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My big dream in life is to have no ‘big dreams’


There I said it! Turning 30 means being hounded by that dirty question ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years time?!’. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been asked that question by dozens of unsuspecting acquaintances and strangers (my friends know me too well to ask that of me 😉 ).


I do know what I DON’T want  – I don’t want to own a fancy car, I don’t want to be at the elusive top of the corporate ladder, I don’t want to have lots of designer shoes. I promise I have nothing against any of those things, they just don’t float my boat! I prefer battered Royal Enfields, moustache loafers, and socks with pugs on them to shiny cars or expensive bags. Yes I’m painfully aware of the fact that I’ve just trampled over all the chances I had of ‘making it big in life’ as far as conventional parameters for being ‘successful’ are concerned 😉 Oh well! Let’s go on to what I DO want shall we?


Travel Fashion blog
How do you say no to socks with pugs on ’em? How?


To be honest, I don’t really have an answer for that question. If you’ve seen our sorry excuse for a bucket list on Bruised Passports, you would know what I’m talking about. I know bucket lists are a big thing these days but Vid and I have never really had one – it’s probably because our list of things to do keeps vacillating as we continue to change. Every experience teaches us something new and with new experiences come new priorities.


So, I can’t really compose a bucket list but I can tell you guys some of the highlights of my life from the past couple of decades. They’re not necessarily earth-shattering events – in fact some of them are downright trivial – but they are important to me. Here’s presenting 8 things that made me happy in the past couple of decades 🙂


#1 Turning 30


Can I just take a second to rant about stereotypes and jokes revolving around not asking women their true age. Seriously? I don’t get why someone would be hesitant about acknowledging their age – shouldn’t it be the proverbial feather in one’s cap?  I’m glad some amazing women, including our friend Leah from Leah Travels, are with me on this one.


I’m pretty kicked to be 30 – I’ve been at play for 30 whole years and had truckloads of fun. Who is to say the next decade won’t be happier, bawdier, and merrier?


#2 Death Cab For Cutie live in concert


I’m more of an ambient electronic music (any other Bluetech fans here?) and old-school rock kinda gal but there’s something about Death Cab for Cutie that melts my heart and warms my soul. I just HAD to watch them live when I realised they were going to be in London. Watching them live was everything was I’d hoped for – the band stayed true to its Indie roots and chose an intimate venue and Ben Gibbard was sheer perfection *sigh*


#3 Completing my PhD


Studying and teaching English Literature puts a smile on my face.  So I was really kicked about completing my PhD in English Literature and Visual Arts at the ripe ol’ age of 26. I totally broke into a jig when I laid my hands on the degree and coerced everyone into calling me ‘Doctor’ for a while. Ooh yeah!


Even today, there’s nothing I love more than curling up on a sofa with a dog-eared copy of Foucault’s Discipline and Punish or Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude and a chilled beer or a cup of Vid’s gourmet coffee 🙂


Travel Fashion Blog
Reading makes me really happy 🙂


#4 Colouring my hair fuchsia 


One fine day I got up and coloured my hair (yep ALL of it!) fuchsia along with one of my closest friends (hey San if you’re reading 🙂 ). We stained our entire bathroom pink in the process but we did have a lot of fun prancing around, pretending to be woodland nymphs, so I can’t complain. I don’t have much to say about this, except that it made me happy and that’s how it came to deserve a mention on this list. Simples 🙂


#5 Meeting Vid


How could I not include this on a list involving happiness? It might have been 16 years since I first met Vid but he manages to make me smile and reach for the light at the end of the tunnel every single day. He’s generous, he’s compassionate, and he’s fun. Most importantly, he can be coerced into doing ANYTHING ( I repeat anything!) if I pull a puppy face – this includes midnight runs to the supermarket for fudge ice-cream. Basically he’s an all round munchkin 🙂


travel fashion blog
Vid gets my vote for being the perfect partner-in-crime 🙂


#6 Exploring 70 countries


70 might seem like a big number but it’s an irrelevant one. Like most people, I started out wanting to see as many countries as possible. But over the years, I’ve realised that it’s travelling that makes me happy, not the number of countries I’ve been to. I’ve come to relish slow travel and prefer exploring 10 cities in one country over fleeting stops in 10 countries. My favourite part about travelling? Finding hidden beaches, playing with snow, stumbling on tiny tapas bars, meeting new people with countless stories to tell, and exploring dilapidated buildings.


