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There’s no better way to explore a place than on a road trip

A trend had started to appear in our conversations with friends, family, and fellow travellers. Every time we’d mention that we loved road trips, we’d be grilled, almost harassed, for not having been to California. On revealing that I had been to 70+ countries and the US was not one of them, people would refuse to believe that and quiz Savi on why she didn’t force me to tag along when she visited the East Coast in 2010. This year, as part of our whirlwind trip around the world, we decided to put an end to this seemingly embarrassing fact of our travelling life. We were going to drive in the US, and how 🙂

Although our initial plan was to spend 3-4 months driving the whole breadth of the US, we succumbed to our desire to visit Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala and cut our time in the US to 2 months – enough to squeeze in a gorgeous  18 day long road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas and back.

Coastal views on Pacific Coastal Highway
Get ready for views like this 🙂


Planning a road trip in California and Nevada

Forget the US, California itself is so big that you could spend months driving around the state and not get bored. Add to that the numerous national parks  and you’s start spending nights worrying about the route for your road trip. Our suggestion would be to select the top few places and experiences you’d like to have and plan your road trip around those. There’s no point in cramming everything in one trip – there’s always a next time 🙂

Renting a car in the US is easy and straightforward. There are plenty of providers to choose from and if you book a month or so in advance, you can grab a great deal. We used this website to compare rates from different providers and got an excellent deal for a Toyota Yaris including collision damage waiver for USD 30/day. We didn’t face any issues with the car or the rental service and really enjoyed the fact that we could rent from right across our hotel in San Francisco 🙂

Fuel is really cheap in the US – on an average USD 2.5 per gallon (roughly 70 cents a litre) and we spent a total of USD 85 on fuel for our 2,300 km road trip – the least we have spent on a roadtrip by a mile.

Map for road trip across California and Nevada
Our itinerary for California and Nevada road trip


Car driving through California
Our trusty Toyota Yaris on our road trip


What to do on your road trip in California and Nevada

We had seen so many stunning photographs from California and Nevada on Instagram and Facebook in the past few years that we could barely contain our excitement. We decided to fly into San Francisco and start from there – you can choose to fly into San Jose or Oakland instead and make your way to San Francisco.


Day 1 – 4: Get settled in and explore San Francisco

Well, if you’re flying into the west coast from outside the US, chances are that you’ll fly into San Francisco. We opted not to rent the car on the first couple of days that we were in the city just so that we could settle in and absorb everything that this laidback and chilled city had to offer. Our favourite places and experiences were:

  • Walk along the bay and spend some time on Pier 7 – the view of the city from the fag end of the pier is absolutely gorgeous. Even though Pier 39 is supposed to be great, we found it overly crowded.
  • Have a coffee at Blue Bottle coffee at the Ferry Building
  • Explore the hipster area along Mission Street
  • Walk aimlessly from one end of the city to the other – we walked from Pier 7 all the way to Lafayette park and ended our walk at Union Square


On our last day in San Francisco, we decided to rent our car and drove to Land’s End – the view of the Golden Gate Bridge is amazing on a clear day. From there, drive to the Golden Gate Bridge – if you want a great view of the bridge minus the crowds, head to Battery Godfrey (south-west side of the bridge). After you have absorbed the stunning views, drive on to the Northern side of the bridge (no toll needs to be paid when going towards North but you must pay $6 if driving South on the bridge) and take a left on to Conzelman Road. Whilst more people try to get a shot from Battery Spencer (thus making it SUPER crowded), we decided to drive further on to Hawk Hill – the view from there is out of this world.

If you don’t want to drive, you can always rent bicycles in the city and make a day of it. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on a bicycle will be an experience in itself 🙂

Pier 7 San Francisco less crowded
Pier 7 in San Francisco


Conzelan Road drive for a view of Golden Gate bridge
The view of Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco from Hawk Hill


Tram in the city of San Francisco
Loved walking around San Francisco and absorbing beautiful sights like this 🙂


Where to stay in San Francisco

We wanted to stay somewhere central and comfortable so we opted for Hilton Union Square – it’s as central as it gets in San Francisco. We asked for (and were luckily given!) a room on the 41st floor overlooking the entire city, The Bay Area, and Golden Gate bridge. Night or day, it was a sight to behold. The rooms were well-equipped and spacious and the hotel lobby had a nice cafe serving delicious breakfast. Since it’s bang in the middle of the city, expect a lot of business guests in the hotel lounge. Another thing that really worked out for us was the location of car rental offices right across the street from the hotel’s entrance. Take our word for it – it’s a big advantage in a city like San Francisco where driving can be a big pain.


