tempted to pick up a newer serum out in the market) but I always come back to it. An oldie but a goodie! Occasionally I’ll use the corresponding eye cream too, but I’m not sure it does much 😉 I’m yet to find an eye cream I love!


Moisturisers and lip balms

We spend long periods of time in ultra-cold climates, so good moisturisers are a no brainer. I love Clinique’s dramatically different moisturising lotion for dry skin. Vid has uber dry skin and swears by Palmer’s original Cocoa Butter – it’s super greasy but it works for him. When it comes to lip balms, my holy grail is Nuxe’s Reve de Miel – if you haven’t tried this lip balm you need to try it pronto. I’ve gone through endless tubs of it and it’s the only thing I’ve found that keeps lips in ship shape even on the Arctic Circle. Love this and use it every night! 🙂



It’s probably not prudent for a traveller to love fragrances as much as I do. If there’s one thing that I need to carry while travelling it’s a couple of fragrances for the road – who doesn’t want to smell of cotton candy and strawberries on a road trip eh! 😉 I love Boss Deep Red and Dior Poison but a recent favourite is Elizabeth and James’ Nirvana Rose, which I picked up while travelling in the US. A couple of Vid’s favourites include CK’s Eternity and Versace Eau Fraiche 🙂


My favourite skincare essentials


Makeup Favourites 

Travel Organiser

I usually bung all my makeup in a case while travelling (which is 365 days of the year). Recently I’ve been loving this makeup organiser from Organiceit, which has 5 handy compartments to keep everything organised.


Makeup bits and bobs

To be honest, I spent most days makeup free while travelling. Even on the days I do put makeup on, I prefer breezy bohemian makeup that’s effortless and slightly undone. Having said that, we do have to attend a fair few black-tie events, evening dos, and other such while travelling. So I do carry my favourite makeup bits and bobs in my bag. Unlike skincare, these keep changing a fair bit but I do have a tendency to keep buying the same product over and over again.


Face – Some of my favourite foundations include the Estée Lauder Double Wear and Loreal Infallible Pro Matte. I also love the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation but I think it breaks me out. Every once in a while I use the Mac Bronzer in Give Me Sun. When it comes to concealers I love Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer and Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer.



Eyes – I use kohl a fair bit – I’m currently using this dinky Marc Jacob’s kohl pencil (pictured below) but I also love Mac’s Smolder and Teddy kohl liners. Anastasia Brow Definer is perfect for quick brows on the go but I also enjoy Nyx’s Microbrow pencil. I also really enjoy using Covergirl Supersizer Mascara (you have to pick it up if you travel to the US!) and YSL’s Shock Volumising mascara.  I’m currently carrying Sleek’s highlighter in Cleopatra’s Kiss but I have to be honest – I rarely use this, so I’m yet to makeup my mind on whether I love it or not.


Lips – this is where I usually go overboard! I always have lots of lip thingymajigs in my travel makeup bag, definitely more than I need. Of them all, I use my lip tints the most. Some of the ones I love include Revlon’s Matte Lip Balm in Sultry and YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in 13.  I also love a couple of the lip tints I’ve picked from countries such as Taiwan and China. If you’re ever travelling to Asia, make sure you pick up a couple of lip tints. They work a charm!


Travel beauty skincare makeup guide
Coming up in Part II – Makeup essentials on the go… 🙂


Bruised Passports Travel Beauty Makeup guide
Current favourite makeup bits and bobs 🙂


Phew I think that answers most of your questions but if you have any more, just leave them below 🙂


What is your holy grail skincare or makeup essential? I’d love to know 🙂


59 thoughts on “Our FAVOURITE Travel Beauty Essentials

  1. I love this post. When it comes to travel, i don’t travel light with my makeup. i take loads. About 5 eyeshadow palettes, 7 blushers and a load of lipsticks too

    1. Hope you try some of them soon – Recently I’ve found myself veering more and more towards natural products 🙂

  2. I’m quite dull when travelling and literally just pack all same things as usual. Mascara, liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, cleanser, toner, moisturiser etc. What a great selection! It reminds me i need more fragrance. Eternity is one i have wanted to try. Also adore the makeup bag you have x

  3. I love your make up bag!!!!! That’s so cute!
    I agree that it’s better to use products that you know work for your skin than trying out the ‘latest and greatest’ new products. I have a bathroom full of bottles I’ve only used a handful of times because they didn’t work for me.

    1. So glad I could help Danasia – it’s so hard to find products that work well for super sensitive skin. I feel natural skincare works a treat but I do love Clinique products too 🙂

  4. I love your travel organizers! Moisturizers, powder, brow and eye liner and a shades of lipsticks are mostly inside my bag. I think having options of perfumes is nice too, i’lll to that!

  5. When travelling I always have my insect repellent because I get very easily bitten. Moisturiser is always a big thing too because I often burn and forget after sun so the moisturiser really helps!

    1. Great hearing about your favourites Kira -I love your picks because they’re all literally travel essentials 🙂

    1. Sure Melanie and makes sense too-we really dont want our skin to be breaking into any kind of a reaction when we are on a holiday. Sunny destinations do need sun screens and a lip balm with a sun factor should really be very useful while travelling.

    1. Thanks so much for getting back Melissa. We are so happy to know that our blogpost on Our Favorite Travel Beauty Essentials was helpful to you 🙂 🙂

  6. Fabulous post and so very helpful for us unseasoned travellers. I love taking the mini toiletries away as you can throw them away at the end of the holiday leaving more room for souvenirs.

    1. Yes Tanya, really makes a lot of sense to carry mini toiletries while travelling.Apart from being light there is no risk of spilling too.

  7. I love this! I also have sensitive skin and am found of plant-based products- I’m always on the lookout for new things to try!

  8. 🙁 i don’t carry anything except kohl, lipstick in make up. I do carry the full skin care range though from moisturisers to face packs !

    1. He he, ya sure Therie, small samples are very handy for travelling-no risk of spilling and spoiling;)

    1. Hey Nirali,

      Usually use just the benefit or The Faceshop lip and cheek tint 🙂 Rarely use a bronzer but when I do it’s Benefit Hoola bronzer 🙂

  9. Loved your post and use some of your recommendations. I swear by Forest Essentials and Kama Ayurveda products a lot lately, for the oh-so-natural feel of it. They have very compact and comprehensive skin care travel packs you might want to pick up on your next skincare haul. Love the Soundarya Radiance cream by FE and the Rose & Jasmine cleanser is a staple.
    Would love to get your frequent posts – please add me to your mailing list.

  10. Hey Savi! Love your work and blog, much informative. what about Vid? It would be wonderful to have a full list of items which Vid use for this skin and hair.


  11. thank you so much for this. much needed and indeed helpful. Can you help with the face mask sheet you use from NYKA? which brand?

  12. I travel in the winter. I like to pack light since I have a child to keep an eye on. My travel kit will have travel size toner, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, and a lip balm. I also carry a travel size brush if I have sufficient time to remove my hijab during pit stops. By the way, thank you for the travel tips 🙂

  13. Hey,
    This is definitely the most appropriate list. Can’t wait to pack my bags with the essentials and go for my next trip.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

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