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I love educating myself about new flavours and new cuisines. But that’s not all – fine dining for me is often more than just the food. I love dressing up for a special occasion, lingering over a meal with my loved ones, and pushing the boundaries of my taste buds and expanding my knowledge. And I’m grateful our travels allow us to do just that!

Ever since we started travelling, we’ve been fond of experiencing new cultures and places through local dishes, fine dining, hole-in-the-wall eateries and scenic restaurants. In the process, we’ve been to our fair share of amazing and also supremely-disappointing Michelin star restaurants.

So we thought we would maintain a list of Michelin-starred  from across the world that are truly worth the hype. If you’re spending your hard-earned money on a meal, it better be worth it right? We’ll keep updating this list as we keep discovering new restaurants.

1. Shang Palace at Shangri-La Paris/Hong Kong

Shang Palace is an iconic Cantonese restaurant that is the signature of Shangri-La hotels worldwide and it truly lives up to the hype! If you enjoy Chinese food and flavours, then this one is for you.

This is one of the few restaurants where you could practically order anything off the menu – from the dumplings to the Cantonese roast duck – and be assured of food bursting with flavour. If it is your first time there, we suggest opting for the Tasting Menu with a variety of courses curated by the chef. If you are not too hungry or you have firm favourites, go for the à la carte menu

Shang Palace is a must visit if you stay at ShangriLa Hotels, especially in Hong Kong or Paris


No shortage of memorable meals in Hong Kong 🙂


2. Cibo, Dijon, France

It’s not often that you find a restaurant that is worth 1.5 hours commute. This Michelin-starred eatery in Dijon is 1.5 hours away from Paris and many people make the trek just to taste chef Angelo Ferrigno’s exquisite food. We’ve talked about why you should make that trip to Burgundy from Paris – spoiler! Mostly for the culinary delights and the wine 🙂

Cibo is very different from most Michelin-star restaurants as it has a very minimalist, almost Scandinavian vibe about it. There is no strict dress-code and most guests dress rather simply for the meal. Perhaps this is because the food here is the star of the show.  The 15 course degustation menu is rolled out over 3 hours, so expect a languorous evening laden with food that looks like art, and tastes even better!

The food displays a fresh take on molecular gastronomy and is bound to make guests fall in love with French ingredients. But even the accompaniments – everything from the breads to the petit fours – are baked to perfection! The wine list here is commendable too which is only to be expected as this is the heartland of Burgundy, where some of the finest French wines are produced! Highly recommend!

Le Cibo michellin star restaurant Dijon France
Would happily go back for a meal at Cibo <3


3. Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

This list would be incomplete without one of the most affordable Michelin star restaurants that now has branches sprouting all over the world! Tim Ho Wan might not be the finest meal you will eat but it is definitely worth a visit.

Go early as it tends to get crowded as the day progresses – opt for their signature BBQ pork buns and an assortment of nibbles such as dumplings and ribs. Tim Ho Wan also have a vegetarian version of their popular dumplings on the menu. This is often the first Michelin-star eatery for many people and it is easy to see why

Sunset Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
Hong Kong has an incredible culinary scene!


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