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Written by Savi, 39 Comments

If you’ve read our itinerary for an epic road trip in Switzerland, you would know just how much we enjoy exploring the little villages and towns in Switzerland. Driving a car is fun in Switzerland but there is nothing quite like the romance of Swiss Rail. So on this particular trip, we decided to visit Switzerland on a stopover and experience some of the magic and charm of Swiss cities and countryside in a short time.

sunset at Zurich Switzerland
Oh Switzerland! You BEAUTY

If you’re thinking of spending a few days in Switzerland then try looking up the ‘Stopover Switzerland‘ package offered by SWISS. It offers an affordable way to combine nature and culture on your holiday in Switzerland. We would highly recommend visiting one city such as Zurich and experiencing the countryside, especially the villages around Interlaken on your stopover in Switzerland. This will give you a taste of both the countryside and the cities in a short time.

If you’re visiting during winter months, then try to visit the villages around Grindelwald and Zermatt for fairytale panorams. And if you happen to be in Switzerland in the month of January, then try experiencing the Lauberhorn races, one of the largest winter sporting events in Europe. The atmosphere is nothing short of electric and some crazy parties follow.

When it comes to travelling around Switzerland, nothing beats the romance of Swiss Rail. The Swiss Travel Pass is the easiest way to get around the country – it’s included in the stopover package but you can also purchase it separately if you so wish. It’s basically an all-in-one ticket that allows you to travel by rail, road, and water in all of Switzerland and also offers some great benefits when visiting different attractions. We picked the 8 day passes since we were there for 6 days. There isn’t much of a difference between first and second class tickets, so we’d advise saving your pennies and opting for second class tickets. Try to steer clear of peak office hours while travelling on trains in Switzerland because they tend to get quite crowded at that time. You can find further details about the Swiss Travel Pass here

travelling by train in Switzerland using swiss travel pass
Super comfortable trains and amazing scenery – LOVE

We spent the first three days of our stopover trip exploring everything Zurich has to offer. Zurich is a sprawling city with a charming city centre. We suggest staying in the heart of the city if you’re there for a short time. We stayed in the heart of the action at Hotel Marktgasse – the quaint boutique hotel is ideal because all the major sites are a short walk away. Rooms are well-furnished and comfortable. They have a distinctly hipster vibe about them and we loved that!

However the hotel is not without its cons. Here are a couple of drawbacks that you should be prepared for:

  • you might have to drag your luggage up a slight slope to reach the hotel as this is a pedestrian only area.
  • Breakfast is served in an adjoining café and consists of just coffee, juice, and pastries.
The hotel is in an amazing location but isn’t without its drawbacks

There are several things to do in Zurich but here are a few things we would highly recommend:

  1. Take a chocolate tour or better still hop from one chocolatier to the other independently sampling their offerings and picking the best for friends and family back home. We love Laderach but there are plenty of others lining the streets of Zurich
  2. Take a cruise on Lake Zurich – If you’ve purchased a Swiss Travel Pass, then you needn’t purchase a ticket for the cruise. The cruise is a great way to see different villages and towns dotting the lake and even witness Zurich from a different vantage point
  3. Spend a morning exploring the old city centre. You could even take a free walking tour. Whatever you choose, make sure you take your time admiring its old bridges, quaint houses, and cathedrals
  4. Photograph the city from its vantage points – our favourites include Lindenhof Hill and the view at the end of 187 steps at Grossmunster
  5. Take a tram to nowhere! Trams are a way of life for locals – hop on one and get down wherever you spot a cute café or gorgeous scenery
  6. Explore the hipster area called Kreis 5 or Zurich West. It’s home to several trendy bars, restaurants, boutiques and cafés
  7. If you happen to be in Zurich on the second Saturday of August, then make sure you don’t miss the Street Parade – an electronic music festival that promises a party to remember!
  8. Take a day trip to the Alps. Zurich is the getaway to several gorgeous villages and towns such as Grindelwald and Adelboden. So hop on the Swiss Rail with your Swiss Travel Pass and prepare to be wowed!
  9. Finally, when you’re on your way out of Zurich, do try and checkout the observation deck – it’s free if you show your boarding pass and allows you excellent vantage point for aircraft taking off – perfect if you’re an aviation geek 🙂
couple walking on bridge in Zurich
Early morning stroll in Zurich – beautiful experience
cruise on lake Zurich
A scenic cruise on Lake Zurich
view of Zurich from Lindenhof hill
Enjoying scrumptious chocolate with a gorgeous view of the city
aircraft observation deck at zurich airport
Observation deck at Zurich Airport – Vid loved it 🙂

