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We are a journalist/photographer duo and work in conjunction with Tourism Boards, offbeat and luxury hotels, and fashion brands to create exciting and relatable marketing campaigns. We have a highly-engaged audience, so working with us ensures extensive exposure on a number of social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and Instagram. In addition to real time promotion, we write promotional blog posts within weeks of visiting the destination/receiving the product.


Writing and photography are the two things that make us really happy. So we also pen articles and photo-essays for some of the most popular newspapers, magazines, and online portals in the world including National Geographic Magazine, BBC Good Food Magazine, The Times of India,, and Travel and Escape.


Scroll down for a sample of some of the brands we have worked with and the publications we have written for. If you need any more information or a copy of our Media Kit, drop us a line at info at bruisedpassports dot com.


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Tourism Boards and Brands we have worked with



Work With Us Bruised Passports
Newspapers and Magazines we have written for



 A Sample of our Newspaper Articles

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A Sample of our Magazine Articles

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Interview with Gary Arndt

Interview with The Ramblist

Interview with GowithOh

Interview with Chilli Sauce

Interview with Arctic Adventures

Interview with Shalu Sharma

Interview with Fab Bag

Interview with TV18/Burrp

Interview with Eye and Pen

Interview with

Interview with Flip Nomad

Interview with A Couple Travellers

Interview on Marrakech, Morocco with That Backpacker



Guest Posts and Features

Featured on Lanzarote, Spain at The Spanish Tourism Office

Featured on Berlin, Germany at Lufthansa

Featured on Dubrovnik, Croatia at Like Croatia

Featured Style Icon at

Featured Bloggers of the Month at Easy Jet

Lanzarote for

A Perfect Valentine’s Day  for

5 Offbeat Destinations in Spain for Go Euro

Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations for Little Black Book



Travel and Escape

10 Reasons Why Mauritius is Paradise, February 2014

Magnificent Malta, February 2014

How to Eat Your Way Through London, February 2014

Egypt, Beyond the Pyramids, January 2014

On Safari in South Africa, December 2013

A Road Trip through Northern Ireland, December 2013

The Cheat Guide to Experiencing London Like a Local, November 2013

Off The Beaten Path in Bavaria, Germany, November 2013

Cruises – Making The Most of Mediterranean Ports of Call, November 2013

Offbeat Paris – Beyond the Eiffel, October 2013

Offbeat Spain: Volcanic Wonderland, September 2013

Best Cruise Ports of the Mediterranean, August 2013

Berlin’s Unusual Street Food, August 2013

The Ultimate Street Art Guide to Berlin, July 2013

Photo Essay: Street Food of Marrakech, July 2013

181 thoughts on “Work With Us

  1. I absolutely LOVE Bruised Passports. I have not traveled much, but its been my dream to travel the world. I have been saving money since i was a kid so that i can grow up and spend each penny on travelling. I know one day this dream will come true. Your blog helps me to keep this dream alive. GREAT WORK!!

    1. Nidhi what a sweet message- totally brought a smile to my face 🙂 I hope you get to travel the world soon

  2. It’d be helpful if you guys let me know how to get someone to sponsor your travel/product. Do I have to write to them or is it usually them who contact you?

    1. Hey Su

      Thanks for leaving a comment. To answer your question, brands usually contact us instead of the other way around. Your blog functions as a portfolio of your work – both written and photographic. Producing good (and unique!) content is of paramount importance and the rest just follows 🙂 Just make sure you have a Media Kit and the ‘Contact’ tab clearly visible on your website

  3. Hello,

    I visited your website for the first time and I liked it very much. I want to work with you guys… Let me know how to connect and communicate further..

  4. hey Bruised Passports,
    i would love to work with you guys!
    i don’t know how, you can be a better judge as i am good at logistics & PR.
    academics, MBA and a chemical engineer.
    Do let me know, right now i am teaching at one of the business school of Chandigarh.
    reply awaited 😀

  5. Hi,

    I am a MBA business man, 36, from New Delhi. I read your site for the first time as I was looking for Tomatina experiences and I found good useful information from your site.

    I have travelled Swiss, France, countries in south east asia, middle east, Turkey, Mauritius, New Zealand etc.

    I want to understand what do you expect from a buddy who works with you…and its not for money all the times. I look at life as fun…

    Stay in touch,

    Nikhil Jain

    1. Hey Nikhil it’s great to hear from you. Bruised Passports is our baby, so we’re the only ones who write for it at the minute. This page is for brands and companies that work with us 🙂

  6. Awesome ❤️.. In love with bruised passport . I m reading u guys 4r the first time n found u guys amazing . I wish to travel as much u guys. Savi u look stunning

  7. HEY GUYS,i just got to know about you more from a friend of mine .will be looking forward for the upcoming experiences.
    earlier i made a post to work with you.
    reply is still awaited. 🙂

    1. Hey Akshay – Bruised Passports is our baby, so we’re the only ones who write for it and manage it. But please feel free to drop an email at info at bruisedpassports dot com if you’d like to have a chat 🙂

