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Written by Savi, 14 Comments

We have been raving about Lux Belle Mare, Mauritius – why, you ask? It’s because one rarely stumbles upon a hotel that is so good that it seems like a figment of one’s imagination.

We’ve already told you about the hotel, but here are the activities it offers that make it special and distinguish it from other hotels that we have stayed at during our travels:


1)     Open Air Cinema


Colourful futons, huge pillows, and fairy lights set the scene for an al-fresco cinema on the beach. Sofas are surrounded by palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze. Cuddle up on a giant pillow or lounger with a cocktail in hand. This weekly affair at Lux* Belle Mare is definitely right out of our dreams.


Lux* Belle Mare, Mauritius
Open Air Cinema at Lux* Belle Mare (Photo Courtesy – Lux* Resorts)



2)     Wine Tasting Session


Lux* Island Resorts produce quite a few delectable wines. Their house wines are imported from Paul Cluver’s vineyards  all the way from South Africa. The emphasis on quality reflects in their crisp sauvignon blanc and full-bodied pinot noir.

The hotel regularly hosts wine-tasting sessions for its guests. We opted for an Asian tapas – wine pairing dinner. Here’s our table for the night –


Lux* Belle Mare Restaurant food
Our dinner table at Asiatica, Lux* Belle Mare’s Asian fusion restaurant



3)     Coffee roasting sessions


If you are anything like Vid, this might excite you over and above anything else at the hotel. Lux* Belle Mare houses the Lux Resorts’ roasterie and its roasting sessions are open to guests. Join the roasting crew to get more information about the source of their coffee beans, roast profiles, and the special espresso blend. A little bonus – you can have a go at roasting the coffee too. Brilliant!


Lux* Belle Mare coffee mauritius
Coffee at Lux* Belle Mare’s cafe


Lux* Belle Mare best coffee
Vid joined the roasting crew 🙂


Lux* Belle Mare Cafe Mauritius
Celine, the gorgeous PR manager at Lux* Resorts



4)     Bike ride along the  Mauritian coast


If you are craving a bit of adventure or an early-morning workout then this is perfect for you. The hotel offers bikes for rent and a guided bike tour to the tiny fishing village of Trou d’ Eau Douce. The 6 km bike ride will take you through stunning beaches, local onion farms, and the rugged Mauritian coastline. Follow it up with a session of yoga by the beach. All that exercise is bound to make your tummies rumble. Fear not – scrumptious lunch awaits guests at the hotel’s beachside restaurant.


Bike Ride Tour Mauritius 2
There is no greater joy than biking along the Mauritian coastline


Bike Ride Tour Mauritius
There is no greater joy than biking along the Mauritian coastline


Lux* Belle Mare water sports 2
That’s how we roll 😉


Lux* Belle Mare Mauritius Fishing Village
A pond of water lilies at the tiny fishing village of Trou D’eau Douce



5)     Water sports


Lux Belle Mare offers a variety of water – sports, most of which are included in the All Inclusive package. Snorkelling, catamaran cruises, deap-sea fishing, and jaunts in glass-bottomed boats are some of the few activities on offer. The Belle Mare beach is pristine and this ensures a great view of undersea creatures and schools of fish.


Lux* Belle Mare water sports
Water sports at Lux* Belle Mare



6) Romantic breakfast at an isolated beach


It’s not everyday that we begin our day with delicious tropical fruits, flaky croissants, and eggs made to order with the warm water of the Indian Ocean lapping at our feet. Throw in THAT table, and we’re starry eyed (with good reason!) 🙂


Lux* Belle Mare beach breakfast
Spot our breakfast table? Can you blame us for swooning? 🙂


Lux* Belle Mare breakfast at beach
Breakfast at the beach



We have a special discount code for Lux* Belle Mare for all our readers. Just enter SVBLOGGER when booking directly with Lux* Belle Mare on their website here and enjoy a 10% discount off your total price :-). You can also compare the prices from different portals here.

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Disclaimer – We were guests of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) and Lux* Resorts in Mauritius but all views (hyperbolic or otherwise 😉 ) are entirely our own. Thanks to Celine, Ashish, and Elvis at Lux* Belle Mare for making our stay extremely memorable.

14 thoughts on “Lux* Belle Mare – A Date With Paradise

  1. Wow, what a beautifully stunning place! I love the idea of all the different activities mixed in with the intimate and romantic side of things! Fabulous post!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. These pictures look absolutely stunning – and and first glance it’s defo somewhere I’d want to travel. What worries me with new places, if whether or not they will be wheelchair friendly, and there’s not alot on info out there for places that aren’t tourist traps. I’d love if you’d post about disabled friendly holiday destimations 🙂
    Love Vicky

    1. That’s a great idea Vicky. You’ve definitely given me something to think about. I will try and cover that aspect in all our hotel reviews in the future 🙂 Thank you

      Off the top of my head, I think Lux* Belle Mare is wheelchair friendly. However if you’re interested in booking a holiday at Lux* Mauritius, just drop them an e-mail with your questions. They respond promptly 🙂

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