packing for skiing and winter holidays
Snow makes me happy 🙂


#7 Bruised Passports


This is a no brainer. Admittedly, it was our friends who first persuaded us to start penning a blog. After much rumination, Bruised Passports was born. It’s been just over a year but Bruised Passports has become such an intrinsic part of our life. It’s an ode to everything we enjoy, so we absolutely love putting new content out there every week. I cannot tell you how excited we feel on reading your mails about road trips in Croatia, attending the Malaga Feria, or crazy trips to Iceland planned after reading our posts


We hate the words ‘fans’ or ‘followers’, so we literally feel like our family has grown every time we get new readers on Facebook, Instagram, or our website. So yeah, hearing from you guys makes me one helluva happy bunny.


#8 My plans for the next 10 years


Don’t be fooled by all this lighthearted banter because I have some ambitious plans for the next 10 years 😉 I want to see loads of new countries, discover some good music, find that perfect hammock by the sea, and sprinkle happiness everywhere (I have a secret recipe which I can’t divulge because it involves illegal substances – just kidding.. or not..).


Most importantly, I want to keep my family and best friends as close to me as possible. If I had my way, I would keep my closest ones  around me 24X7 and shower them with sloppy kisses and bear hugs every day (nauseating I know 😉 )


travel fashion blog
Do you remember Sid, my brother. As you can see, I’m not even kidding about my fondness tight hugs, sloppy kisses, and everything in between 🙂


If you’ve made it through my wordy monologue and are still reading this blog entry, then you’re my favourite kinda reader and you make me very happy 🙂  We rarely write personal posts but do leave us a comment below if you enjoy reading them.



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101 thoughts on “On Turning 30 and Bucket Lists

    1. Yay – so happy to hear you enjoyed reading this. I must admit, I got a bit carried away 😉 Bring on the fabulous 30s 🙂

  1. It was really fun reading this personal piece. May you get to see loads of new countries, discover some good music, and sprinkle tons of happiness everywhere. Keep Smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. First of all a very Happy 30th Birthday Savi. It was really interesting to read about your personal views. So, Dr. Savi as I may address you, I think you have the potion of happiness ready, which is working towards your dream of traveling and experiencing new places. Everyone dreams of getting a fancy car and a fancy house, but how many actually dream something like you. Vid is your soulmate and I feel so happy whenever you guys go together on a journey equally complementing each other. Stay blessed together always!

    Parimita from

    1. Thanks Parimita. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed reading the post. I suppose it’s the small things that count right? 🙂

  3. Im a regular reader of bruised passports, love your page and the way you write. You never fail fo put a smile on the readers face. I ll come back to read the next post too. Keep going. 🙂

  4. I love Death Cab for Cutie, they deserve so much more glory! What are your fav tracks?

    1. Tiny Vessels
    2. I Will Follow You in to the Dark
    3. The Ice is Getting Thinner
    4. I Will Possess Your Heart
    5. A Lack of Color
    6. Someday You Will Be Loved
    7. The Sound of Settling

    1. I love all the ones you mentioned but I really like the guitar solo in the longer version of ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ and love ‘You are a tourist’ 🙂

  5. I told you earlier also that we share the same birthday month .. And yayyy .. what a coincidence.. I also completed THE 30 😛 .. with a big bang .

    I actually felt a little weird , being old and stuff.. but later it was so much fun that i didnt even relaize. And i read this somewhere .

    ” I’m not 30. I’m 18 with 12 years of experience ” :P:P

    Loved reading every bit of it.

    1. Sonal it’s time to toss the ‘feeling old’ business out of the nearest window, I’m sure your 30s will be absolutely fabulous 🙂 So happy to hear you enjoyed reading the post

  6. awwweee…hugs
    loved reading this post
    u make turning 30 sound so much fun
    looking forward to my 30th birthday this year
    u guys are the best

  7. I read ALL your posts. Did you know?!

    Lots of love, geeli puchchis (my take on sloppy kisses) and bear hugs!!
    Me! 🙂 🙂

    1. San I seriously had no idea! But seeing a comment from you made me so, so, SO happy. I can’t wait to see you. Mwah 🙂

  8. Savi…Lots n lots n lots of love. read each and every word. Having no bucket list is how see life too. so glad to be on the same page. muaah

  9. Happiest of birthdays to you! I love how you embrace your individuality. It’s a very special thing, I tell you. I turn 40 next month, and I remember 30 like it was yesterday. Enjoy your decade. It will be gone before you know it.