    1. Thanks Pooja – reading that made us so so happy. We hope you continue to enjoy reading Bruised Passports 🙂

  8. Greetings from Bali 🙂

    I’m Nathalie, in charge of the public relations of Dekuta Boutique hotel and Nebula room restaurant and bar in Bali, Indonesia.
    I am writing to you because I’ve been following your blog online and instagram, you posts are inspiring and looks amazing !
    we would like to work with you to with you for a number of exposure on the social media for our restaurant and Hotel. What is the fee and requirements?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,


  9. I chanced upon your blog while i was reading emptyrucksacks, which again i chanced upon while working, at my boring desk. My profession allows me the luxury of a little travel, but again only when work calls and for the work, which by now would have been totally clear is not at all interesting, Audits can be really boring you know. All that said, you guys are an inspiration for the lot of us wanderlust Indian kids. Like someone said, i have wanted to travel the world since i was a kid, but i never took to saving enough, always thinking however much i save would not be enough,but this blog, combined with the Emptyrucksacks, has given wings to my dream again. So till i save and get on the road. Thanks for sharing your stories with us, and thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hey Akshay,

      Thank you so much for such a wonderful message – it made our day 🙂 It’s all about priorities and for us travelling is much more important than big savings 🙂

      Hope you get to travel a lot in this year and the years to come. Let us know if we could help in any way !

  10. Love your site!!! Traveling is my ultimate happiness (both solo and with friends) and being on your site makes me incredibly happy. Thanks for all the tips – if there is any way I could contribute (no money involved), feel free to drop me a line. I’m a microbiologist who loves photography and culturally stimulating experiences!

    Happy New Years!

    1. Hey Peggy – thanks a ton for your warm message. We rarely accept guest posts on Bruised Passports, but we’ll definitely drop you a line if that changes 🙂 Hope you continue to enjoy reading Bruised Passports

  11. Dear Bruised Passports,

    I am a traveler and spend my holidays (and money) traveling to different places. I have always wanted to share my experience on the places I’ve been through a media; I have tried blogging for a while but grew out of it. I am also a photographer. I would like to know if there is a way to contribute to your website, no charge, just a name post would be more than appreciated.

    Will be waiting for your reply.

    1. Dear Hind – thanks a million for writing to us. We accept only the rare Guest Post on Bruised Passports currently but that might change in the future. Do drop us a writing/photography sample at info at bruisedpassports dot com. We’ll look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  12. Hi,
    Loved your blog and you happy couple….just a request…for reading the above articles comfortably, can you add in a zoom feature?
    Have a lovely 2015 🙂 god bless

  13. your story is inspiring! I took a half year to go travel around the world, and born out of that was my travel blog, But – it looks like you’ve been so successful at finding ways to make it work with a range of companies. Impressive!

    1. Thanks Todd – maintaining a website is a lot of work but we do enjoy it a lot 🙂 Will definitely take a look at your blog too

  14. Wow! Insane concept, Insane people, Insane life! Like nothing can be sane when you do what you love 😀 Hats of to you guys.
    Is it possible that even I can become insane with you guys? I would love to! What does it require to work with you’ll?

    1. Hey Darshan – right now it’s just the two of us at Bruised Passports. We’re SO happy to hear you enjoy reading our blog and following us around the world – yay 🙂

  15. Hi Savi Vid,

    I see your updates on facebook everyday! Its Amazing.. We all visit different places but fail to capture the moments perfectly.
    I must say the pics you post are unique, awesome and we can imaging the whole place you visited with just one pic.
    I am a lil jealous of your profession 😉 coz i always wanted to live the way u do..I will post my CV !


  16. Hi Savi Vid, I just chanced upon your website while doing some research for an upcoming holiday to London and I must say that you had me glued. I have spent the last few hours just reading your travel experiences. I myself am an avid traveller and love to explore new places at any given opportunity , food and photography being both a passion. We (me and better half ) have similar interests and love to explore places off the beaten path and discover hidden gems in a city and try local foods. I totally love reading your experiences and your pictures. I do have a collection of pictures of my travels and have also dabbled a bit on writing and chronicling a few of my experiences. I am inspired by you both to actually get down and start writing more articles of my travel. I would love an opportunity to work with you guys.

    1. Dear Sameeksha,

      Thanks a lot for your message 🙂 we are not hiring at the moment but should that change, we will drop you an email. Take care and happy travels.

  17. Hello Sami Vid,

    I am your regular follower on Instagram and unlike you I am also a travel freak who have travelled to almost 28 countries of Europe, US, Asia & African region. But the way you capture moments makes me wonder that I have to travel all those places again whereby I must collect all those special moments I enjoyed in all those places. Though I am not so good at writing articles like you do but I am thinking of writing down my experiences right from Vietnam to Serbia & New York to Colorado. I appreciate both of you for teaching this and wish you a wonderful journey ahead!!


