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Written by Savi, 66 Comments

It is no secret that we like apartment rentals. For years, we’ve been persuading friends and family to try renting apartments on holiday. So when GoWithOh offered us one of their apartments in Paris for a long weekend, we might have jumped with joy.

We chose a cosy studio apartment in artsy Montmartre and enjoyed our stay so much that we thought we would put together our Top 5 Reasons for choosing apartments over traditional hotels on holiday:


#1 Feel Like a Local

Renting an apartment in a city is the easiest way to feel like a local.

Our apartment was situated in a quiet residential street in Montmartre, Paris’ bustling bohemian centre. Every morning we would hop over to the local boulangerie (bakery) to get a croissant or baguette for breakfast. Partaking in this little French ritual, familiarising ourselves with residential alleys we might not have ordinarily seen, and talking to local Parisians at the bakery made us feel at home within hours of landing in Paris. In fact, our friendly neighbour even told us about a couple of ‘hidden’ Parisian sights. Perfect.

GoWithOh Apartment Rental Paris - Boulangerie
A typical Parisian Boulangerie near our apartment


Gowithoh apartment rentals Paris
Our local ‘supermarket’ for 5 days – that’s our apartment in the background 🙂


#2 Cost Effective

Paris is notorious for over-priced hotels. This was our sixth trip to Paris in the past couple of years and we’ve stayed everywhere from intimate B&B’s to swankier hotels. Trust us when we say this, central and affordable hotels in Paris are a myth. Expect to pay over €150/night for a centrally-located hotel room which gives you enough space to stretch your legs. If you’re tall, you might need to increase that to €180/night 😉

On the other hand, apartment rentals offer incredible value for money. Our studio apartment was literally a stone’s throw from Moulin Rouge and Sacré-Cœur and cost just €70/night.

Gowithoh Apartment Rental Paris
Our spacious studio apartment in one of the best areas of Paris – Bliss!


Gowithoh apartment rentals Paris
Apartments will give you space to stretch your legs but won’t make understanding the Paris metro any easier 😉


#3 Independence

Living in a fully-furnished vacation rental will give you the flexibility to enjoy your vacation to the tune of your rhythm. Perfect if you like to:

> Have your morning cuppa in pyjama bottoms (moustaches optional 🙂 ). Seriously, who else is with me on being too lazy to dress up for breakfast buffets?


Gowithoh apartment rentals Paris
Enjoy your coffee 🙂


> Have obnoxious amounts of greens with your meals 😉


Gowithoh apartment rentals Paris
Stay healthy 🙂


> Have a quiet meal after a long day of sight-seeing


Gowithoh apartment rentals Paris
Enjoy your meal !


The obvious downside to the independence is the lack of room attendants – apartment rentals may not be for you if you enjoy regular room service on vacation.


#4 Comfort

If cramped hotel rooms are not your thing, you will welcome the space that apartments offer.

Moreover, most apartment rentals these days come fully equipped with towels, linen, electric kettles, microwaves, and irons, so you will not be left fumbling at the last minute. Our apartment even had a cute little study complete with interesting books to read whilst enjoying the morning cuppa. Make sure you check the detailed inventory that accompanies the description of GoWithOh apartments to ensure the flat you’re choosing has everything you could possibly need for your holiday

Gowithoh apartment rentals Paris
Our fully-equipped kitchenette


Gowithoh apartment rentals Paris
Our cosy studio apartment


#5 Flexibility

This might be the best part about apartments. Since you’re dealing with individuals, not large hotel chains, it is easy to put in requests that make the process of renting a room seamless. For instance, we reached our apartment four hours before the check-in time and left almost eight hours after the check-out and the owner was happy to accommodate our request. Of course, this depends on the availability of the apartment, but it doesn’t hurt to let your demands be known.


Gowithoh apartment rentals Paris
Our neighbourhood in Paris – Sacré-Cœur by night


You guys should totally check out GoWithOh’s apartments for your next holiday. They have a range of apartment rentals across all major cities in Europe, with prices starting at as little as €50/night for 2 people and their customer service is absolutely impeccable.


Looking for offbeat things to do in Paris? Have a look at our favourite things about Paris !


Disclaimer: We were guests of GoWithOh in Paris, but the opinions, as always, are entirely our own.