    1. Thanks Leah – you’re such an inspiration. I’m sure I’ll be happy if I’m half as well-travelled as you at 40 🙂

  10. Nah..Age is just a number.Besides, the new 20! Love reading your blog especially the personal ones. It actually made your “new friends” feel closer to you, knowing a little bit about you. You have no plans of having kids?It would be nice having them in tow while you travel. Might be a different story by then,a different kind of adventure. My fave post is your Iceland adventure. I have bookmarked your blog for future reference. Cheers!!!

    1. Thanks Margaret. Hehe, we have no plans of having kids for a while. We really hope you continue to enjoy reading Bruised Passports 🙂 We’ll definitely continue writing personal posts.

  11. Hey Savi,

    It was really nice to read this wordy monologue 🙂 Trust me you are living a kind of life that we only dream of. So yes I am completely impressed and bowled by the mutual admiration that you share with your family on social portals. May you continue to discover as many countries as possible and remain this beautiful and happy in life.


  12. Here’s to an awesome decade for the both of us! I just turned 30 in June and honestly, it’s not a big deal! Like you, I’m excited to see what this decade brings….who knows, maybe Bruised Passports and Goats On The Road will finally meet? 🙂

    Cheers to you!

    1. Dariece a decade is too long – we MUST meet in some corner of the world within the next couple of years 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday Savi! I’m sure that the year will be packed with delightful amounts of all that floats your boat 🙂 … this was a beautiful read. Good luck 🙂

    1. Hey Ruchika – seeing a comment from you on Bruised Passports made me smile 🙂 Thanks a ton – I hope the 30s are good to all of us

  14. What a cheerful post! I’m not a fan of bucketlists either, mainly because there are way too many destinations I’d like to visit that it’s highly unrealistic? I also agree that I’d rather see several cities within a country rather than just hitting all of the capitals. I hope 30 is good to you!

  15. hey girl! u rock. Always. You are living a life that many including me just dream about. I find myself thirsty for more of your experiences EACH time I connect with Bruised Passports. You inspire great amount of envy, thrill ,aspirations and love in equal measure. And unknowingly, uncannily, I feel a sense of pride on your ability to pursue and sustain a dream of a life-time. May your dream be forever green! lots of love to you guys!!!

    1. Aww thanks for all the love and your heartfelt comment Vimala – it means the world 🙂 We hope you will follow our adventures till we chronicle them

  16. It was a great read! I’m turning 30 in 6 months and I can’t wait. I just finished my MD and am looking forward to financial independence. And hopefully I will marry my ‘Vid’ and roam around the world with him. 🙂 30 is going to be so much better than uncertainity of 20s.

    1. Congrats on completing your MD Joyi – that’s a big achievement. Hope your 30th birthday is sprinkled with love and happiness of all sorts 🙂

  17. Hi Doctor 🙂
    It is really an awesome post and I totally agree with all you said.
    YOU are an inspiration to me.

    When I finished reading this post, I really felt bad about me. You know what, I used to be a cheerful person when I was a kid. I do remember the day when I somersaulted on the class desk and got a head bump.
    The reason for this over excitement is just because I got a ‘B’ in a Draw-an-Animal test. I was terrible in drawing, sketching. By getting a ‘B’ for my “Cat”,
    which actually looked like a guinea pig with lots of whiskers really made my day.
    But on growing up, I became this very uptight, super-pessimistic person because I stopped enjoying trivial things which used to happy-fy me earlier.

    Well thank you, this post really made me THINK.

    1. Thanks Kika- we feel fortunate to have the power to influence you. We hope the future holds tons of happiness and optimism for you 🙂

  18. Oh hell yea!! I agree on hiding the age part! I m not gonna freak out for sure! Remember 40 is the new 20 ? You are just nearing your 20’s :P:P Atleast I would like to think so on my 30th!! And congratulations on completing your PHD! Love your bucket list! suchan honest post!