  18. Heya crazy duo,

    I’m completely mesmerized with you Guys… I thought I’m a funny traveler who likes to do all crazy stuff while traveling alone or as a couple… but man!!! You guys are just fab… I would really follow your blog now on…

    Much love & hugs

  19. Hello Savi & Vid!!!
    Been reading a lot of your travel blogs for the past one week and i’m just glued to them now whether it’s stories, pictures or places 🙂
    My husband and i have a thumb rule in the house – To have two long vacations a year and this is the only rule we have followed so far 🙂
    We have been married for four years and have covered – Thailand, HongKong, Leh, Africa, Sydney,New Zealand, Nepal,few national parks in India and the most recent one being Vietnam :). We love exploring the the least explored places.
    We are looking at doing Norway in December and i would love to chat up with you on this.I did look at the places you have covered in Norway and i know it was in the summers. We are keen on spending some good time watching,camping, researching and getting lost in the Northern lights :). Kindly let me know how can i get in touch with you.

  20. Hello Savi and Vid,

    I will be traveling from Venice to Rovinj, Croatia in early March. No ferry available. How difficult to rent a car and drive? Any help would be appreciated?

    Thank you,

  21. I just happened to come across you guys on Instagram and I have just been hooked on since then to your posts. I follow a lot of travel blogs , but yours is one of my favourites as its got such a beautiful blend of travel, fashion, love & fun. Your pictures are so brilliant and you guys together add do much prettiness to the pictures. Just thought of dropping in a message of appreciation. I am a FAN :)! P.S You guys ought to be more popular.

    1. Dear Himanshi,

      Thank you so much for this beautiful message 🙂 Hope you continue to enjoy reading Bruised Passports!


      Savi and Vid

  22. Woah! I love you expeditions, stories and most importantly your travel style. If you ever consider, I would love to have you as guest blogger on my blog or rather take up an interview. I must tell you, your Instagram feed is the coolest of all! Love, LTC

  23. I really enjoy reading about your journeys! I have been keeping journals for travel never really have been able to complete it the way I wanted.

    But reading about your travel experiences all fills me with joy 🙂

    Keep blogging and keep sharing your wonderful experiences & tips.

  24. I really enjoy reading about your journeys! I have been keeping journals for travel but never really have been able to complete it the way I wanted.

    But reading about your travel experiences always fills me with joy 🙂

    Keep blogging and keep sharing your wonderful experiences & tips.

  25. Hi,

    CollarFolk is a portal for planning and booking pet friendly holidays in India. Was wondering if you’ve had any experience traveling with pets? Would you be willing to explore something like that which we can then cover?

    Let me know what you think.

    Enjoy seeing your work!

  26. Hi there ,

    I have absolutely loved your site and have always wanted to do what you guys are doing , I have traveled a lot in India and now I am focusing on backpacking and offbeat sites . How does one sign up to work with you guys?

    1. Hey Gayatri

      Bruised Passports is our baby and right now we’re the only ones that work on it and write for it. Will definitely get in touch if we decide to employ someone at a later date 🙂

  27. Hi Savi & VId,

    i find your travel blogger is fascinating , and i saw that you have been travel across the world
    i’m interesting to work with you to expose our destination and our new concept of Balinese live in our resort.
    perhaps we can discuss more further via email, if you are interesting to learn more about my resort. it’s located in Ubud, Bali – Indonesia.
    hopefully we can work closely and share the concept of my resort

    Look forward for your reply



  28. learned a lot about travelling from your blogs and articles and definitely pics….thanks for sharing

  29. Hi guys! I’ve been following you both since long.. And completely in love with your blogs.. Just a suggestion.. You can arrange for a competition wherein you can take someone along with you on a dream trip and just make someone lucky 😉

  30. Hi just read about your website on Facebook…. It is really awesome to see you guys happily and freely travelling across the globe. I have just gathered interest in clicking pics from last 2 years… Just wanted to let u know that if there is some opportunity to travel in India to click some pics then I am interested….. Had been to Israel Egypt Jordan in this month… If u want I can send the pics

  31. Hey guys travelling has been my passion too and so there is one query coming up in mind after reading all ur web things,,, do uh really earn enough to make ur travel possible i mean don’t you faces any money problems?

    1. Hi Harshna,

      In addition to what we earn from the blog and our freelance work, we also use money from our savings to fund our travels. In the end, it’s all about priorities and spending money on things that make one truly happy. For us, that’s travelling 🙂

  32. Hi,

    Your journey and blogs are very inspiring, i really enjoyed reading them. Even i love to travel and visit new places. I visited my first foreign country in 2013 and now have knocked down 7. Every new country is a motivation to travel more, i have started picking up pace and already booked for 2 more in next months. I am 27 and want to beat my age with number of travled countries, hope it happens some day.

    Keep writing and sharing your Journey.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hey Ankit,

      That’s a great plan 😉 Good luck and we hope you get to travel tons in the coming years 🙂

  33. Hey.i always wanted to travel the world..see ur pictures and reading the article has inspired me to actually go and make that happen..I might start doing it soon. Hope so.
    Amazing pictures and very helpful!