City view from Hilton San Francisco Union Square
Gorgeous views from our room at Hilton Union Square


San Francisco city views from Hilton Union Suare
As you can tell we spent most of the time by the window 🙂


Day 5: Drive the Pacific Coastal Highway

Both of us had our own experiences that we were looking forward to when it came to this road trip in the US. Savi was most excited about exploring the street art in West Hollywood whereas I could not wait to drive down the much talked about Pacific Coastal Highway. I was worried that after Iceland, New Zealand, and Ladakh, this drive might not live up to the hype. Thankfully I was wrong. It’s a beautiful drive that takes you through stunning coastal vistas, gorgeous mountainous landscapes, and quaint little villages along the sea.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to start early. Technically you can drive the entire stretch from San Francisco to Los Angeles along California State Route 1 (also known as Pacific Coastal Highway :)) in a day, but you won’t be doing it justice if you did that. We’d suggest taking a good 6-7 hous driving from San Francisco to a mid-point on the stretch (more on this later).

Have breakfast at Cafe Lumiere in Monterey (some of the finest coffee we had on our road trip)  and drive along the coast through Carmel, Big Sur, and Cambria. Bixby Bridge is a popular photography spot so make sure you do stop here. Bruised Passports’ tip: don’t stop at the vantage point before the bridge begins (if you’re coming from San Francisco). Instead, cross the bridge and park your car right after a tiny hillock. It’s a perfect place to picnic and if you walk up the hillock you will have an amazing view of the bridge and the coastline sans the hundreds of tourists 🙂

Some other interesting stops along the way are McWay Falls (water falls directly into the ocean) and Pfeiffer State Beach. We chose the beautiful coastal town of Morro Bay as the mid-point of our drive on the Pacific Coastal Highway.


Bixby bridge picnic spot view point
Perfect picnic spot right after Bixby Bridge


Pacific Coastal Highway drive through Big Sur
Beautiful drive – be prepared to stop every 5 minutes 🙂


Day 6 and 7: Morro Bay

We fell in love with this waterfront city the moment we stepped foot in it. From the long stretches of sandy beaches to the ochre sunsets, there’s nothing not to love about Morro Bay. The iconic Morro rock stands guard between the ocean and the city as thousands of sea birds dot the skies. If you are in the mood for whale and dolphin watching, there ain’t a better place along the Californian coast. We managed to see humpback whales only a few hundred feet from the shoreline. It’s the perfect place to enjoy gorgeous seaside views, scrumptious sea food, and soul stirring live music. You can see more pictures and read about our experiences in Morro Bay here.

On Day 7, continue your drive towards Los Angeles. We found that the second half of the Pacific Coastal Highway wasn’t as pretty as the first half, so if you want to save time, you can take the expressway all the way to Los Angeles.


Girl at Morro Rock beach at Morro bay California
Savi at Morro Rock beach


sea lions at Morro Bay California
Adorable sea lions right by the harbour at Morro Bay


Where to stay in Morro Bay

We stayed at Pleasant Inn which is situated just a few blocks from the harbour. It’s a quintessential American Motel which has been recently refurbished to give it a more luxurious look.

Couple in Morro Bay California Road Trip
Mornings in Morro Bay


Day 8-11: West Hollywood, Los Angeles

After spending the first week of our trip in laid-back cities and lush landscapes, we were looking forward to the glitz and glamour of West Hollywood and it did not disappoint. What amazed us was the fact that a city just 1.9 square miles in area offers so much to the visitors – from the array of fine dining restaurants on Sunset Boulevard to the quirky street art on Melrose Avenue – it has something to offer to all visitors. WeHo, as it’s lovingly called by locals, is at the heart of Los Angeles (LA) and is the perfect place to explore everything that LA county has to offer.

