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Written by Savi, 18 Comments
Scrubbin’ up for a black-tie dinner


Most days you’ll find us bumming around in beach shorts, maxi dresses, wild unruly hair, loose cotton trousers, and bohemian accessories. But every once in a while we like to scrub up for a black-tie dinner 🙂 Vid and I wore these outfits to Galaxy, a gorgeous restaurant on the 16th floor on MSC Preziosa (have you seen all our photos of the ship?). The restaurant offers a panoramic view of the ship and the Mediterranean Sea, so we spent the evening devouring impeccable Italian food and drinking in the view. As the sun set, we could see thousands of stars twinkling in the sky from the glass walls of the restaurant.


Once we tore ourselves away from the restaurant, we hit the bar and spent the night waltzing to some old-school tunes. There might have been some Sinatra involved – aah who else loves him?


Outfit Details

Savi wears :-

Dress – OASAP (sold out but there’s a similar one here)

Heels and clutch bag – Zara


Vid wears :-

Suit – Topman

Bow tie and pocket square – ASOS

Shoes – H&M



The view from the restaurant :)
The view from the restaurant 🙂


The view come sunset :-)
The view come sunset 🙂


Midi Dresses are perfect for formal evenings
Midi Dresses are perfect for formal evenings


The two of us 🙂


Now we post a lot of photos of food, cocktails, and wine – we love ourselves a good meal and you know it. No wonder so many of you ask us how we stay healthy while travelling. We  addressed this question in passing in an earlier article. Long story short – we love sampling street food and fine dining is our weakness. But that often translates into a lot of unnecessary calories and we travel way too frequently to gloss over this. Neither of us is one of those metabolic superheroes who can eat anything they want (if you are one, you lucky bum!!), so we try and exercise while we’re travelling. I have to admit Vid is better at this than I am. He hit the gym on our cruise ship every second day while I was errr lazing by the pool.


In addition to this we try and eat healthy. Both of us are obsessed with raw foods, salads, and green smoothies. We binge on incriminating amounts of fruits and vegetables wherever in the world we are.  If you follow us on Bruised Passports on Instagram, you would know just how much we love our fruit and green smoothies. Check out  this shot of our daily green smoothie from our Instagram feed :-



In case you can’t tell we’re obsessed, there’s more 😉


Nutribullet smoothie
Breakfast smoothie – carrots, oranges, and celery. Nom!


Yay! Green smoothie – spinach, celery, oranges, grapes, and ginger. SO good


We converted so many of our friends into green-smoothie lovers that we’ve lost count. If we’re away for a weekend break, we just throw caution to the winds. But if we’re away for a longer period of time, like our recent month-long trip to Asia, we take a cheeky mini blender for smoothies on the go. Nutribullet is our blender of choice, both at home and while travelling. It doesn’t really need an introduction because it’s famed in the raw food world for breaking down fruits and vegetables to their most nutritive state. Nutribullet smoothies are said to balance blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and blood pressure. But we love it because it makes the creamiest and yummiest smoothies.


We use it in our kitchen everyday and if I could take one thing with me on holiday, this would be it (Vid would obviously choose his camera 😉 )Both of us use our Nutribullet for all sorts of smoothies but my favourite thing to do is to blitz over-ripe frozen fruit with some milk for the most scrumptious and healthiest “ice-cream” free of all nasties. Here’s a plate of my banana and raspberry “ice cream” topped with fresh raspberries and edible flowers from the farmers’ market – nom!



So that’s how we stay healthy, wealthy, and wise – just kidding, we’re completely bankrupt but smiles count don’t they? 🙂


cruise travel fashion
Staying healthy on the go is no mean feat


Are you a fan of the raw food movement as well? How do you stay healthy while travelling? 



Before you go, browse through some of our favourite photos – choose from Wheres or Wears for a healthy dose of weekend inspiration. Don’t worry, you can binge on ’em without worrying about calories  😉


18 thoughts on “Black Tie kinda night + staying healthy on the go

  1. Oh wow look at you guys, so fancy! 😀
    Savi, the dress is gorgeous & you can def rock good red. 🙂
    Seems like you’re having a lot of fun there. Cheers!

  2. Savi..

    I LOVE you guys sooo much. Each moment I spend on your blog inspires me for something. This post is about being formal yet stylish.. 😀

    God bless you and keep up this lovely work. 🙂

  3. You guys look super fancy! Its a pleasant change to the traveler style 😀 The on the go raw food idea is super cool. Need to try it next trip!

    1. Hey Rashmi, try going raw for a meal (or 2) in your daily life – you’ll instantly spot the difference 😀 Thanks, it’s definitely fun to get all dressed up every once in a while

    1. Hey Nishu – definitely. Juicing is good for a quick detox but smoothies are definitely the better option of the two – that fiber is gold for the body 😀 You must pick up a smoothie maker – you’ll be addicted in no time

    1. Thanks Melissa – we’ve really been enjoying our Nutribullet smoothies – you must give that ‘ice-cream’ a go 😀

  4. My husband and I do a fair bit of travelling too…and dressing up for the formal nights on a cruise is super fun I think..I wore a saree on my recent cruise trip and it was a hit. 🙂

    As for the health part. 3-4 cups of Green tea do the trick for us. After every gorgeous meal and first thing in the morning with a drizzle of honey sometimes.

    1. Thanks awesome Avneet. Green Tea is good but you need to try out green smoothies – they are the bomb, I swear! 🙂

  5. Beautiful, both of you. You guys do clean up pretty well :-p
    But really, this goes into my bucketlist now. I fancy lounging around in a two piece on a cruise during the day and then going black tie for the night.. Just sounds heavenly.
    I still have to get healthy though, I’m too much of a junk food person. French fries are my only true love.

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