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I’ve expressed my disdain for brands before.  I’ve never been the one to pick something off a rack just because it’s ‘branded’ or ‘designer’. It comes home with me only if it tickles my fancy. In the same vein, I cherish my vintage and thrift finds and hold them close to my heart. I’m constantly questioning the very basis of the term ‘in vogue’. To me clothes are a subtle form of language – ones that lend us the power to express our colourful individuality and multiple personalities in a seamless fashion.


For instance, I hate looking too put together. A neat chignon bun or a matching outfit might look great on some people, but  it’s just not for me. Often, I’ll look into the mirror and tousle my hair, scrunch up my sleeves, wear mismatched socks, add an over-sized jacket or an outrageous necklace to keep things eclectic. Does this constant need to go against the herd make me a hipster? My friend Adam, the authority on all things hipster (go check out his travel blog, I love it), seems to think so 🙂 Aah so be it. If there’s one label I’d (sort of ) happily embrace, that’s the one.


Some of my favourite things include kohl, unkempt hair, drowning in tassels, gypsy prints, discovering poetry, dream catchers, bright shoes, rolled up jeans, and cosy knits (currently eyeing this collection of knits in wool and cashmere). On this particular day, I opted for an over-sized coat from Urban Outfitters. I went a size up because I wanted something well and truly over-sized (also useful for hiding the post-sunday-brunch food baby 😉 ). Next I added a pair of eye-searingly bright shoes and threw on a pair of glasses. I wrapped up the look with a brooch on the top button of my shirt and a stack of bracelets from AndItsNew, which haven’t left my wrist since I received them last month.


There you go – An eclectic outfit dedicated to some of the things I love. Hail imperfection. Who’s with me? 🙂


Outfit Details –

Skinny Jeans – New Look

Jumper – H&M

Oversized Blazer – Urban Outfitters

Brooch – Topshop

Shirt – Primark

Shoes – Primark

Beanie – Primark

Bag – Zara

Bracelets – c/o Anditsnew


Hipster travel fashion
Hipster fashion 101 – An oversized blazer


Hipster travel fashion
I might be in love with those shoes 🙂


Hipster travel fashion
Brooch love


Hipster travel fashion 9
On the streets of London


Hipster travel fashion
Bracelets from AndItsNew


Hipster travel fashion
The best way to survive London’s winter? Layer, layer, layer


Hipster travel fashion


Hipster travel fashion













16 thoughts on “Who’s a hipster?

  1. Awesome post awesome outfit and awesome you, your post reminds me of my short stay in London and weekends shopping from Primark… miss London 🙁

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