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An unbeatable mix of Indo-Portugese architecture, comfort, and amenities right in the middle of the action so you don’t have to drive or hail a cab to visit restaurants, shops, or bars – it isn’t often that a hotel in Goa can offer all these things all at once! India’s first JdV by Hyatt property – Ronil Goa – is changing that!

Such a beautiful looking property

The quirky, upbeat environment is visible almost as soon as you enter the hotel – Hyatt’s JdV brand prides itself on celebrating joie de vivre , the sheer enjoyment of life! And this can be witnessed everywhere at this hotel – from the colourful murals that adorn the walls of the public areas to the bright floaties in the food, the atmosphere is celebratory and fun. Here are 5 reasons Ronil Goa might be the perfect hotel for your next getaway!


1.Laidback check-in at the bar

I don’t know about you but I find check-in queues at hotel desks quite tedious after a long flight. So I was pleasantly surprised to see Ronil Goa redefining the check-in ritual – here guests are given welcome shots by smiling bartenders as they complete check-in formalities. And the staff themselves join you for a  It might be a small gesture but it’s an important one – it put all of us instantly at ease and in the holiday frame of mind

Loved the concept of check-in at the bar
Rocket Man on the go, providing snacks and drinks by the pool

 2. Outdoor dining areas and pools

This relaxed state of find is further reinforced by public areas at the hotel – an open-air restaurant, a pizza corner, and 2 beautiful pools – one larger pool right next to the bar and another smaller one, for guests who enjoy quieter spaces! The Tranquil pool is ideal for guests who are after some privacy while the larger pool, also known as the Energy pool, offers a fun environment with live music and poolside dining.

The upbeat vibe is complemented by the cabanas surrounding the pool and in-house restaurant! At the restaurant you will find everything from a selection of Goan specialities to continental meals. Their Farmhouse style breakfast is a decadent spread of high quality produce and delicious smoothies, baked goods, and cereals. Any hot items are freshly prepared for guests on the spot – a happy departure from the expansive and often bland breakfast buffets at most hotels. If you have any special requests, the staff go out of their way to ensure they are met.

We ended up dining at the in-house restaurant almost everyday and really enjoyed the meals – would highly recommend trying the Chicken Cafreal, their freshly made pizzas (right in front of you in the wood-fired oven) and also their home-made churros with chocolate sauce – some of the freshest and fluffiest we’ve had!

Loved the breakfast spread
Poolside seating for the win 🙂
Our family BBQ by the pool in a private cabana
The main pool area – where all the action happens
The smaller pool and experiences for guests who enjoy some privacy

3. Proximity to shops and restaurants

We try to visit Goa with our friends or family at least once a year – it is on these trips that we try to find hotels which are close to as many shops and restaurants as possible. I’m sure you would agree it is very hard to decide where to go and when to go, especially when you’re in a group! 🙂 Proximity to shops and restaurants ensures everyone in the group can explore at their own pace instead of deciding on a common time, hailing a cab or renting a car etc!

If you find yourself agreeing to this, then Ronil Goa, Part of JdV by Hyatt might be the perfect choice for you. You will find dozens of shops, restaurants, spas, and bars almost as soon as you leave the gates of the hotel.

The hotel is super close to many beaches

4. Indo-Portugese architecture & the little touches

The mix of comfort and traditional architecture lends Ronil Goa, Part of JdV by Hyatt the feel of an intimate bespoke boutique stay right in the middle of the action! The facade of the building, the sloped roofs of the rooms, and small touches throughout the property root it firmly in Goa’s past and contemporary touches like an in-house DJ (who captures the guests’ preferences on day 1 and plays their favourite music when they are around), a karaoke room, and live BBQs add to the amenities that ensure a fun stay like no other!

Make sure you try your hand at karaoke, especially if you’re with friends. I made my mom try it and we had so much fun together. You can also opt for a unique movie under the stars – ideal for a fun night out with friends or a romantic date!

The marriage of Portugese architecture and contemporary minimalism continues in the unique rooms at the hotel. Each rooms is well-designed and comes with a balcony overlooking the pool, complimentary mini-bar, bright bathrobes, and a variety of sustainable toiletries.

MUST do this 😉
Soul station – where you can go and unwind in peace, read your favourite and listen to your favourite music
Love the beautifully designed bedrooms – all rooms come with a balcony

5. Instagrammable corners everywhere

Let’s be honest – all of us love taking photos on holiday! I think it’s a lovely way to capturing moments for posterity. It’s so nice to be able to look back at photos and relive memories!

If you belong to the same stream of thought, you’re in for a pleasant surprise at Ronil Goa. The young team at the hotel has enlisted some of the best graffiti artists of India to paint gorgeous murals on the walls. To add to this, there is a lot of unique and truly photogenic furniture all around the hotel. In addition the lobby and the pools, stop by the unique Soul Station – a colourful lounge ideal for some work or simply to unwind by yourself. Don’t forget to pick a trinket or two at Hyatt Loves Local – a cute shop that curates the work of local artisans.

No matter where in this hotel you go, make sure you put on cute outfits as there are endless backdrops for your vacation photos at Ronil Goa, Part of JdV by Hyatt!

There are so many cool corners in the hotel – very vibrant and uplifting


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