  19. Hi guys, new reader here! Found you through twitter, really enjoy this post! I don’t have a bucket list myself, or if I did, it would be long, cumbersome and unrealistic…I just have too many dreams! I loved when you said “with new experiences come new priorities” because it’s pretty much how I feel every day. I don’t know what I’m going to want in ten years when I can hardly see past next week! Anyway, cheers to turning 30 and living an unconventionally “successful” life 🙂

  20. Savi! This post put a huuuge smile on my face! 🙂 I love the way you write, you have such a lovely style, and whatever you said is so simple, cute and straight from the heart. Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I always find myself in better spirits after reading this blog and that’s more because of the kind of person you are than the places you visited. I love your optimism! 🙂
    And many congratulations on turning 30, and for every milestone you’ve crossed 🙂

    1. Hey Ramya – absolutely loved reading your heartfelt comment. Thank you ever so much. You’ve been with Bruised Passports since the very start and I hope you continue to enjoy it in the future too 🙂

  21. I just love this! People are so preoccupied with the future and bucket lists, especially after turning thirty, that they forget about the milestones and what they’ve already accomplished. What a great outlook!

    1. Rachael I’m glad you agree with me on this one – the future is so unpredictable, I would rather just live in the present and enjoy it to the fullest 🙂

  22. I love this personal post – you should do more! Age is but a number, I am turning 32 in a few months and I am proud of all I have achieved (mainly travel related) and what I have learned over the past 32 years. I am so much happier and more secure in my life now than I was 10 years ago – being in my thirties rocks! Welcome to the Club 🙂

  23. Hi Savi!
    Travelling with you and Vid and listening to your travel stories and experiences at-least once in life is on the top of my bucket list right now.

    The girl who read every single post on bruised passports a million times over.

    1. Aww Komal – I can’t believe you said that. We hope we get to meet you soon and deliver a giant bear hug in person. Travel stories will follow 🙂

  24. Cheers to a happy 30, Dr Savi. Reading your blog reinstates my belief in following my passion.. My love.. So wish you another exciting 30 😉

  25. Omg Savi!! this is exactly how I feel.. Every thought.. every word everytime someone asked me about my bucket list.. I explained them how I want to experience new things..not follow conventions.. no big job.. no fancy car.. But just travel.. Experience new culture.. meet different people..and this answer would leave them perplexed (I guess they were expecting a little more conventional answer:p). But after reading this post I feel soo motivated…. you are such an Inspiration Savi 😀 Brusied Passports is my favourite Blog … keep posting.. and Happyy Birthdayyy 😀

    1. Thanks a ton Nidhee – it’s good to know we’re in the same boat, the more the merrier 😉 Bucket lists should always be about following your heart

  26. I am still searching for that perfect hammock – I found a very good one at the beach in Canoa, Ecuador the other day!! Happy birthday 🙂

  27. I know exactly what you mean – I am still searching for that perfect hammock – I found a very good one at the beach in Canoa, Ecuador the other day!! Spent my 30th eating strange food in Hanoi and couldn’t be happier. Happy birthday 🙂

    1. Thanks Delia – I wonder if the perfect hammock even exists. I might have to badger you into giving me the address of your hammock in Ecuador 😉

  28. Have a great birthday ! My 30s were brilliant. 40s were better
    50s were betterer and I suspect my 60s are lokely to be betterest ! Love your enthusiasm and some great recommendations. This

  29. Please keep doing such posts Dr. Savi! I’m turning 30 soon and have made my to-do list! Cliched but atleast it makes me take a step towards my goals. You guys are an inspiration..mwwahh xo

    1. Thanks a ton Nishu 🙂 I hope you get to check off everything you’ve included in that list of yours. Much love

  30. Hi Savi..I love the fact that you have managed to make a monologue such an interesting read.. Every single one of your blogs keeps me on the edge of my seat, wondering what you saw or happened next.. Talking about 30, well, I am on the other side of it too..Somehow we always end up talking about women on the other side of 30 and now men. I find it quite surprising at times..

    1. Thanks Mohnish – it’s good to know that we have readers who actually make the effort of reading the text in a day and age where people just scroll through photos. Here’s to the other side of 30 – it’ll be a riot 🙂

  31. Another post of yours I enjoyed reading! you are so much like me, i mean I also dot want all the expensive things to keep me happy. I could live off on the cute little possessions like the socks you mentioned, and of course hugs and kisses!!
    I too want to travel and read as much I can!
    I dont feel bound by conventions, either to marry a guy who earns a lot or to have children. I am happy with my philosophy of life!
    you are such a cool and chilled out person, at the same time very sensitive towards others! Three cheers to your spirit!
    Keep writing and your students must love u! Wishing u the best as I turn 30 too 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Urvashi 🙂 So happy to hear there is another madcap like me in this world 😉 Cheers to us!