66 thoughts on “5 Reasons We Love Apartment Rentals

  1. This sounds really awesome………shall definitely stay at Go With Oh appartments on our next trip to Europe………thanks a ton for sharing the information 🙂

      1. I have seen a whole lot of apartments with go with oh but none that could match your pics. Please let me know, if possible, the details of this apartment which seems so nice and cosy.

  2. A friend of mine had gone for a long trip to Spain last year and the couple stayed over at such apartments through out. They were so pleased with the amount of monies they saved throughout the journey that they’ve been recommending this format to everyone, including me. I love this post more so, because even though they recommended this format, she wasn’t quite aware of who her husband had coordinated with for the stays, so it’s nice to be made aware of a reliable source recommendation like GoWithOh coming from BruisedPassports that I consider like my future travel guide 😀

    1. Zamir we’re glad you enjoyed reading this post. Apartment rentals are definitely cost effective. We will be back with more rentals from Spain soon 🙂

    1. Karisa hotel rates are crazy, especially during summer. No wonder we’re crushing on apartments 😉

  3. We LOVE your 5 reasons that apartments rock! Totally agree, especially about the spaciousness! Great photos, you made us feel like we were there too! 🙂

    1. I completely agree!
      I’ve actually just experienced my first vacation apartment rental in Portugal (Porto) and absolutely loved it. Heading out for the day and then being able to come back and chill a bit at a place that could be home, before heading to dinner = perfect:)

        1. Will put up a clearer picture of it soon Sophie 🙂 It’s a tribal sign, doesn’t mean anything perse

      1. Sophie that is exactly what we were doing – love the feeling of coming ‘home’ after a long day of sightseeing 🙂

  4. That apt is divine! Will definitely do that when I return to Paris. I have been using airbnb when I travel, but this is an even better option with the entire place to yourself. I’m sold!

    One question – does the fab bag, hat and glasses come with the unit?:)

    1. Thanks Beth 🙂 We’ve been crushing on apartment rentals, thought it was time to share the love 🙂

  5. I stayed in a holiday apartment for the first time last year, and did so again this year. It worked out really well for going on a city break with my family – meant we could all hang out together a lot more. Cooking meals in ended up a lot cheaper as well.

    1. I agree Julie. Meals really add up, especially if one is travelling with family. Apartment rentals are perfect for saving some money and experimenting with local ingredients too.

  6. My son told me about your website and said I’d love it. He’s right! I really like the use of personal photos to illustrate your points.
    I’ve stayed in apartments near Place de la Bastille and Ile St-Louis in the last year, with different apartment rental companies, both very good.
    I was able to have visitors for a couple of days each time which you certainly can’t in a hotel. Apartments are better for families too because children can have play space and a more ‘normal’environment.

    1. Thanks Pauline. We hope you continue to enjoy reading Bruised Passports. We try and corroborate our argument(s) using personal photos in order to keep Bruised Passports as experiential as possible 🙂 We’ve never entertained guests at a rental apartment before, but that is definitely a good reason to choose apartments over traditional hotels.

  7. Totally agree! You feel more like blending in with the locals and you can go to the markets/small shops to buy vegetables, fish, meat etc and cook your own but local flavored meals 😛

    Also being a sucker for Paris, since hubby proposed to me (on his knees!) below Basilique de Sacré-Cœur… *lovely memories*

    1. Wow- that’s quite the story. A proposal at Sacré-Cœur – how magical 🙂 Do you guys visit Paris frequently to relive treasured memories?

  8. We spent three days in an apartment in the heart of the old part of Seville this summer and loved it. It was a GoWithOh property too. And today we entered their contest to be “guest testers” and hope we win that and use it for a trip to Prague!

      1. Wow, thanks so much for this information. I just returned after spending 14 days in France of which 7 days were spent at two different Paris Hotels. I wish I had rented an apartment since you are right there are great places to get great food to take back and eat and or cook, but only if I had a little kitchen or even a microwave. It would have been nice to have stayed in one place since most of my day trips around Paris were on the Metro, which took me everywhere . Looking forward to your future trip reviews.

        1. Cheryl you know what to do the next time you’re in France. Apartments work really well in Europe – I’m a fan 🙂

  9. Apartment rentals are certainly one of the best options when you are moving to a different city, state or a country. I would be going to Paris next month and will look out for some great and affordable options there. Thanks for your post.

