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Written by Savi, 6 Comments

It’s December and the sun is shining bright – we slather ourselves with sunscreen before we head out into town each day. This is a novelty! For the past 8 years, holidays have been spent huddled in front of a fireplace in a dozen woollies. I never thought I’d miss London’s grey days, but it’s happening – sigh!!


I think the festive fervour might have something to do with it. Everyone (and their granny!) is rocking Christmas jumpers these days. Photos of snow-laden cabins cram my social media feed. Spiced lattes, marshmallow-laden hot chocolates, and warm mince pies are the talk of the town. Every store I shop from is sending me emails about covetable winter goodies. I must confess – I can’t help staring at beanies while sipping on a green coconut in the tropics. In fact that’s where the germ of this outfit was born.


I was perusing the holiday edit over at Scoop Nyc and spotted some gorgeous winter bits, including a burgundy fedora. Seeing as I won’t be needing winter clothes this season (it’s over 30°C/86°F  in Bali right now!!), I might have to satiate myself with accessories and swimwear in darker colours for the time being. Enter this burgundy flower crown, which I picked up last year from a Christmas Market in Bavaria. I paired it up with the loosest white swing dress I could find and some holiday appropriate makeup.


1 burgundy flower crown and a dark lip later, things are finally getting a bit Christmassy in Bali. Now where are my gingerbread cookies 🙂


A burgundy flower crown


Girl in rice terrace ubud bali
Paddy fields for Christmas this year 🙂


Girl in rice fields ubud bali
Christmas colours in the tropics 🙂


couple in Rice terrace ubud bali
Vid opted for darker hues too 🙂


How are you celebrating Christmas this year? Is it palm trees or snow-laden cabins for you? 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Balinese ‘winter’?!

  1. You look stunning. One of your avid follower. Wanna be a free-spirited traveller like you people. You guys are inspiring.

    Love from India.

  2. Hey Savi and Vid. Me and my friends are planning a week trip to Bali in mid January. Would you recommend? We are sceptical if the beaches will be accessible due to rains. Waiting for your view. Thanks. ?

    1. Hey the beaches are accessible but yes it does rain once almost every day at that time. You can read our Guide To Bali for further details 🙂

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