It was amazing to explore the area on foot. Some of our favourite experiences were hunting for street art spread across the city of WeHo, walking along the palm-tree lined alleys of Beverly Hills, watching the sun go down from the Sunset strip, and sampling delicious food in some of the conscious restaurants dotted around the city (Gracias Madre was our favourite :-))

When we got tired of walking around, we’d slip out for a drive to explore the neighbouring areas. If you find yourself in the area, you must go for a sunset drive to Griffith Observatory and spend an hour or two there, watching the sun go down over Los Angeles and the famous Hollywood sign. If you’d rather spend a languorous afternoon on the beach, then head to Venice beach and find a secluded spot (can be difficult later in the evening) to witness the sunsets that California is so famous for.

Street art giant elephant West Hollywood
Gorgeous street art in West Hollywood


Griffith Observatory view point for Los Angeles
View of LA downtown from Griffith Observatory


Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory Los Angeles
The famous Hollywood sign 🙂


Gracias Madre mexican food in West Hollywood
Delicious food at Gracias Madre


Where to stay in West Hollywood

We stayed in Petit Ermitage, a quirky, Moroccan-themed hotel bang in the middle of West Hollywood. The all-suite hotel boasts of spacious and well done up rooms as well as one of the best rooftop pools in the city. There was nothing better than coming back to a refreshing cold beverage by the pool after a long day of exploring. We had dinner at the rooftop restaurant on one of the nights and really enjoyed the lamb shanks and chicken cous-cous. Breakfast at Petit Ermitage was a bit overpriced for what it was, but things tend to be expensive in this part of the US 🙂


Petit Ermitage West Hollywood rooftop restaurant for Morroccan food
Rooftop dining at Petit Ermitage

Read all details about our experience in West Hollywood 🙂


Day 12-14: Death Valley National Park

In every trip we take, there is always one place we visit that surpasses our expectations. On this road trip through California, Death Valley National Park was that place. When we booked 3 nights here, our friends who had been there commented that it was way too much time. People often visit Death Valley National Park on a day trip or at most an overnight stay – what would we do for 3 nights?


Well, if we could rework our itinerary, we’d add on a couple of nights to it. We fell in LOVE with this place. I was most excited about shooting the night skies here since this national park has some of the darkest skies in the world. However, I was blown away by the landscapes and panoramas on display during all times of the day. Some of our favourite experiences were:

  1. Driving to a dark area every night to photography the millions of stars in the sky. The good thing is that there is hardly any civilisation here so you only have to drive 500 metres from your hotel to witness truly dark skies.
  2. Watching the sun set over the mountains whilst enjoying a picnic at Badwater basin – this place resembles the salt flats of Bolivia.
  3. Soaking in the lunar like landscape from Zabriskie point
  4. Going for aimless drives in the national park. Mark our words – Death Valley National Park has some of the most stunning drives in this entire world. The landscape makes you feel as if you are on another planet. The Artist’s Drive is just a small example of this. The colours of the mountains that loom large in front of visitors resemble the colours of an artist’s pallete, hence the name.
  5. Chilling at the Mesquite sand dunes. Given the proximity of these sand dunes to the highway that cuts through Death Valley National Park, you can expect many people here, especially at sunset. However, if you walk in a bit, you can find some untouched dunes all to yourselves. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening enjoying the sunset.

While the panoramas reminded us a lot of our trip to Ladakh, the Death Valley region had a certain calmness to it which we have never experienced before. We would return in a heart beat 🙂

stretch of road at Death Valley National Park
Amazing drives at Death Valley National Park


Badwater basin salt flats Death Valley National Park
Enjoying a gorgeous sunset at Badwater Basin salt flats


Couple at mesquite sand dunes
Both of us at Mesquite sand dunes


Night sky milky way with car in Death Valley National Park
Perfect place for stargazing


Where to stay in Death Valley National Park

As we mentioned earlier, there aren’t any big towns or cities inside the park, so accommodation options are limited. We stayed at the Furnace Creek Inn, the luxurious wing of the long established Furnace Creek Ranch. The rooms are well-equipped and comfortable, and all necessities have been taken care of (which include a coffee machine – yes please :-)). What’s more, there is a big pool for guests and the view of the pool from the terrace against the valley makes for a stunning photograph. The hotel grounds are beautifully landscaped and you’d actually feel as if you are staying in an oasis in the middle of the desert. It was delightful to have access to such luxury in the middle of nowhere. A big bonus and a thumbs-up for the decent WiFi at the property – to be honest we weren’t expecting any, given the location.