  10. I just booked an apartment in Rome using the discount code, needless to say nice apartments clubbed with your trusted reviews…great deal 🙂

    1. Thanks Nancy – great to hear that 🙂 We’ll definitely be staying with Gowithoh whenever we’re in Rome next

  11. Your website with all kind of information is so very interesting and that also include your recommendations. I’ve read all of them. Could you please send me the name of your appartment located in Montparnasse… pics are looking great!
    I have some free days and decided to do a last minute to Paris with my 16 years old son as soon I find a nice appartment.

    1. Hey Siggy – Unfortunately that apartment isn’t on the Gowithoh website anymore. However you can check out a list of other apartments on their website linked above!

  12. Loved reading your writing guys. For weeks now I’ve been researching for our upcoming trip to Paris. The problem is there’s too much info and I can’t wrap my head around what to do. More so since we will be travelling with a four year old. Is there some way you could help us out on some basic info? Thanks and keep the fabulous work going!

  13. I had heard about apartments rental but wasn’t sure how good are they exactly. This looks quite promising. I am checking out the website now. Found this post at right time 😀
    Ps. Those mustache pajamas are so damnn cute

    1. Hey Nisha – glad you found it useful. We had some insane experiences in tiny European hotels before we decided to go the apartment route 🙂

  14. Hi Savi Vid, had a great time reading through your website while planning for our honeymoon. Just one query though, your link in the article above for booking at gowithoh doesn’t seem to be working or redirecting me to their website. Has the 25 Euros discount expired?

    1. Hey Shivi – unfortunately the discount code has now expired. Hope you have a great time in Europe. Send us photos 😀

  15. Hey Savi Vid,

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I am planning a family Euro trip , next summer.
    Apartment rentals, look quite interesting, would you please recommend, which would be the best neighbourhood to stay in Paris with a toddler?

  16. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I am planning a family Euro trip for next summer. Apartment rentals, look quite interesting, would you please recommend, which would be the best neighbourhood to stay in Paris with a toddler?

  17. I never considered going the apartment route, especially out of the country. We recently began booking with VRBO’s when traveling but I think this may be a better option for us the next time we travel.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this article Chris -apartments are definitely fun if you intend on being in a new city for a long-ish period of time 🙂

  18. Hey Savi and Vid, I have been reading your blog from a long time and this time I am glad I can actually do/book something as per your recommendation. Will be there in Paris in August and have booked Mama Shelter.Thanks for all your help you give to people like me :)!

    1. Hey Shalki – that’s great. Mama Shelter is a tad out of the way but it’s so quirky and super cool 🙂 Another option is also to book an apartment rental closer to the Eiffel if you enjoy being in the commercial centre of cities

  19. Hey Savi and Vid, hope you guys are doing well. I’ve been following you guys for long now, and a great fan of Vid’s work. My Husband and I are planning for a France trip in April and have been taking your blogs for reference. Would just like to know from you about the safety and security of the apartment rentals in France. It would be great if you could advice us on it, as we are looking at staying in Paris and other parts of Southern France.

  20. Hi Savi & Vid!
    Congratulations on succeeding at all the travel and travel advisory you are doing! Fantastic job guys!!
    Its great to get the precious little tips you have offered on packing/ wears/ itineraries.
    Visiting Paris and Italy this September end – October 1st week with my husband and a 3 yr old toddler.
    Please advise an apartment rental closer to Eiffel tower and the commercial centre? Also, which was your apartment in Paris in the above post? Please share details.
    Thanks a ton and keep the trips coming 🙂

  21. Hi guys – firstly, great blog! Secondly, regarding this article – I’ve heard a lot of stories from people who’ve been to Paris regarding thievery and the rather unsafe nature of apartments in Montmarte region. And not to mention, the racism we Indians face. I’ve been doing some accommodation hunting too – and apartments are always my first choice in Europe especially because they’re economical and more independent. But then – do let me know, if taking one in Paris is equally safe as a decent hotel? Thanks!

    1. Hey Vishal – apartments are great in Paris. It’s as safe or unsafe as any other big city in the world. However well-located apartments can get quite expensive in Paris! You can watch our video about booking apartments (on our youtube channel) so you know what to look for while booking an apartment that is both spacious and well located

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