  34. i visited your site for 1st time..,its aweesome, i love travelling but didnt travelled from far long, i want to explore the world , i want to work with you,

  35. i visited your site 1st time, i wanna work with you, wannna explore the world i love travelling but due to job i cant

    1. Dear Preet,

      We are not hiring at the moment but whenever we do we’ll definitely get in touch with you 🙂


  36. Hello to you both,

    Just read an article about you both on FB. Quite an interesting thing that you both do. Happy to see childhood friends being together. I also want to travel see new places, try out new food. Always been a fan or admirer of the shows like Zaika India Ka, Highway on my Plate.
    Though I don’t have the guts to quit the job and follow my dream but your story surely has given me some light lets see if i can gather some courage to follow my dream & plans.

    Your blog are one of very few which engages a non reader like me since you take us too the place with mere words. Will be fun to meet you. Keep Travelling


  37. Hi Vid and Savi, it’s indescribable when I came to know about you both for your love of travel because this was my die hard interest from my childhood to do this as my profession.Can I join you both as an assistant in any angle for your convenience or as a first employee of .Pls let me know a positive result for a person like you both who love to explore the world with interests in cafe,markets & heritage places along a very little idea in photography which can be developed.Thank you. Waiting with fingers crossed.

    1. Hey Arun – thanks a million. We’re not looking for people to join our team presently but will definitely keep you in mind if that changes 😀

  38. Hello Sir & Mam
    I LOVED Bruised Passports. I have not traveled much, but its been my dream to travel throughout the world. I have been saving money since i was a kid so that i can grow up and spend each penny on travelling but its not as much as i need for it . I know one day this dream will come true. Your blog helps me to keep this dream alive. But sir can u just suggest me how to earn and travel as i want to travel throughout my entirelife single with watchingout nature beauty by my own money which I could make while travelling. As i m not so rich who could afford this entirelife trip or even a single trip but yur blog helps me make my dream still alive .Help me out sir

    1. Hey Himanshu – Great hearing from you. You should try to undertake a course or degree on travel writing, hosting TV shows or travel photography if you are passionate about travelling.That can help you explore new places and earn as you go along 🙂

  39. I just love travelling. Its one of the things which makes your inner soul much beautiful. For me travelling is everything, I have a dream of travelling around whole, and specially one the hidden and unknown places on the globe. Just came to know about your blogs..they are clean and realy motivational for someone who is a freaker travelling. From the last two year i am saving my money for travelling and will surely come along with it. And you two are simply wonderfull, there is so much one must gain about the world by reading your blogs and clicks.

    1. Hey Rohitash – it’s always good to hear from a fellow wanderluster.All the best with everything and happy travels 🙂

  40. Will love to travel the whole world. Just came to kniw about your blogs and they are just amazing specially the clicks. I am saving my each panny so that I could wander the whole world.

  41. Hi Savi/Vid,

    Love your website guyzz.U two are just rocking.I am CA by profession.I love travelling.I would love to work with u.

    1. Hey Dhara So good to hear from you – we’re so happy to hear you enjoy reading Bruised Passports ? Right now, we’re not looking for more more people to work with us. But we’ll def. contact you if something comes up ?

  42. Hello
    I picked up your read from FB today and going thru the blog almost feels like going thru a page of my own life….except for one small difference…..ur’s written down….mine’s still on my mind…..waiting to be written down 😛

    just a small intro – one of the super zealous corporate/business ppl at one of the global mncs getting millions of dollars business down with loads of pending holidays…..yet to be utilized!

    Lol….am extremely interested to understand, how my modest skills cud add to ur glorious travel experiences and if it does… and where do we start?

    Wud luv to hear back from you guys.

    Love & Peace

    1. Hey Parama: So good to hear from you – we’re so happy to hear you enjoy reading Bruised Passports 🙂 Right now, we’re not looking for more more people to work with us. But we’ll def. contact you if something comes up 🙂

  43. Hi Savi Vid, awesome blog and great wor going on . I too love travelling but as of now never got opportunity other than andaman and sweden .Vietnam n cambodia is next stop and your blog has been helpful to prep myself.Needed to know how can i contribute from myside for your blog .Please kindly let me know.I would love to.

    1. Hey there – hope you have an amazing time in Cambodia and Vietnam 🙂 We’re currently not looking for contributors on Bruised Passports but will definitely get in touch if that changes 🙂

  44. Hey!!! Savi and Vid you guys are innovative and courageous to start something like this, Keep it up and if possible along with fashion, travel and experiences of stay if you could possibly also talk about health & fitness on the go, talking about how to travel if someone has a health condition or for weight management i think it might help a lot of other people like me and encourage them to travel as well…
    BTW both of you look fit and fab together

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Neha – we frequently blog about staying healthy on the go as it’s our priority 🙂 We try to eat super healthy and work out at least 4 times a week irrespective of where we are. Do read 2 articles – ‘Packing for a round the world trip’ and ‘Staying healthy on the go’ for more details 🙂

  45. hii guys i really like ur blog and i just wanted to knw tht which is the best place u liked the most….. and just loved it

  46. Hi,

    I’ve just read an article about you guys on IndiaTimes and it’s really exciting to know about you guys. Then I headed to your website and checked it out. Looks awesome. There I saw the tab “Work with us”, so thought of dropping a message and if I could pitch in with you guys and give in my efforts. I too have a passion of travelling and fashion but due to my 9 to 5 job and not a proper channel can’t and don’t know how to proceed. Would appreciate your help and guidance.