Furnace Creek Inn hotel Death Valley National Park perfect for stargazing
Furnace Creek Inn under the night sky


pool at Furnace Creek Inn Death Valley National Park
Staying at an oasis in the middle of the desert 🙂


Day 15-17: Las Vegas

We wound up our trip in the mecca of hedonism – Las Vegas. After long and hectic days in Death Valley National Park, we were in dire need of some lazy days spent with each other and we got those in Las Vegas. We opted for a hotel that was away from The Strip so that we could enjoy some peace and quiet and yet be in close proximity to all the madness of The Strip so that we could go and experience it when we wanted.

The first day in Vegas was all about ordering room service, enjoying the pool at our hotel, and gambling away in the evening at the hotel’s casino. A perfect day without moving around much – just what the doctor ordered. That said, our itchy feet got the better of us and we could not resist getting out and exploring Las Vegas and the surroundings. Even though we had already had our share of dramatic landscapes in Death Valley National Park, we decided to drive out to Valley of Fire National Park one evening and enjoyed the ever changing colour of the rocks as the sun changed its angles. Highly recommended!

If you, like us, decide to stay away from The Strip, make sure you head out there to spend an evening walking up and down and taking in all the crazy sites and sights. Do make sure you catch the musical fountains right outside The Bellagio (every 15 minutes in the evenings) and visit the different casinos along The Strip.

Another quirky experience around Las Vegas was the Seven Magic Mountains, a colourful art installation by renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. Seven tall towers of colourful, stacked boulders in the middle of a desert make for an amazing view. Make sure you head there soon after sunrise as crowds begin to pour in as the day progresses.


Room service breakfast at JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa
Room service? yes, please 🙂


The Strip in Las Vegas Nevada
Soaking in the madness at The Strip


Seven Magic Mountains art installation Las Vegas
Seven Magic Mountains right outside Vegas


Where to stay in Las Vegas

We stayed in a quieter part of the city, a short 20 minute drive from The Strip. JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa is perfect for a relaxing vacation. This place is a city in itself – you name it, and you can probably find it here. With a massive casino, a beautifully landscaped pool area, plenty of restaurants to choose from, and a spa that offers some of the best treatments, you can’t really go wrong in choosing this hotel. We got a city facing room on the 6th floor and could see The Strip from the comfort of our balcony – a sight to behold especially at dusk when the skies would be bright orange and the city lights would come on. The hotel provides a free shuttle to The Strip and back, so you don’t even need to worry about driving in the maddening traffic of the city.


Breakfast in the room at JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa
Breakfast in the room 🙂


The spa at JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort and Spa
The relaxation pool in the Spa – we had to tear ourselves from here 😉



Day 18: Drive back to San Francisco and fly out

That’s it, the trip is over. The last day is just for the long drive from Las Vegas to San Francisco through the desert. It took us 9 hours of pretty much non-stop driving (just a couple of stops for coffee and quick lunch). If you are unable to catch a flight on the same day, just stay in one of the hotels around the airport and fly out the next day.


Time to say bye to the road :-)
Time to say bye to the road 🙂


We had an amazing time on this road trip in the US and can’t wait to go back and drive there for longer. Have you driven  through California and Nevada? What were your favourite parts?


Planning to visit US this year? Read all our posts on our travels within USA



85 thoughts on “A Road Trip Itinerary For California And Nevada

    1. The Bay Area is super special and we really enjoyed spending time there. Can’t wait to be back to explore more of California 🙂

  1. This is what dreams are made of! I’m actually planning something similar for next year so I’ll be sure to send this to my friends and bookmark it!

  2. Oh how amazing are these pictures and I just wish I was able to travel more but it’s so costly and difficult with 6 kids although California would be a dream come true for sure

    1. Emma it’s definitely much harder with kids, especially 6 of them. But all of you would definitely love California -it has something for all ages 🙂

  3. You took some very beautiful pictures and it seems like you had a wonderful time on this part of your trip. California and Nevada certainly are very beautiful parts of the US, such gorgeous scenery!

