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Gone Skiing – What to Pack for a European Ski Holiday

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Whether you’re heading to a hotel in France or one of the luxury ski chalets Austria has to offer, this winter’s European ski holiday is bound to excite you. Packing the right gear, for both practical and fashionable reasons, is vital. Here are some suggestions for what to bring:


1. A Ski Jacket

Bright colours — including neon — are back, so don’t be afraid to choose a tangerine jacket this season. If you prefer a print, you can also see the marbled look on today’s slopes.

Don's margarita


2. Thermal Leggings

Leggings, for both men and women, are extremely practical. You can fit a pair — or two — under your waterproof ski trousers to ensure you stay nice and snug.

Packing for Prague 6


3. Thin, Long-sleeved Tops

The layered look also works well with tops. Layering a thin, long-sleeved top under a sweater will keep you warm without making you look bulky.

Staying Warm Running


4. A Woolly Cardigan

You can’t go wrong with a woolly cardigan. It’s thin enough to wear under a jacket and fashionable enough to sport around the lodge.

Cardigan Girls


5. A Warm Hat

Consider going a little wacky with your hat this season and get an animal hood. Fancy something more traditional? Choose a fleece-lined beanie.

Damn ear infection. At least I have a warm hat to sleep in. #sillyhats


6. Winter Boots and Another Option

Pack your winter boots for the slopes and another option for walking around the hotel. Flats for gals and trainers for guys will be a comfortable choice.

Snow boots


7. A Cute Scarf

Don’t be afraid to throw a more fashion-forward option into the mix. Tribal prints are still an in-thing this year and can really spice up an outfit.

Ginny's scarf


8. A Small Bag

You won’t want to drag a rucksack with you when you’re hanging out at the lodge or dancing at the resort nightclub. A handbag or other small bag for your personal items will come in handy.



9. Sunglasses

The sun reflecting off that pristine snow can wreak havoc on your eyes, so make sure that you pack a pair of trendy shades.

Spring Skiing


10. Waterproof Mascara

Finally, for the ladies, switch your regular mascara to a waterproof one. The last thing you want after a day out on the slopes is to see racoon eyes when you look in the mirror.


Whether you’re on the slopes this winter or off them, you can face the slopes without feeling the chill and yet still looking cool. Happy skiing!

Images by Rudi Riet, Alan Levine, Garry Knight, Martakat83, Micah Taylor, Scott, Johnny Jet, dvs and Trevor Blake, used under Creative Commons license.

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