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Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to look for recommendations for restaurants, cafés, or historical sites on Pinterest or Instagram and got waylaid in the process. I don’t know about you but it happens to me all the time!


Planning the perfect vacation - every traveller's conundrum
Planning the perfect vacation – every traveller’s conundrum


Pinterest has no shortage of picture-perfect images of exotic locations and while these idyllic images might be perfect for inspiration, they have little to contribute to planning the itinerary of your next trip or a day out in a foreign city.



Pinterest is good for idyllic images and inspiration, but......
Pinterest is good for idyllic images and inspiration, but……


Instagram is the other end of the spectrum. There are so many posts that one needs to sift through to get any recommendations about a new city or country. Try following a city based hashtag – #London, #Paris, or even #Timbuktu – to see what I mean. You’ll see everything from generic quotes on wanderlust, and fashion advice to drinks in mason jars and unicorn wisdom but not much by way of recommendations.


trover review
Unicorn quotes – perfect for morning giggles but not so great for planning trips!!



trover review
There’s more – can you tell I’m already distracted?


So imagine my delight when I chanced on Trover – an amazing app that combines the best features of Instagram (localised recommendations) and Pinterest (gorgeous photos) but exists solely for travellers like us. High-quality photos that are geo-tagged help inspire travellers to visit stunning destinations but also help them plan their itineraries to the tee 🙂


trover review
Thank heavens for Trover!


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been playing around with Trover and I must admit I’m sort of addicted to it. I started by exploring Trover’s pre-made lists – gorgeous beaches, National Parks in the US, and ruins laden with history. Gradually I worked my way to South America and that’s how I got hooked to it 🙂


Travel App trover review
There’s so much to inspire you to travel on Trover – lists, discoveries, and more 🙂


I’ve been looking for recommendations of things to do in all the cities we’re visiting in South America during train rides, gym sessions, and every other chance I get. The visual interface is easy on the eyes but utilitarian at the same time. I’ve been saving lists of things to do in Bolvia, Ecuador, and Peru but I’ve also been penning discoveries. These ‘discoveries‘ are simply my favourite things to do in London and around the world. I’m hoping they will help travellers who are new to London and other cities I’m familiar with.


That’s the thing about Trover – it’s an amazing community where travellers help other travellers.


trover review
Little tips on Trover that will help us make the most of our trip to South America



trover review
Our recommendations on Trover 🙂


But the best part is yet to come. Trover is location sensitive. Which means, if you’re craving a cuppa coffee and you’re near Oxford Street in London, Trover’s users (aka travel genies like you and me) will guide you to the finest coffee shops in the area – those would be Nude Espresso and TAP Coffee in case you’re interested! 😉


The app also lists the exact distance of each recommendation. This feature is perfect if you’re craving a bowl of ramen in New York, introducing yourself to the cultural sites of Marrakech or just looking for that perfect croissant in Paris – nom!


Trover review
Localised recommendations sorted by distance – the good stuff!



Have you tried using Trover to plan your trips? What do you think?


If you haven’t experienced Trover yet, you can check it out here or search for Trover on Itunes – of course it’s free (who else hates paying for apps?). I have to warn you – you’ll be hooked in no time 🙂


Leave us a comment below if you download Trover or share our frustration when it comes to Instagram and Pinterest – you know we love hearing from you.

8 thoughts on “Crave travel, crave Trover

  1. Every once in a while you come across web pages you always come back to looking for new things to read up on, what better when its a blog on travel that I am sure lot of us love doing but then get caught up in the worry of holidays/planning and the finances!

    What you guys do is what we look upto and if not to this extent, the passion is still very strong!

    Rahul & Nidhi! 😀

    1. Dear Rahul and Nidhi,

      Thanks for the beautiful comment 🙂 You are right, travelling is our biggest passion!

      Happy travels 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this cool app – really like the look and feel and it seems quite easy to use. Definitely going to check it out and register.

    Love your pics:)

  3. Hi guys, we are taking a trip to Europe and stumbled upon your blog AFTER we made all our booking…kicking myself for not looking up hard enough and finding your blog earlier:) just writing to thank you for introducing me to Trover…simply loved it and it really made my life easy to plan itinerary within a city. Keep doing the good work!!!

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