  4. I did a very similar trip earlier this year – I went up from Las Vegas to San Fran via the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Yosemite National Park. I loved the mix of cities and national parks on my trip, there’s so many contrasting amazing places to see on this route!

    1. Hey Rhian – we met a lot of people who’d covered that stretch within a week and found themselves exhausted at the end of it. That’s why we tried to take it slow and easy and really relish the places we visited on our road trip in California 🙂

  5. This is an amazing itinerary, the places you have seen are so beautiful. I love the Morro Bay story, it seems like such a unique place. Your photos are so beautiful!

    1. Thanks a ton Martina 🙂 We really did enjoy ourselves at Morro Bay – it was one of my favourite bits in our roadtrip to California 🙂

    1. Hey Anosa – this was one of my favourite road trips ever. There’s so much fun to be had along the way 🙂

  6. This is a trip I’ve always wanted to do and now I’ve got my drivers licence I can finally make it a reality! Didn’t know about half of these things along the way so thanks for all the ideas 🙂

    1. That’s awesome Laura – hope you manage to include some of these places in your itinerary too. Have fun driving in the US 🙂

  7. Wow those photos are amazing!!!! I would love to go to California I’ve never been but it is one of the few places that I really want to go to. I’ve been to Vegas that was really good.

    1. So happy you enjoyed reading our itinerary for a roadtrip in California and Nevada Nayna – tried to include as many details as I possibly could 🙂

  8. This post is literally my dream road trip! It’s #1 on my travel list – I visited California when I was younger but would love to go back but would certainly love to visit Vegas, Grand Canyon and Death Valley! xo

  9. Wow! How amazing does your trip look? The photos are simply stunning and make me want to go there NOW! Doing something like this is on my bucket list and it has just got even higher on that list after reading this! x

  10. Gosh!
    I love the detail in this post – I would love to go to both Cali and Vegas!
    Its no my 40 before 40 bucket list.

    Thanks so much for this hun, Ive bookmarked it for the near future *fingers crossed*
    Seriously amazing post hun

    1. Hey Charlotte – so happy to know you enjoyed our post. I was jotting down little details throughout our road trip and just HAD to pop them all in a post in the hope it would help someone out there 🙂

  11. I am sitting here right now totally green with envy, just wow! I got married in Vegas so it is a special place to me, but the whole trip is just brilliant.

  12. I have not gone west coast before but it looks immense. My brother just moved to Seattle way so maybe in the future we will go that way but so far not been. Great post and great photos x

  13. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous – I feel like I was on the road with you <3 I've always wanted to visit the US and these are places I'll definitely want to visit when I finally go 🙂

    Louise x

    1. Hey Louise – thanks a ton. So happy you enjoyed reading our account of our Roadtrip in California and Nevada 🙂

  14. Hey Savi/Vid,

    If you are going to do this again, check out the 17-mile drive near Monterey, hike at the Point Lobos Natural Reserve and do stop for lunch at Carmel-by-the-sea. It is one of the prettiest towns here and a happy place to be!

    1. Hi Rekha,

      We did have the 17-mile drive on our itinerary. However, we realised they have recently started charging a significant fee for driving on this stretch, which seemed like a waste given how beautiful the entire Pacific 1 highway is (without having to pay money to drive). we did go to Carmel-by-sea and had a great cuppa there.


    1. Hi there,

      Expect to spend around USD 5,000 for 18 days including accommodation (above average – luxury stays), food, car rental, and fuel.

      Hope that helps!

  15. Great stuff as usual. Just when I can afford a little more I would definitely be doing this till then I am venturing into cheaper countries. It would be nice if you could give an account of budgets like in your new zealand blog. Helps us poor indians.See we have started to be demanding of you fellas now ?

  16. Hi savi Vid,

    I did a similar trip last year and loved it. But i visited death vallry during summers and till date regret it. The place is so beautiful but at that time it was so freaking hot..we could hardly soemd more than 10 mins in a spot.. felt like i was sitting inside a furnace ? wish i had a chosen a better month. Loved the badwater basin..mesquite sand dues and devils golf course.It would be great during the winters i guess.
    The highlight of my trip was definitely the pacific coast highway drive. It was my bucketlist ? but i did a diff route – santa barbara…the lovely monterey(fell in love with this place).. carmel by the sea.. pebble beach ❤ and bck to LA. I would without a second thought take this drive again and do the bixby bridge & morro bay as u suggested. It was so beautiful.

