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A city break in Hong Kong is the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself without having to work too hard navigating a new country or planning elaborate itineraries. This makes it ideal for a last-minute holiday or a completely relaxing getaway. It’s easy to navigate Hong Kong – cabs are affordable and the metro connects most parts of the country. This makes it suitable for first time travellers, families, and tourists who don’t like to pack too much into their holiday.

tram on the streets of Hong Kong
The colour and chaos on Hong Kong’s streets


Here’s a guide to all our favourite things to do, see, and most importantly eat, in Hong Kong:


Getting to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is clearly divided into 2 parts – the Island side and the Kowloon side. It’s easy to get to both from the airport. There are two options – you could take the Airport Express, which costs £18/person. This is the quickest option, especially during peak traffic hours. Alternatively you could take a cab. It takes approximately £35 to get to the airport on a cab from downtown Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific offers excellent connections to Hong Kong from most cities in the world, so getting to Hong Kong is relatively easy and straightforward. We flew to Hong Kong with Cathay Airways from New Delhi and had a very pleasant flight. Air India also offers flights to Hong Kong from major Indian cities.


Cathay Pacific airways economy class cabin
Cathay Pacific offers great connections to Hong Kong 🙂


Accommodation in Hong Kong

It’s no secret – we love the decadence of Shangri-La. We’ve stayed with them several times in countries such as Myanmar and India, so Island Shangri-La was our hotel of choice. We had a great time in our room, 54 floors above the iconic harbour of Hong Kong. Warm jasmine tea and chocolates were waiting in our room upon check-in and this set the tone of our stay at the hotel – lazy mornings were spent having breakfast in bed, the perfect prelude to days spent exploring Hong Kong’s urban landscape.


Unfortunately we couldn’t stay at Island Shangri-La for the entire length of our stay in Hong Kong as it was all booked out due to a huge Rugby Tournament in Hong Kong. So we moved to Hotel Jen. We were not expecting much from it, but it turned out to be rather nice. Rooms are well equipped, the hotel has a cute 24 hour coffee and snack bar, and it is conveniently located in a bustling part of town (very close to the famous Instagram Pier ;-)). There are a number of local eateries and stores around, should you wish to explore the local landscape. Hotel Jen is ideal if you are on a budget or do not want to splurge on accommodation in Hong Kong.

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong harbour view room
Room with a view of the harbour at Island Shangri-La


in-room breakfast at Island Shangri-La Hong Kong
Delicious spread with a view to boot!


Waking up to this view 😀


Coffee at hotel Jen Hong Kong
Enjoying coffee at Hotel Jen


Things to do in Hong Kong

There is no dearth of things to do in Hong Kong and it’s easy to cram your itinerary, whether you like shopping, dining, or partying. Here are some of our favourite things to do in the city:

  • Instagram Pier – There’s nowhere else you will find a panoramic sunset spot called Instagram Pier. The quirky pier is packed with warehouse container and comes with a healthy smattering of fashion bloggers and teenagers. Expect to chance on a few photoshoots at the very least. Instagram pier can get quite crowded and windy. But its the perfect place to watch the sun set over Hong Kong’s skyline.


Sunset at Instagram Pier in Hong Kong
Instagram Pier – true to its name it attracts a lot of potographers and Instagrammers 😉


  • Victoria Peak – It’s not possible to visit Hong Kong and not visit The Peak as its fondly called. A cab from centre to The Peak will set you back by 60HKD (~8 USD). But we recommend doing that because the tram to/from The Peak can get insanely crowded. Once you are there, you can pay to go to the top of  a viewing platform. But we suggest taking a short walk along Lugard road for an equally gorgeous view that’s free of cost!
Sunset Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Gorgeous sunset view from The Peak


  • Pink Dolphin Tour – Hong Kong’s waters are home to playful and dainty pink dolphins. If you enjoy spotting marine life, then make sure you book a Dolphin Watching Tour for yourself. Ensure you pick an eco-conscious company that truly cares about the health of these rare and delicate creatures.