    Manvi Bhargava

    1. Hey Manvi,

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 If you really love travel and fashion, perhaps you could start a blog / related freelance work along with your 9 to 5 job and see how it goes? If it works out, you can leave your corporate job and concentrate on travelling – just a thought 🙂

  47. Hi Vid/Savi.! The first thing that I would love to say is that you two look amazing together and I believe that one of the reasons behind what you are today is your togetherness. What a lovely couple! I was very tired and sad today, both of you made me happy! Thanks..! 😀

    Your website and the work that you are doing is such an inspiration to the youth wherein gives us a message that even travelling can be made a full time profession. There are people who work in travel channels and make money while travelling, but they are hired and company takes care of the rest. In your case you are self funded. I think it’s your self belief, determination, passion and risk taking attitude which has helped you to be a kind of pioneer in this thing. I just pray that your empire keeps getting bigger and bigger and……. yup, keep posting!! It’s always nice to hear from guys like you. 😀

  48. Too Thrilled to write much as of now for it really brought me face to face with my long, almost the same lenghth that you have been travelling now, fear of travelling and doing what comes straight from the inside. I feel ashamed and admire you to bring out the feelings out of me. Congratulations on keeping up the trend for living for your soul

    1. Hey Vijay,

      Best way to get over fear is to try the thing that scares you 🙂 Perhaps one step at a time? In any case, no need to feel ashamed – it’s absolutely ok if you don’t want to or feel like doing certain things in life 🙂


  49. Hey Guys

    Writing this message while watching your Taiwan travel episode on TLC… made up my mind to backpack to Taiwan..Thx.
    A very resourceful blog site, keep it up…



  50. Frankly speaking you guys have further fueled my dreams of being a traveler and to live my life that way. I have traveled almost whole of South India except for some parts of Kerala and mind you I’ve covered all by road. I had first covered until Rameswaram from Chennai in the year 2010 and until Kanyakumari from Bengaluru in 2014 which also included the eastern parts of Kerala during the return journey and very recently the whole stretch of Karnataka and Goa in May which lasted about 15 days in total. My love for travelling started when i was 11 years old in 2007 when we went for an all round Maharastra trip on road. I am glad that i have been to Goa from Mumbai on road and also been there recently travelling through Karnataka instead. I still am counting at 15,623 Kms till date. I’ve penned down all the details of those trips but i feel real sad that i had unfortunately lost most of my pictures because of some laptop glitch. I would like to say that you people have inspired me towards pursuing my dream. I would be glad if i can get any advice from you regarding different aspects that are important while travelling to a certain place. Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hey Koundinya,

      Thanks for your message 🙂

      I feel for the loss of your pictures – I had a similar incident but thankfully I had a backup for most of my pictures. Let us know what questions you have about travelling and we’d be happy to help 🙂

  51. Woww!! I just love you guys!! Your pictures are amazing and it inspires us a lot..I do wanna travel the whole world..So atleast me and my husband take time out once in ayear to travel a new place. This time its maldives..I will surely go through your Maldives blog..Keep it up guys and keep posting pictures..We love them..:-)

    1. Thanks a million for all the love Megha. So happy to hear you’re visiting Maldives – do send us photos from there. We’d LOVE to share them with our readers 🙂

  52. Hi Savi & Vid, your recent road trip to Ladakh has made me choose Leh & ladakh has my next travel destination. I just couldn’t get enough of the clear blue sky and the rusty mountains. If you could blog down your itineary and experience, it would help me get a better experience.

  53. Hi Savi & Vid, your recent road trip to Ladakh has made me choose Ladakh has my next travel destination. I just couldn’t get enough of the clear blue sky and the rusty mountains. If you could blog down your itineary and experience, it would help me get a better experience.

  54. Hello! My husband and I also had the fortune to visit Croatia and I was penning down my experiences in my amateur travel blog when I came across this site! Absolutely well-written and I could completely relate to all the things you mentioned! 🙂 It is a beautiful country. I love the way you have set up your site and I am inspired to improve mine and learn.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hey Smita – thanks a million. So glad you enjoyed our articles on Croatia. All the best with your site 🙂

  55. Hey guyss ,
    I had just read ur article in IndiaTimes. Your articles & blogs are really amazing !!! Travelling the world is my dream, but i want to make it as a Profession. Ur instagram page is so cool!!! I followed u on Instagram. I also want to live my life as like urs. So plss guide me …

    Thanks & Regards,
    Smit Bahua

    1. Hey Smit – thanks a ton. We saved for 10 years for this round-the-world trip. You can read the articles titled ‘Who Are Savi and Vid’, ‘5 tips for bloggers’, and ‘Our Lives Are Changing’ for more tips about our lifestyle and travelling full time.

