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Written by Savi, 12 Comments

“We seemed to breathe freely, a lighter air, an air of adventure”


Che Guevara’s ode to South America in The Motorcycle Diaries is probably the most apt description of the continent. Its landscapes are littered with magic and a sense of adventure – we spent just one month in Peru but in that short period of time we witnessed barren deserts lit by the orange glow of the setting sun, rainforests abuzz with hundreds of butterflies, pristine salt farms nestled between glorious valleys, and Incan ruins outlined on the horizon.


I thought about this as I chanced on an intriguing quiz on on which airline suits your personality (let’s blame it on late night bouts of surfing the net and subscribing to one too many travel websites – we all have those don’t we?). One of the questions prompted me to pick my ideal destination for a holiday – that destination would probably be Peru because its colours and culture left me spellbound.


I packed a host of bright fuchsia and red clothes for Peru – the perfect accompaniment to sun-bleached landscapes. There were also lacy tasseled kimonos, silk shorts, and lush tropical prints, for flowing in and out of the glorious Amazon Rainforest and sweltering under nonchalant summer rays. Pops of dark burgundy and charcoal were reserved for our break at an indulgent lodge on the shores of Lake Titilaka. A whole slew accessories inspired by sunshine and easy living ideals – feather armlets, flower crowns, dreamcatchers, and hamsa necklaces – lent the finishing touches to my wardrobe for Peru.


Three things that made Peru stand out were the panoramas, the people we met along the way, and the journey. In keeping with this, our lookbook from Peru isn’t so much about the outfits (after all, I was living out of a li’l backpack for 2 months in South America!) but the dreamy landscapes and people we met along the way – everyone from the shamans dressed in resplendent reds to local weavers and kids. Hope you enjoy it.


This one is for Peru – definitely one for your gypsy atlas 😀





Flower Crowns
A Frida-Kahlo inspired Flower Crown for a Peruvian Vineyard 🙂


Packing for Peru Travel Fashion
Vid wore loads of dreamcatcher necklaces and Incan throws


Peru couple travel fashion
A light throw is perfect for nippy evenings 🙂


Packing for Peru bohemian travel fashion
A neon jumper and bright accessories for the pristine white salt ponds of Maras


Multicoloured bohemian dress Packing-for-Peru-1
It’s hard to add colour to the arid Nazca desert y’know!


Packing for the Amazon Rainforest Travel Fashion
Tropical prints for the rainforest 🙂


Amazon Rainforest couple travel fashion
Twinsies in tropical prints 🙂


packing for Peru amazon rainforest
Reading nook à la Peru (yep The Amazon Rainforest can get very grubby)


Packing for Amazon Rainforest Peru
Rainforest shenanigans 🙂


Paacking for Peru Machu Picchu
Just casually posing with a llama at Machu Picchu, as you do 😉


Machu Picchu peru bohemian travel fashion
These tassels are used to decorate llamas in Peru but I strung them into a necklace 🙂


Cusco Peru bohemian travel fashion
A mish-mash of prints and colours for Cusco’s timeless alleys


Bright outfit in Cusco Peru travel fashion
Cusco’s alleys and those cars!!


Packing-for-Peru cusco travel fashion
And those doors – can you tell I’m in love with Cusco


colorful bohemian travel fashion outfit in cusco peru
Peruvian clothes are as bright as they come


packing for peru travel fashion outfit
Fuss-free outfits are ideal for Peru’s countryside. This is Huarocondo, a tiny village off the tourist track


Packing for peru lake titicaca outfit
Darker colours and feathers come out to play at Lake Titicaca, Peru


Lake Titicaca Peru travel fashion outfit
As you can probably tell, my love for colour is rubbing off on Vid 🙂


Lake Titicaca Peru travel fashion outfit
A dark burgundy and charcoal maxi dress for slightly formal evenings at Lake Titicaca


packing for peru lake titicaca bohemian maxi dress
Evenings at Lake Titicaca


Dreamcatchers everywhere :)
Dreamcatchers everywhere 🙂


PS For those of you who don’t follow Bruised Passports on Instagram, I’ll have you know I bought the shaman’s bright hat for myself:

For those who saw yesterday’s post, the hat’s called a Chullo and much to Vid’s amusement, I now have one ??

A photo posted by Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports) on


I’d love to know – What are your travel fashion staples?


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12 thoughts on “Packing for Peru: A journey in outfits

  1. Savi luvd the lookbook.beautiful pics…my fav. outfit is the pink and green combo it’s so versatile ..luvd the video,that gorgeous smile makes everything look even better :).

  2. Hi Savi,

    Loved your style and outfits!!! Every single look!!!

    Could I please get details about where to find the clothes and accessories?

    Thanks heaps!

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