Shopping in Hong Kong


  • Explore Kowloon – If you, like us, are living on the Island side, then make sure you visit the bustling district of Kowloon. It is home to some of Hong Kong’s most famous Argyle Centre, Ladies Market – night market style but expensive. Watsons, Langham Place has H&M etc.
Walking in Kowloon
  • Go to Aeon Living Plaza for cute odds and ends – Jusco Aeon Living Plaza is the equivalent of Daiso in Japan. It is similar to dollar stores all over the world but the products are way cuter. Expect washi tape, adorable stationery and ribbons, cute travel essentials, Asian candy, and hundreds of other items. Most products will set you back by a dollar. It’s impossible to enter Aeon Living Plaza and come out without purchasing anything.
The most adorable things 😀


  • Pacific Place Mall – If you want to indulge in a bit of high-end shopping, then there’s no better place than Pacific Place Mall. The sprawling mall, located on the island side, boasts of hundreds of designer showrooms and boutiques. A couple of high-street favourites such as Zara and Watsons can be found here as well.

Eats and Drinks in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong is the mecca of cute food. Food that looks adorable seems to be quite the craze in Hong Kong. Drop by Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine for Hello Kitty shaped dumplings, buns, and cookies (the list goes on). The restaurant is one of the oldest Hello Kitty themed eateries in the world and is extremely popular with locals because of its emphasis on natural ingredients. Surprisingly the colourful dishes on the menu taste pretty good too!
Hello kitty chinese cuisine
What a spread – too pretty to eat …


hello kitty theme cuisine in Hong Kong
…but eat we did 😉


  • If you love your coffee, then you must try some adorable 3D Latte Art at one of the cafes. Watch the barista craft animals and cute furry creatures out of coloured milk foam in front of your eyes. What’s more – the 3D animals jiggle too! Choose from a menu featuring ivory kitties, blue elephants, and pink piglets. Don’t let the adorable food you into dismissing the actual product -the coffee itself tastes pretty good. It’s Vid approved 😉 You can try CURATOR Art and Cafe!
3D coffee in Hong Kong
Looks cute and tastes great 😀


  • If you’re a third-wave coffee geek and like your coffee without any gimmicks, then you’re in for a treat in Hong Kong. Visit gourmet coffee shops such as Coco Espresso, Barista jam, Winstons Coffee and Lof10 for your fix. Our friend Shuchi, who is a coffee geek, used to live in Hong Kong. She recommended a lot of these cafés to us and we loved them!


  • The Cakery has some decadent cakes with wholesome and natural ingredients. Their signature cupcakes look gorgeous but they come loaded with organic natural goodness and low sugar. We picked up some of their signature cupcakes and loved the sunflower cupcake with a pumpkin puree frosting and the low-fat double date cupcake.Why not get some delivered to your hotel if you’re celebrating a birthday or special occasion in Hong Kong? They make for the perfect gifts 🙂
Gorgeousness 🙂


  • It’s not everyday that you find a Michelin starred eatery that sells incredible food at affordable prices. Tim Ho Wan is the master of dumplings – the menu changes every month but there is always a range of delectable dumplings and desserts to choose from. Of course, this does mean that it is incredibly popular and it’s common to find long queues. Make sure you have time at hand when you visit Tim Ho Wan.


  • If you enjoy the tradition of English Afternoon Tea, then check out Island Shangri-La’s immensely popular afternoon tea. Expect a wide array of delicacies – everything from buttery scones and finger sandwiches to delicately-crafted pastries and flavourful canapés is on offer. You can relish it even if you aren’t staying at the hotel.
Afternoon tea at Shangri-La Hong Kong
Afternoon tea at Shangri-La


  • If you’re celebrating a special occasion in Hong Kong, then try celebrity chef Seiji Yamamoto’s Ryu Gin Restaurant for some exquisite Japanese food – boasts of two Michelin stars and a gorgeous view. If Japanese food isn’t your thing, try Hutong for a delicious Chinese spread. Cafe Gray Deluxe offer perfect set menus for those who enjoy continental food – request for a table overlooking the harbour and you’re almost sure to have a meal that you’ll remember for a long long time.