  32. It was really fun reading your post and going through your blog as a whole..I love travelling too and reading your posts just makes me want to go for it all the more!
    You guys make a wonderful couple..god bless!


    Most importantly, I want to keep my family and best friends as close to me as possible. If I had my way, I would keep my closest ones  around me 24X7 and shower them with sloppy kisses and bear hugs every day (nauseating I know  )

  34. So happy to stumble upon your blog. The key takeaway I got after reading this article is the fullness of experience you’ve shared together as a couple. Your blog definitely sparks inspiration to readers like us. Kudos! Continue to sprinkle the magic of love, travel, and amazing adventures!

  35. Hey guys, we stumbled across your blog not too long ago and I must say that your posts make for absolutely delightful reading! 😉
    Anna and Sam

  36. Great post. I am closing 30 and have been a bit bummed about it….even though I am happy with my 20s of exploring a few countries, but felt that there was still something missing. Figured it was just a stereotypical and peers’ common feeling of turning 30. Definitely want to celebrate it as not reaching “half life”, but of what lies ahead and how to enjoy the coming years.

    Keep traveling, keep exploring, keep smiling, stay positive!!!! Thanks for the post above.

    1. Hey Ratnesh,

      Thanks a lot 🙂 As they say, age is just a number 😉 Trust us, 30’s are the new 20’s. And when we turn 40, we’ll say 40’s are the new 20’s 🙂

  37. Oh my god I just came through your random picture on Insta and after that the story started,I spent almost anhour on Insta and two hours on your people give some serious travelling goals.the chemistry between two of you is to die for .
    The photography is commendable
    I am drooling over your account the minute I discovered it
    Lots of love
    You inspire us

    1. Hey Aishwarya – so happy to hear that. Thanks for leaving a note and really hope you continue to enjoy our adventures around the world 🙂

  38. This is soo amazing..U guys are #goals!! Most of the times we get carried away with instant decisions of starting to travel but everything planned and done this way is so amazing.. also hats off to u Savi mam!! U also make the “in 30’s, must b mature” thing seem silly cz its gud to b silly crazy and cute and fun and who says a mature cant b fun!!!

    1. Aww Neha, reading this literally makes our heart sing. Thanks you so much for all your love and appreciation.Age is anyway just a number- doesnt matter much as long as you keep your spirit going in the right direction.

  39. I love you guys so much. ( I love Savi more though;) ) Every time I come across your Instagram stories or posts I go head over heels in love with everything you guys do. I wish I bump into you guys someday, somewhere. Also, I wish you could come down to Hampi someday. It’s a great place. It’s one of the World Heritage Sites.
    You motivate me Savi. Xoxo
    A reply from you will make my day. Definitely ?

  40. I love you guys so much. ( I love Savi more though;) ) Every time I come across your Instagram stories or posts I go head over heels in love with everything you guys do. I wish I bump into you guys someday, somewhere. Also, I wish you could come down to Hampi someday. It’s a great place. It’s one of the World Heritage Sites.
    You motivate me Savi. Xoxo
    A reply from you will make my day. Definitely .

    1. Hey Indupriya – here’s your reply 🙂 🙂 Thanks a million for all the love. And we truly hope to bump into you somewhere around the globe. Much love

  41. It is such a wonderful post!! ❤️ I love the way u express what u r feeling in words. I have been following u on Insta for quite some time. But, this is the first blog that i’ve read.. ☺️❤️ Thank u so much for inspiring millions like me to travel. And as much as i would love to go and see and explore all the countries that u’ve suggested, i have’nt been able to do that due to a lot of reasons unfortunately. ☹️ Someday, i know i will write back to u saying, yayy Savi n Vid, “i did it”. ☺️ Till then seeing the colorful world through your eyes!! ? lots of love to u guys as always!!

    1. Hey Supriya,

      Thanks for all the love and support 🙂 We are eagerly awaiting that “i did it” 🙂

  42. So, I can’t really compose a bucket list but I can tell you guys some of the highlights of my life from the past couple of decades. They’re not necessarily earth-shattering events – in fact some of them are downright trivial – but they are important to me. Here’s presenting 8 things that made me happy in the past couple of decades ?

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