    Loved reading your version. Relived my trip ? thank you guys.

    1. Hey Divya,

      Wow! can’t begin to imagine what Death Valley National Park would be in peak summer. Even in October day time temperatures were really high, so we shudder to think what summer would have been like. You’re right – the Pacific Coast Highway was a treat to drive on. Loved this experience in California – it’s such a special state.


  17. Hi Savi and Vid,

    We did this SF to LA to Vegas road trip early this year. I could relate to every bit of detail you guys have mentioned in the write-up:) Looking forward to reading more of your posts and setting our (my husband and I :)) goals to travel around the world!


  18. What an absolutely beautiful blog post. Your photos are just incredible and extremely stylish. Super destinations of course help and you sure have hit some of the best spots in both California and Nevada. I am just dying to get back on the open highway out in the western USA as I simply love the place. Super site, keep up the incredible work. You guys deserve every bit of success that comes your way!

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely note Gavin – we have such fond memories of this roadtrip in California and Nevada

  19. Hey , I used to read your blogs regularly but then stopped as they started getting to me 🙁 !! Im headed to the US for the first time in mid April with my wife and another couple . We planning to land into SFO and go stay 2 nights in Napa valley at a BnB , then drive towards Santa Barbara with a night halt at the Big Sur .. 2 days in Santa Barbara and then head towards Vegas with an overnight halt in Death Valley .

    Any changes you recommend … places to stop and soak in while on this stretch ? Looking to rent a SUV as its 4 of us …. looking for the link for the agency you used as I could not find a link in your blog .

    Look forward to hearing for your tips … 🙂

    1. Hey Saazid,

      This itinerary sounds great 🙂

      The link to the rental agency is right there in the article under the “Planning a road trip…” section 🙂

      Have a great Californian road trip

  20. Hey Savi and Vid
    I love the pictures and the details..thank you … this would be so helpful while i plan our itinerary. My husband and I are planning to do a similar trip starting may this year starting with SF.. would you think end of may-june is good weather for all the above destinations ? What months of the year was your trip? and What kind of budget should we look at including all the Mid range stays, food, sightseeing , accommodation etc..
    Waiting for your reply !!
    Thanks again 🙂

  21. That was a beautiful post.
    Just one question, which time of the year did you visit the Death Valley National park and how was the weather?

    1. Hey

      Thank you 🙂

      We visited Death Valley National Park in November and the weather was hot during the day but cold at night 🙂

  22. I did the same on my honeymoon just a couple of months ago. I did SFO 3 nights where as u I didn’t pick the car which was a great decision then I drove to Pismo Beach stayed a night. Then drove to LA for 3 nights and then drove to vegas and Flew out to Hawaii 😉
    I can so much relate to your trip and had I read your earlier I am sure I wouldn’t have skipped Death Valley. Any ways I can so much relate yours and I must say you have made a good one and given me more goals like the next one as your NZ post. Keep the good work mate!

    1. Hey Ramit,

      So happy to hear that 🙂 well, there’s always a next time for Death Valley

      Hope you have a great road trip in New Zealand whenever you do plan to go

  23. I’m glad you enjoyed California’s coast. I think it compares favorably to any natural landscape. Love your blog. Ladakh is on my must see list thanks to your stories and pictures.

  24. Any reason why you didn’t do Grand Canyon or Antelope Canyon from Vegas? We’re planning a trip in June and were planning to a day trip to one of the Canyons? Any suggestions?

  25. What time of year did you travel?

    Travelling to Las Vegas in November and curious about renting a car to check out California.

  26. Hi,

    We are looking to do something like this for our Wedding/ Getaway in 2021 (we are from Scotland UK). What year did you do this? Do you think the prices have gone up drastically since then?

    Emily and Euan

    1. Hey Emily,

      We did this in 2016. I’m sure there must have been an increase in prices but shouldn’t be drastic.

      Have a great trip

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  28. Hi! In which month did you do this trip, and do you have any opinions on doing a trip to Cali & the surrounding national parks in April?

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