  • Kowloon’s streets are bursting at their seams with street food stalls and hole-in-the-wall eateries that serve delicious fare. Go for a self-guided food tour on the Streets of Mongkok. You will discover some great hole-in-the-wall eateries along the way. As for us, we discovered dumplings that tasted like little bites of heaven, sampled noodles in a bag, acquainted ourselves with Siu Mai (steamed yellow pastry), tried curry fish balls, and even got to know Hong Kong’s stinky tofu that little bit better in Mongkok


And here’s a video with all the fun we had in Hong Kong:


That’s it – a list of all our favourite things to do during a short city break in Hong Kong. Have you been to Hong Kong? What’s your favourite thing to do in the city?


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48 thoughts on “Tips for a gluttonous (& Gorgeous!) City Break in Hong Kong

  1. I’ve been desperate to get to Hong Kong for years now and this definitely didn’t help! One of my best friends used to live there too but we somehow didn’t manage to organise a trip before she moved back.

  2. Oh wow look at the Hello Kitty food! That is so clever and must take ages to prepare all the food. I want to try one of those 3d latte arts! Looks amazing!

    1. Hey Jenni,

      It’s amazing, isn’t it? We were sceptical about the 3d art but it turned out to be amazing – highly recommended 😀

  3. Wow looks amazing, one day we want to travel to Australia and have already agreed we are going to do a stop off in Hong Kong. I can not get over how pretty the food was x

    1. That’s a great idea – Hong Kong is perfect for a 3-4 day stopover. You’ll love all the food here 😀

  4. The room in the Shangri-La Hotel is so beautiful, and how amazing does the Hello Kitty Chinese look! The Cakery, the afternoon tea, oh my god I’d come home double the size with all these amazing places

  5. I have never thought abut visiting Hong Kong before, but with views like that from the hotel, I now starting to think about it. Would love going shopping their too as I love kawaii stuff

  6. All those foods look so delicious! I’m going to China, Japan and Korea this summer so I hope I can eat similarly cute things 🙂

  7. Looks like you guys had a pretty short and sweet trip to Hong Kong. We are going to Hong Kong and Macau this September and we are actually going to stay at Hotel Jen while in HK. We will definitely check out the places you’ve mentioned here. Love reading your posts.

  8. We are planning for vacation in HK but I wish your post could highlight more on the hot spots of HK – Disneyland and ocean park too…

    1. Hey Jenisha – we didn’t get a chance to visit Disneyland. Hopefully the other suggestions will come in handy 🙂

  9. Hi super helpful tips…. one suggestion can you add vegetarian food available place names in them that will be Lil easy to find Food in HK. Or can you mention if the place where you visited has a vegan or vegetarian dishes available…
    thank you❤️

  10. Hi there,

    Looking at booking Hong Kong as a surprise for my wife’s 30th. We also have a 2 year old. What are your observation of going with a toddler. Also, looking at February, not sure if it’s a good time of year?

    1. Hey Tony,

      Hong Kong with a toddler shouldn’t be a problem however not sure when you’re planning this trip as the current situation in Hong Kong doesn’t look too good 🙂

  11. Looking for Hong Kong as a family holiday somewhere around 20-24 May. We have along a one year old baby. Would like to know if it is a good time to travel?

    1. hi Roopali,

      Yes it’s a good month to travel however given the recent disturbances and the likelihood of this happening again, keep a close lookout on the news before booking 🙂

  12. Hi Savi and Vid,

    I follow your blog and take inspirations for travel. Love your detailed planning, helps me to plan better.
    Planning to go to Hong Kong from Dec 4-12. Travelling with a 4 year old.
    The pre authorization is getting rejected. Do you know what is the best way to get the Visa, we are travelling from India.

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