  56. Hey I came across this blog today itself and loved it so much. My passion is travelling and to earn from travelling, I hope I get there soon. I would definitely want to work with you guys. You are amazing. This blog is of great help in planning any upcoming trip. All the best for upcoming travels..!

    1. Thanks Deeksha – the two of us are the only ones who write and produce content for Bruised Passports at the minute. However we’ll definitely get in touch with you if that changes 🙂

  57. Hey I came across this blog today itself and loved it so much. My passion is travelling and to earn from travelling, I hope I get there soon. I would definitely want to work with you guys. You are amazing. This blog is of great help in planning any upcoming trip. All the best for upcoming travels..! Loads of love. Keep posting 🙂

  58. Hi Savi . I love to travel and it is passion for me . I love to join you if you give me opportunity. I travelled so many places in India and once abroad . I love to express my experience and ideas through travel .

    1. Hey Abhash –
      So good to hear from you – we’re so happy to hear you enjoy reading Bruised Passports 🙂 Bruised Passports is our baby, so we are the only ones who write content for it and maintain the website. However we will definitely keep you in mind if we decide to hire in the future.

  59. Hey you both!

    You are inspiration to all the people wanting to travel ! Also super classy!! Would want to know how to join you all as I have always wanted to travel but not knowing how to do it.

    Awaiting your reply:)

    1. Thanks a lot Swetha – so happy to hear you enjoy this. Currently we aren’t looking for people to join our team but we will definitely get in touch if that changes 🙂

  60. Hey Guys, Your work is wonderfully amazing and basically what I intend to do. Want to apply for work with you guys
    I am student studying Travel and Tourism. Please let me know if any availability 😉

    1. Hey Abdeali – we’re the only two who create and curate content for Bruised Passports at the minute. We will let you know if that changes 🙂

  61. Hey saVId®,
    I am 24, working in Kuwait in restaurant chain as manager since last 2 & half years. I am going to take a job hunt vacation in October for 24 days. India, UAE & Oman are my destinations and returning back to Kuwait for last 3 months of my contract. Even though I am going for vacation,I don’t feel so great about it.

    I want a suggestion from both of you in choosing my career ahead as I have done hotel management from IHM Goa. I do have knowledge of tourism. I really want to make adventure my life. I don’t feel like staying at one place and just want to work while I roam around the world.

    Eagerly waiting for a reply from you. Mail me pleas.

    1. Hey Jenil – you should definitely follow your heart and pursue your love for travel. You can do this in various ways – some jobs your could consider are travel photographer, journalist, TV show host, air steward etc – of course the profession you choose depends on the skill set and education you have. All the best with everything 🙂

  62. Hey, I am a travel lover. Travelling is my passion like u both have . I am looking for the same career as you guys have built even I have done my education in travel sector. So I want your suggesion about how to make travel my full time job I want to explore new place , learn new things , want to meet people from different place and want to make travel as my life & career and this is my biggest goal. So please advise me how to make it possible.

    1. Hey Harsh I wish we had an easy answer to your question but I don’t. I can tell you what we did

      Both of us educated ourselves as much as we could and worked in London for almost 10 years, to save money for this round the world trip.

      We also blogged with full time jobs for 3 years, built our blog from scratch. Gradually we made the transition and and quit our jobs to become full time travellers. Now we work full time in travel and have a host of location independent jobs to sustain ourselves on the road and pay for future travels. You can read the following articles on our website ( for some pointers and all the details:

      1) Who are Savi and Vid
      2) Our Lives are changing
      3) You asked, we answered
      4) 5 tips for bloggers and travellers

      Hopefully that’ll answer your questions 🙂

      Much love
      Savi and Vid

  63. Hey Savi and Vid,

    My name is Sonali Dyal. Am a psychologist by profession and a fellow traveler and freelance writer (travel articles as well as short stories and social issues).

    I recently wrote a piece for the website I work with (yet to be published post) and have given links to your website. The theme for the article is why travelers are receiving flak about propagating the need to travel and about travelers actually breaking the myth about this and the reasons for their lifestyle (regarding travel). Have spoken about how most people are working for years and saving money in order to spend on travel (just like the two of you) and thus included the link to your site. Basically for the cynical or should I say non believers (am being kind!) to read about a journey like yours and know that there is more than meets the eye!

    Would share the link with you when published. Just wanted to mention that am sharing your blog page on the article.

    Thanks for always inspiring !