You can also watch our video on some of our favourite things to do in Zurich if you would like to get a feel of the place:


We followed up our whirlwind stopover in Zurich with an action-packed weekend in the Alps. The Lauberhorn Ski World Cup is one of the largest winter sporting events in Europe and the atmosphere is nothing short of electric. Everything from the ski-races to the Patrouille Suisse Show left us gobsmacked!  Take a look at all the fun we had at the race – highly recommend experiencing this event if yo happen to be in Switzerland in January:

Lauberhorn races Wengen switzerland
Beautiful setting for one of the biggest sporting events in Europe
Crowds waiting in anticipation and excitement
train to Lauberhorn races in Wengen
While Savi enjoys her ride 🙂
airshow by Patrouille Suisse at Lauberhorn race
The highlight – this amazing airshow by Patrouille Suisse

Irrespective of where you choose to base yourself in the Alps, here are a few must dos that just need to be on your list of things to do in the countryside of Switzerland 

  1. We’d suggest making Interlaken as your base for a few days – try and stay at Victoria Jungfrau hotel for some incredible hospitality and scenic views of the alps
  2. Sample traditional Swiss Fondue. Try to steer clear of over-priced and touristy restaurants and look for a place recommended by locals. If you’re in the Interlaken area, then Laterne is a good bet. They do great fondue!
  3. If you’re fans of Swiss cheese, then don’t stop at Fondue. Try other Swiss dishes such as raclette too – it’s perfect to warm your insides on a cold winter day.
  4. Go for a hike and take countless photos in scenic Swiss villages such as Grindelwald. If you do happen to be in Grindelwald, then make sure you take the cable car to Grindelwald First. It offers incredible views of the Alps
  5. Go skiing or enrol yourself for a skiing class. If you’re visiting during winter months, then you must dabble in winter sports, irrespective of whether you’re an amateur or a pro
  6. Hunt for hidden gems in the area. Consult locals and look for little-known sites such as Lake Blausee. There are fewer tourists here compared to popular tourist sites such as Mt Titlis but we promise it will leave you spellbound nevertheless.
  7. Utilize your Swiss Travel Pass as much as you can and hop onto some of the most scenic trains in Switzerland such as the iconic Glacier Express
Interlaken churches
Interlaken – one of our favourite places in Switzerland 🙂
facade of victoria jungfrau grand hotel and spa in Interlaken
Aptly named Victoria Jungfrau Grand hotel
Girl in front of a church in Grindelwald Switzerland
Grindelwald 🙂
Oh SO Pretty
Wengen village in Swiss Alps
Beautiful villages and sunbeams in Swiss Alps

I hope this article got you all excited at the thought of exploring Swiss cities and the Alps. We had the best time exploring Switzerland’s natural and historical landmarks and attending one of the most scintillating European winter sports event.If you’re chalking out your itinerary of Switzerland, then check out all our previous articles on Switzerland here.

If you have any questions, drop them below and we’ll reply asap 🙂

39 thoughts on “How to make the MOST of a short stopover holiday in Switzerland – Zurich & more!

  1. Hey guys, I am big fan of yours and I had planned my last trip to bali based on yor recommedations. Believe me, The Kayon Ubud was best part of it. now I am planning my next trip to Zurich and want to explore best of switzerland.. Should I consider Zurich or lucerne as my base for roam around ? Also which country would be recommend for 2 day trip from zurich – Italy or Austria ?

