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7 Island Getaways with pros and cons – choose one that is right for YOU

7 Island Getaways with pros and cons – choose one that is right for YOU
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It’s easy to get swept up with visions of idyllic beaches and dreamy sunsets but one always ends up confused when it comes to choosing an ideal island getaway for oneself. So we thought we’d put together a list of 6 of our favourite island getaways, with pros and cons of each, so it is easy for you guys to zero in on your ideal island getaway, whatever your preferences might be. You’ll find something here, irrespective of whether you’re after a luxurious getaway, a wellness holiday, or a road trip. Read on 🙂




“It’s as though I’d drunk a bottle of anise and fallen asleep wrapped in a quilt of roses. It pulls me along – and I know I’m drowning” Seychelles’ seductive beaches make me think of Garcia Lorca’s gorgeous poetry – it draws you in and before you know it, you’re in love! Seychelles is ideal for those who like a mix of culture, luxury, nature, and hiking on a romantic getaway.


Overview of Seychelles 


Gorgeous beaches, perfect mix of culture and scenery, island hopping opportunities, amazing hotels


Hard (not impossible!) to explore on a budget, public areas and beaches can get really crowded during peak times so privacy is not guaranteed


Romantic getaways and honeymoons


Bruised Passports Itinerary for Seychelles


Couple sunbathing on beach at Silhouette Island

Sunbathing on the gorgeous beaches of Seychelles


Woman at Anse Source D'Argent in La Digue

Savi at Anse Source D’Argent – we thought we’d give a different twist to one of the most photographed beaches in the world



What’s more romantic than being marooned on a tiny private island, positioned strategically between Asia and Africa? A sun-drenched island paradise far far away from civilisation and all that comes with it – laughing and playing in the sparkling ocean, bare feet on sand, sipping on coconut water, and reading on golden beaches. That’s the MALDIVES in a nutshell. You just need to take a deep breath and unleash the skinny dips, flower-laden baths, beach-side breakfasts, and the bubbly 🍾😍


Overview of Maldives


Gorgeous beaches, private and luxurious accommodation, perfect watersports


You have to stay put in one hotel as island hopping is inconvenient and expensive, no cultural experiences perse


Uber private romantic getaways and honeymoons


Bruised Passports in Maldives



infinity pool maldives travel fashion

Morning coffee with a view to boot in Maldives 🙂


Outrigger Konotta Maldives sunset cruise

A fiery sunset, a brewing storm, dolphins jumping out of the water, and our very own private Dhoni boat in Maldives



Along comes an island where it isn’t about the beaches but lush paddy fields, secret waterfalls, and sun-hazed countryside – about appreciating the thrumming rhythm of slow life. Ubud, with its labyrinth of smoothie bars, yoga studios, tie & dye boutiques, bohemian retreats, and vegan eateries is truly our ticket to the moon. The bustling resort areas of Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Kuta are similar to other beach-side getaways in South-East Asia. Unlike Ubud, the beaches of don’t scream special to us. Just head to Thailand or Vietnam if you want to hit beaches!



Overview of Bali 


Affordable, gorgeous highlands, amazing cultural experiences, vegan haven


Underwhelming beaches (in fact we don’t like most of Bali’s beaches), rowdy party goers, crowded touristy spots


Wellness getaways, getaways with friends, long sabbaticals


Bruised Passports Guide to Ubud, Bali


The Tegenungan waterfall Ubud Bali

We love Bali : Morning walks at The Tegenungan waterfall in Ubud


Sunsets in Ubud are amazing!