    1. Hey Sonali – thanks a ton for thinking of us and including us in the article. As with everything else, there’s a lot more to travel blogging than meets the eye. It is an extremely demanding professions (even though we love every bit of it) 🙂 Most importantly, travel bloggers are here to only show readers the art of possible and encourage them to experiment with their boundaries – no one can force a reader to take a rash or careless decision

  64. Hey,
    I’m a designer based out of New Delhi. Looked into the blog, you guys have got strong content. Would you like me to re-design your blog site?
    Do let me know.
    Thanks. (:

    1. Hey Anshu – thanks for your note. We’re not looking for any new team members at the minute but will definitely get in touch if that changes 🙂

  65. Hello Savi and Ved

    We (me and my wife) love your website and follow it like a hawk for travel and fashion inspiration. We are embarking on an Antarctica expedition in next 2 weeks and would love to work with you guys. We want to showcase the beauty of the 7th continent on a medium which will be easily related by the audience and we can learn a thing or two from you. We are in New York and recently tried to meet you guys (but our calendars were not aligned :(…..)..

    Hardik and Ekta

    1. Hey Hardik,

      Thanks for your message 🙂

      Just drop us an email on bruisedpassports at gmail dot com with your questions and we’d love to help you in the best way we can.

      All the best for your upcoming trip – it sounds amazing.


  66. Hi, I just love to travel, and lately i have been following you guys on social media. I am just back from my one month vacation to the US. Though i couldn’t explore too much as you guys do since you are a couple. I traveled alone to the US and Australia. But yes once i have my partner in crime with me would love to do road trips across the world as you guys.

    God bless you guys, hoping one day i too shall start on my across the world journey with my partner and share it with you guys.

    Take Care

    1. Hey Kanika,

      Thanks for your message 🙂 Yes, please share your journeys with us:)

      Much love
      Savi and Vid

  67. Hi Savi and Vid,

    Hope you guys are doing good. I have come across your blog through one of my friend. I would love to follow your blog for all the travels. Could you please suggest me some place to visit in Europe during May this year?

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thank you very much.


    1. Hi Supriya,

      To be honest, all places in Europe have a charm of their own so you wouldn’t really go wrong in picking any. We’d suggest Iceland or Croatia 🙂


  68. I love traveling and writing about it. I’ve been stuck in a dead-end office job for too long, but now I have enough years vested in, I can say “goodbye and good riddance” without losing my pension and other retirement benefits. Now that soon I can leave that job, this would give me an opportunity to travel more, and therefore write more articles. However, I would still need a stream of income. Is it possible to obtain a full-time travel writing position? If yes, how is it done, and long would it take to build up the income stream?

    1. Hey Karin,

      Congratulations on the upcoming move 🙂 Yes, it’s possible to find a full-time travel writing position. Plenty of magazines and newspapers are always on the lookout for writers, so you can apply there. If you’re thinking of writing your own blog, then you’ll have to invest at least a couple of years in building a following and putting together quality content before you start reaping the benefits 🙂

      Hope this helps

  69. Hey! I am from England and I came across your feed in Instagram and I am totally tripping over your pictures and content! I started casually following you (like we may follow many others), but now I have to admit that I look forward to your posts everyday! You are an inspiration to other fellow travellers like me and I would like to thank you for inspiring us with your content!
    I am on Instagram as TravelWithNeha and you may feel free to check out my work too! Happy Travelling!

    1. Hi Neha, you just managed to brighten up our day. Such feedback from our readers makes all our hard work seem worth while.We are so happy you enjoyed our blog posts and look forward to reading them. Thanks so much and we will surely look you up on Instagram. Happy travels to you too!!

  70. Hello Savi and Vid,

    You have carved out an envious career for sure. And Iam also sure that you must have worked so hard to get where you are now.
    So many congratulations.

    I am Rohan Dange.
    I am a corporate trainer as well as a feature editor.
    So Iam planning my honeymoon in May.
    My budget is 2 lakhs and I want to do Italy and Switzerland over a span of 10 days.
    Do you think this is possible on a shoe string budget like mine.
    Also , if you have any inputs please feel free to share anything.M y email id is
    This is going to be my first overseas trip . So Iam a bit on the shaky ground here.
    Would appreciate a reply.

    Warm Regards
    Rohan Dange

    P.s: I would love to collaborate with you and create content for the website and the blog.

    1. Hey Rohan,

      So sorry for the late reply and congratulations on the upcoming celebrations 🙂

      2 lakhs for 2 people including airfare might be difficult to pull off, especially for a 10 day trip. Perhaps you could look at some places in South East Asia like Vietnam or Bali?

      Hope you have a great trip!

  71. I am Ekta. Me and My husband love your blog and peruse similar dreams and passion for travel. We do the same however on a slower pace due to other responsibilities. You guys are truly amazing and an inspiration.

    Love – Ekta Aakash

    1. Hey Ekta, thanks so much for your kind words.We wish both of you happy travels..May all your dreams of travelling come true!!

  72. Hi guys, congratulations on winning the Outlook Traveller’s award. I’m glad I came across your website. I was hoping I could work for you guys since I’ve traveled a lot myself and although I don’t have a blog but I share all my travel stories and photos on Instagram. I’ve traveled throughout the length and breath of India and even been to a few of the most remotest places in the North-East. I have always wanted to work for a travel website and write in order to share my experiences with the world. I’ll be really happy and grateful if you let me work for you. Cheers! ?