    1. Hey Piyush,

      Happy to hear that 🙂
      Zurich is a great base to explore the surroundings. As for the 2 days, you could pick either Italy or Austria – both are beautiful 🙂

      Do share your photos with us 🙂

      1. Hey Savi & Vid, I’m a big fan <3

        Needed some help planning my Switzerland trip. So we have booked a stay at gstaad from 20th to 24th jan at Le Grand Bellevue. But I would like to visit some of the places you’ve mentioned in your Switzerland posts and I would love to visit St Moritz as well. We’re planning to be there from 17th to 25th jan – it’s our 10 year anniversary and I’m very excited .. do suggest if we should make Zurich or Geneva our base for the remainder of the trip. Also, we would love to do a road trip but the glacier express and golden pass are so famous- I am wondering if we can do both car and train. Please help ! Thank you 🙂

        1. Hi Jasmine,

          Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and we hope you had a great trip in January 🙂 Do update us here on what you finally did as it might help out fellow travellers 🙂

    2. Hi Savi. I am planning a trip in Oct first week ti Switzerland. It’s the only time my daughter is free. Would it be too cold. What clothes should one carry

      1. Hey it is quite cold in October but if you wear three layers (thermal + sweater+ jacket) you’ll be fine 🙂

  2. Hey savi and Vid,

    I am your constant reader. I really admire you guys.
    I have been reading your swiss post and now I am totally confused where should I really go, all the picture looks BEAUTIFUL.
    So we ( My partner) going Switzerland in mid of April from France( will land in Zurich) for 5 days and We made our base stay in Interlaken, I do not want to cover too many things, I want to enjoy the nature. Could you please recommend us some place to see nearby Interlaken ( we will take swiss rail pass) during our stay as WORTH SEEN PLACES.


    1. Hey Tanu,

      That’s a great idea (to take it slow). You can go to Grindelwald, Adelboden (and Blausee), Lauterbrunnen – hope you have a great trip 🙂

  3. hey love your post!which month did you go for this blog?i am planning to visit zurich this november for three days.which places would you suggest 🙂

  4. Hi Savi and Vid,

    I am a huge fan and follow most of your posts. I am planning a first time trip to Europe along with my husband and 2 kids(1.5, 4.5 years old). So basically I am travelling with three kids :-). I am planning to land in Paris spend 2-3 days there, go to Switzerland(Zurich, Interlaken, Zermatt and if possible to Italy(Milan, Cabella, Venice and Rome) too. Could you please guide us if its realistic to do with kids and/or if you think of other places instead of the ones that we selected. We are aiming for second week of September.


    1. Hey Shilpa – I would say this is a bit too packed an itinerary with 3 kids. Would suggest sticking to Interlaken and surroundings in Switzerland and one out of Milan, Venice, or Rome in Italy. So you can do Paris, Interlaken (and surroundings), and 1 Italian city and surroundings 🙂

  5. Hey Savi and Vid,
    I’m a huge admirer of you guys. And I need a little help here, I’m planning a trip to Switzerland for 10 days, in the end of October. Is it a good time to visit this place and could you please recommend a must visit place in Switzerland.

    1. Hi Urvi,

      Yes October should be fine. A must visit place – that’s very subjective. We really like Adelboden, Zurich, Zermatt, Blausee, and the list goes on 😉

  6. Hii

    good write up ..
    Did you do all travel (zurich to interlaken area , around interlakenarea) using swiss pass .?

    Thanks please keep posting

  7. Hi guys, it’s the first time I have explored your website and I AM HOOKED, infact it’s the first time any travel blogg has amazed me, your extensive coverage is commendable. You guys have covered each and every part of a trip-packing, accomodation, luxurious+budget travel.. and everything for free! It shows how much work you put in! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Palak 🙂 Yes, it is a lot of work, but listening from readers like yourself makes our day and all that effort worthwhile 🙂

  8. Hii Savi and Vid
    I and my husband are planning a trip to Europe from India in April/May for 10 days and I want to spend a few days in Switzerland for sure.
    Please recommend which places should I visit for witnessing the natural beauty. Also suggest which other places can I club with Switzerland in that season as I wish to cover 3 different countries in 10 days.
    Also suggest whether April is better or May to travel to those places.
    Thanks ?

