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Bruised Passports App


Thank you for being an integral part of Bruised Passports community and using the Bruised Passports App (released on Google Play store under BPSV Media Group).

If you’d like us to delete your account and the corresponding details from the Bruised Passports App, there are 2 ways to request that:

a) Please send an email to with subject line: “Request for account deletion:<your app username>”. Your username on the app is usually the Google or Facebook email address that you logged in for the first time.

b) From within the app, you can navigate to the hamburger menu (3 stacked lines) on the top left, and use the “Contact Us” link there to request for your account and all corresponding data to be deleted from the app.

On receiving your request, our team will ensure that:

  • Your username and
  • Any related data that you have created on the app (e.g. “Your Trips”, “Scratch Map”)

will be deleted within 48 hours. You will be notified once this has been done.

For any other queries, you can always drop an email at Happy Exploring!