    1. Hey Shantam,

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 It’s just the two of us working on the blog at the moment but when we need more writers, we’ll definitely get in touch with you!!

      Love your Instagram page BTW – keep up the great work 🙂

  73. Hi Savi and Vid,

    You guys are literally my/our couple goals. Love all your pictures and posts; every picture you upload on insta makes me fall in love with you even more. Keep travelling and inspiring us, not everyone has the courage and determination to follow their dreams live you do!


    1. A big , big thanks to you dear Zarna..we love the love you give us-it makes all our work seem so much more worth while. And your name is beautiful-I love it 🙂 🙂

  74. Just Read about you in some magazine. So thought of browsing your website I found it interesting how you people started and you both make a perfect couple. Am also getting married this year and my fiance & me both love traveling & hanging out new places. we have planned to do two trips every year and complete our holiday wishlist. Wishing you all the best and look forward to get associated with you.

  75. Hey Savi and Vid.! You’re truly amazing and an inspiration to everyone on how to follow their dreams.! I visit your instagram page atleast twice a day to find if there’s any new photograph! The pictures are absolutely stunning and marvellous.! Would love to capture pictures like that. Hope I get to meet you sometime. Do post if you’re visiting any place in Karnataka.
    And I have a question, when you guys travel to a country, how do you plan?? Do you explore or visit certain places as planned before?
    Finally I would be very happy to work with you if I ever got an opportunity.!
    All the very best guys. Love to see you visit every corner on this planet.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Prajwal – we plan in advance if we intend on being in a country for a short time but if we intend on being there for long, then we go and explore for ourselves in order to discover the places we enjoy 🙂

  76. hey,

    just stumbled upon your profile on instagram,and couldn’t stop browsing.
    I’ve been wanting to start my own traveling blog since a year but don’t know how to go about it. if you could guide on the same would be great.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    thanks & regards,

  77. Hey guys..I have read almost each and every article in your blog, just love everything about it. 🙂
    There are travel bloggers and then there are Bruised Passports..Class apart guys.
    Fan girl here :). keep inspiring us. 🙂

  78. Hi . I am huge fan of Bruissed Passports .Just following them on every socialmedia Page.I am travel Lover Just travelled Europe but keeps a huge love for travelling the world . I would love to work with Bruissed passports .

    1. Thanks a lot for all the love Garima. We’ll surely reach out if and when we expand our team 🙂

  79. Hello Bruised Passport. I am an aspiring photographer and a writer and just came across your blog. I am very impressed by it and the work you people have put into it is absolutely marvellous.
    I wanted to ask if there would be an opportunity for me to work under you by clicking pictures and writing a few articles?

    1. Hey Kartikeya,

      Thanks for writing in. At the moment, we’re not looking to add to our team but should that change we’ll surely get in touch with you 🙂

      All the best

  80. Hey Guys,

    I’m a software engineer by profession. I fell in love with travelling and photography in 2015 when I visited Udaipur for a wedding. I haven’t stopped since then. I’ve been to several places like Udaipur, Pushkar, Manali, Dharamsala, McLeod Ganj, Amritsar, Ajanta, Ellora, Hampi, Daman, Gangtok, Darjeeling etc. The list goes on and on and on.

    I’ve been looking for working with other travellers and photographers. I came across your blog post on what to do in Jodhpur as I’m planning a 10 days trip to Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

    I would love to work with you guys. You can check my work out on Instagram –

    Please let me know if you guys are interested. More later.


    1. Hey Siddharth,

      Thanks for reaching out 🙂 Great to see you that you enjoy travelling so much 🙂 We’re not hiring at the moment but should a suitable opportunity arise we’ll definitely get in touch with you.


  81. Hey
    I’m a 20year old travel blogger as well…but i have travelled just a little. A huge fan of your blog guys the best blog i’ve ever followed.
    But somehow I’m lagging somewhere as I cannot get contacts so that I can travel more explore more and tell people how beautiful this world is. Any tips for that??
    And please do let me know whenever you guys visit delhi?? I’d love to meet you…infact i’ll take you guys to some amazing places of delhi ❤❤
    Love you

    1. Hey Mansi 🙂

      Just keep at it and keep producing great content that people feel like sharing 🙂 It takes a while to build an engaged community.

      Will definitely take you up on that offer for Delhi!

      Much love
      Savi and Vid

  82. Hey,

    I am writing to express my interest in working with you guys. I am graduated from Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management.
    I believe my academics and my passion for travel industry will be result into a creative content.

    I would love to work with the Bruised Passports.
    Thank you

  83. Hi Bruised Passports. I am Nikita Shah and I am a graduate from Sophia college, Mumbai with a degree of Bsc in hospitality studies. I ahve worked at cat Cafe studio and Javaphile.
    I would really like to be a part of the team!
    Do consider.

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