    1. Hey Ayushi – I’m sure you’ve now postponed this holiday but when you do visit you can make Geneva your base airport and drive to the scenic places and villages in the area such as Interlaken and Adelboden. You’ll love them to bits 🙂

  9. Hi guys,

    Lovely to read and truly feel such experiences through your eyes!
    So I was planning to visit Switzerland alone in March end , only for a weekend (along with official trip you see :-p
    What is the must place I should not miss in these 2 days?
    P.S I was really keen in visiting Interlaken rather than Zurich but don’t know whether would be able to manage it in 2days reaching and returing from there

    1. You can manage Interlaken but Zurich is a great option to for a weekend as you can take some nice day trips

  10. Hi guys..
    Just love ur content.. We r planning to go Switzerland this September for our first anniversary..
    Could u suggest a hotel to stay in zurich from wer i can explore the nearby attractions walking?
    I saw the cons about hotel marktsgass hotel.. We always travel with a huge baggage.. So could u please recommend any othe good hotels near by marktsgass hotel..

    1. Hey Shifa,

      The problem is that for any hotel that is so central, this could be a potential issue. You could check Park Hyatt Zurich

  11. Hi Vid and Savi,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us – i am planning a few days in Interlaken, could you suggest few accommodation options from your experience pls?


    1. HEy if you are looking for a luxury hotel Victoria Junfrau and Royal St Georges are both amazing and well located. If you’d like a mid-range option, we suggest renting an air bnb – there are some really stunning and affordable ones in the area 🙂

  12. Hi Vid and Savi,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences , we are planning our first Europe trip on September and we have around 10-12 days , we are planning to cover Switzerland, France for sure could you suggest which other country can we cover along with this, i am thinking of Italy or Netherlands (very confused 🙂 ). could please suggest what would be the best option or if anything additional that you would suggest other then the above.

    1. Hey Proya – would recommend Netherlands as Italy is really big and there are so many experiences even for one’s first visit that it could take 1- days. Instead do Amsterdam/Hague in addition to Switzerland and France for your first Euro trip:)

  13. Hi Vid and Savi,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences .We are planning our Honeymoon in December and we have around 9-10 days , we are planning to cover Switzerland and France. But there are several posts which say that December will be too chilly for Switzerland and it would not be wiser to go in December as some places will remain closed . But Switzerland is our dream destination and we want to explore it . Could you please suggest what would be the best option .

    1. Hello,

      Yes, that part of Europe will be cold in December. That said, it’s beautiful in December especially around/leading up to Christmas. And if it snows, it’ll be magical 🙂 If you go prepared with the right clothes and layers, you’ll have a great time.

  14. Hi,

    I am planning to go with my family in April end. Is it a good time to visit Switzerland and Paris during April?

    1. Sure – however the weather is super unpredictable as snow has melted but it’s still not warm. So some days can be rainy, grey, and dull

  15. Hey Savi

    We are planning to visit Switzerland in February end or March starting. Do you really suggest that season? Will it be raining there? And we would probably have 5 days. So, we are thinking to cover Zurich and villages nearby Interlaken. Please let me know your suggestions.

    1. Hey Ritu – that season can be quite dull and grey, especially if the snow is starting to melt – would suggest early Feb or summer months (July-September). Hope that helps

  16. Hi I have been following your posts for some time and I have a small question
    Is november a good month to plan a trip to paris switzerland and nice together
    Pls help

    1. Hey Shivani – November is good towards the end as Christmas markets have started popping up, which makes it super magical. However it will be very cold, so do keep that in mind 🙂

  17. Swiss Rail is the way to go – felt like I was in a romantic movie, minus the dramatic goodbye scenes. Those trains are so comfy, I almost missed my stop admiring the scenery (and maybe napping a bit). ????????

    Stayed in Zurich’s heart, and yes, Hotel Marktgasse is as hipster as they come. Felt like I’d stepped into an Instagram feed! But the ‘luggage slope challenge’ was real. Felt like I was on a mini mountain trek just to check in.

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