It was when she smeared powder all over my face and held my hand like THAT … that I realised this dazzling paradise garlanded with frangipanis, sugarcane fields swaying in the sun, the palm-scented ocean, and golden sunsets every single day would be a favourite. ‘Bula Vinaka’ is the phrase that greets you when you first land in Fiji!! It literally translates to ‘a warm hello’ and boy do Fijians live up to that promise!  Here sarongs are the national dress and everyone works on Fiji time – slow and easyyyyy


Overview of Fiji and French Polynesia


Uber-picturesque beaches, culturally immersive experiences, convenient island-hopping, incredible dives and snorkelling, incredible luxury hotels


Remote/hard to reach (unless you live in Australia or New Zealand), can get expensive


Honeymoons and romantic getaways, luxurious family getaways, island hopping cruises


Bruised Passports Itinerary for Fiji


Fiji itinerary kids at sigatoka river safari

Vid goofing around with Fijian kids – they loved his camera and wouldn’t let go 🙂


Ideal for a romantic getaway. Dinners in Fiji islands look a bit like..

Ideal for a romantic getaway. Dinners in Fiji islands look a bit like..



Canary Islands, Spain : these Spanish islands, located just off the coast of Africa, are perfect because they are warm even during winter months. They are accessible, affordable, and gorgeous but can get super crowded during summer months. Ideal for beach bums ☺️😊


Overview of Canary Islands


Proximity to Europe, picturesque beaches, Spanish villages and tapas bars, warm weather almost all year round


Rowdy tourist and crowded beaches during peak times


Family holidays, mini roadtrips, partying


Bruised Passports Itinerary for Lanzarote


Earth: The Mountains Rising From Volcanic Ash In Lanzarote


Spanish villages and warm weather – The Canary Islands are ideal for partying it up!


Fashion Blogger UK

Canary Islands’ proximity to Europe makes it ideal for short holidays



Don’t go here for the beaches but the rare wildlife, birds, flora, and fauna. Expect playful sea lions, lackadaisical iguanas, rare birds and blue-footed boobies diving into ocean in front of your eyes. The Galápagos Islands are heavily protected and expensive, but they’re amazing for nature enthusiasts! Swim with turtles and cherish this rare holiday in some of the most remote islands in the world.


Overview of Galapagos Islands


Extremely rare birds and wildlife, one of the most unique places on the planet


Extremely expensive as they are heavily protected


Bird-watchers, wildlife enthusiasts


Bruised Passports Itinerary for Galapagos


A gorgeous blue-footed booby on North Seymour island Galapagos

A gorgeous blue-footed booby in Galapagos 🙂


Blue-footed boobies dive into the ocean

Blue-footed boobies dive into the ocean for fish in Galapagos Islands


Boy sunbathing on tortuga bay beach with iguanas

Vid napping on the beach right next to the iguanas – only in Galapagos



Mauritius is known for its ethereal beaches with powdery white sands and warm azure waters. While it does have some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, there is no dearth of things to do in Mauritius – it isn’t called Paradise Island for nothing! Even though we had to tear ourselves away from our lovely hotel, we are glad we did. Mauritius is perfect if you like your holidays jam-packed with activities and beaches.


Overview of Mauritius


Gorgeous beaches, perfect mix of history, culture and scenery, suits both luxury and budget travellers


Hard to find complete privacy if that is what you are after, beaches and markets can get really crowded during peak times


Family holidays and couple getaways


Bruised Passports Things To Do In Mauritius


Breakfast on the beach in Mauritius


Bike Ride Tour Mauritius

There is no greater joy than biking along the Mauritian coastline


Read about our Top 10 honeymoon and romantic getaways for more ideas


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  1. What about phuket koh samui krabi

    • Hey Ankita – wanted to write about our favourites in this article – while Phuket and Krabi are nice, we feel they can get quite touristy and packed!

  2. Hi, we plan to visit the beaches of Thailand soon. But there is nothing on your website for the same. I’ve done all my trips on my own till I stumbled upon bruisedpassports, and I thought I would plan my next trip with your help, but to my disappointment there is nothing. Please can you give some inputs. Looking to visit southern Thailand

    • Hey Bhavy – unfortunately we haven’t been to Southern Thailand in a very long time and it has changed a lot since then, so we will write about it when we visit next 🙂

  3. Really feels good to hear about the Bali and other islands. These pictures are incredible. Looks like the ultimate travel dream. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    • Glad you enjoyed reading this 🙂

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