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Hola Frequent Traveller

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Oh hey there!


Well the New Years’ is around the corner and I’m back to doing what I do every year – advising you to travel more and travel often 🙂 Yep, it’s true, I still don’t understand why so many of us in UK don’t quite take the plunge and travel often. I saw an infographic on Expedia the other day and couldn’t quite believe the numbers – there are quite a few interesting statistics there, but the most interesting (or shocking) for me is the fact that over 75% of British people would request for a payrise instead of an extra day of leave. Err priorities anyone?

Britons not taking enough holidays!
Britons not taking enough holidays!



If you’ve read our recent article titled 10 Reasons to get off that couch and travel the world, then you probably know where we stand on this debate. Worrying about what your employers might say or not having enough annual leave are just some of the reasons we give to get out of the trouble of planning a holiday. But don’t. Travelling is truly the greatest teacher and a holiday can offer so much more than just relaxation. Here’s our Top 3 Reasons for going on holiday this year:


  • Learn about a new culture

An extended holiday is the best way to acquaint oneself with a new culture. From the infographic, it seems like the two week holiday is dying out- more and more people are taking shorter, more frequent trips. While this is good news because it means each and every public holiday is being used towards a good cause, it does mean that one has less time to absorb the idiosyncrasies of a new culture. A long holiday provides the perfect excuse to acquaint oneself with a different culture.


Make friends wherever you go :)
Make friends wherever you go 🙂


  • De-stress

I love the fact that 55% of the UK’s holiday makers never check emails on holiday. Holidays are the perfect excuse to disconnect from technology that seems to rule our lives these days. It might be hard work to plan a holiday but once that is done, you can look forward to de-stressing and rejuvenating yourself. Try to keep yourself away from the pressures of the workplace both physically and mentally. Do the unthinkable and turn off your mobile phone for the length of the holiday. Instead, talk to people, relax, read… the list is endless.

Holidays are for relaxation and staring at sunsets :)
Holidays are for relaxation and staring at sunsets 🙂


  • Gorge on scrumptious food

Let’s face it – we all love to devour delicacies and drink to our heart’s content on holiday. A holiday provides the perfect excuse to binge without feeling guilty about it. After all you can always get back in shape on going home. If for nothing else, plan a holiday for the lure of tasting exotic dishes in an environment that is culturally different from your home country. Nom!

Scrumptious food is a holiday essential
Scrumptious food is a holiday essential


That’s it – we hope you kick off the year by planning an incredible holiday for yourself and your family. Try to reconnect with your loved ones and your family and relish every opportunity you get to take time off work and travel, travel, travel…..

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