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Written by Savi, 24 Comments

We have something special today.

They say photographers make reluctant subjects- Vid is definitely one such photographer. But this post is about the time he was papped by a street-style photographer in Berlin. Following that, I co-erced him into posing for the blog. We took a lot of these pictures at a graffiti-laden warehouse in Berlin- a truck-load of sheepish smiles, giggles, and tomfoolery later, we had a few decent pictures. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

I’m wearing a midi-length monochrome dress with bright yellow heels. Since it’s quite a statement piece, I kept the accessories minimal. Berlin is one of those cities where edgy urban chic works very well. If you’re ever in Berlin make sure you pack those boycon dresses, studded shirts, skinny ties, pocket squares, and bow-ties- you’ll definitely be using them 🙂

Vid’s outfit                                                                                                                           

Trousers: River Island                                                                                             

Blazer, Socks, and Pocket Square: Topman                                                       

Shoes: H&M            


 Savi’s outfit                                                                                                             

Dress and Shoes: New Look

Bag: Primark

Ring: River Island


Fashion Monochrome

City Chic Men

Monochrome Trend

Monochrome. Neon

Neon Fashion

Monochrome Fashion

Monochrome Trend


Leave a comment below if you enjoy this kind of thing- it might convince Vid to cross over to the dark side again 🙂

24 thoughts on “Wears: The His & Hers Edition

  1. my goodness! you guys look awesome and Vid is very photogenic, I must say! I just loved your ring Savi..super watch :)))

  2. u guys make a gorgeous couple!!love the styling..i esp like vids blazer and your monochrome dress..

  3. i like evrythng abt d pics.. n u guys shld appear more together…. looking forward to see u more…:)

    1. I need to show Vid this comment and persuade him to make an appearance on the Wears 😉

  4. I dream of gennie, I am sure you guys must hv heard of it. Well not in literal sense but I and Priyanka litterally dream to be pretty similar to you guys and blog in our travel snapshots beautifully like you guys do 🙂

    Really you guys make an inspiration to both of us to live it king size.

    Good, really good show both of you and do keep writing in

    God bless!

    1. Thanks a ton for writing in Ashesh- it makes our day to hear from fellow travellers 🙂 We wish Priyanka and you lots of happy travels

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