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Holidays – don’t our lives revolve around them? Do you find yourself thinking about your next getaway as you walk to work or as you pore over the daily newspaper? Holidays are the perfect way to spend incredible quality time with the ones that matter most but planning them can be quite daunting. We used to get quite intimated at the thought of planning a perfect holiday but our frequent travels have left us confident. So we thought we’d share our 5 step vacation planner with you guys, perfect for planning a great romantic getaway 🙂


  • Choose a budget

The first and most important thing to do when you plan a memorable holiday is to choose a budget. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not impossible to plan an indulgent romantic getaway on a tight budget. You just need to look for great deals and spend longer planning your holiday. Deciding on a budget for your romantic getaway definitely needs to be the first thing you do.


Spain has some gorgeous apartments - this one we stayed in had a garden full of grapevines :)
Spain has some gorgeous apartments – this one we stayed in had a garden full of grapevines 🙂


  • Pick a destination

Want some ideas? If you’re on a tight budget then look for self-catering apartments in Spain. Try to look for a quaint apartment in a little Spanish village littered with tapas bars and beaches. You could also hunt for a picturesque yet affordable farm stay in Italy or Portugal. Creature comforts are often limited in rural Europe but staying amidst olive groves or vineyards offers an experience like no other. If you enjoy camping as a couple, then there is truly no dearth of opportunities. Rent a motorhome and explore Iceland or go camping in Croatia’s gorgeous sea-side towns.


If money isn’t an issue, then we would definitely suggest an exotic getaway on an island – we love Maldives, the islands of French Polynesia, and Fiji. The luxury resorts of Maldives are bound to make any couple feel special. If staying put in one place isn’t your idea of a holiday, then opt for an island-hopping cruise in Fiji. Wake up to a new island and sparkling waters every single day.


Outrigger Maldives Over water villa
Maldives offers the ultimate in luxury: view from our villa in Maldives


  • Choose privacy

Irrespective of the option you choose, prioritise privacy over all else. After all, how often do you get to go on a holiday with your loved ones and spend quality time together? If you’re travelling as a couple avoid crowded all-inclusive resorts and camping parks like the plague. Choose hidden log cabins, tree houses, or li’l chalets.

Or go the whole hog and just book an entire villa with a private butler, so you don’t even have to leave the side of your partner for anything in the whole wide world. This is perfect if you’re on your honeymoon or celebrating a special occasion 🙂


Admiring the Australian countryside from our li'l cabin in the woods
Admiring the countryside from our li’l cabin in the woods near Melbourne, Australia


  • Capture those memories

It’s time to sit back and relax now that you’ve done the hard work, researched, and finally booked your holiday. But wait! You can let all those memories vanish into thin air can you? Whether or not you’re a social media addict, it’s fun to have few photos of special trips on you – that way you can peruse them with your loved ones and relive the trip at a later date 🙂


It’s becoming increasingly common to hire a professional photographer’s services at holiday destinations across the world. It’s an easy way to have excellent photos with your partner or your entire family. You could also invest in a tripod and remote for your camera and click some photos yourself. In either case, don’t leave this till the last date. Book an appointment with a photographer or carry all the equipment you might need to capture that perfect photograph. Don’t forget to pack a special dress for a frame-worthy shot 🙂


It's a common practice to hire professional photographers to get frame worthy shots :-)
The two of us in Poland – it’s a common practice to hire professional photographers to get frame worthy shots 🙂


  • Indulge

Sit back, relax, and savour that holiday. Try not to log on to your social media accounts or check your phone every 2 minutes. Allow yourself to take a step back and slip into the languorous rhythm of the holiday. Let those days start with sumptuous breakfasts and end with cocktails overlooking lingering sunsets. After all, you’ve looked forward to this for so long 🙂


Make sure you well and truly enjoy your vacation - indulge and you'll come out a new person :)
Make sure you well and truly enjoy your vacation – indulge and you’ll come out a new person 🙂

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