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Top Reasons to Check your Travel Insurance Cover

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It’s essential to know exactly what you are covered for when it comes to your travel insurance. You want to know that if you lose your luggage, or your flight gets cancelled that you are covered, amongst other things. A lower cost travel insurance policy may mean that your cover is reduced and it’s important to check whether this is actually the case; if so, you need to check what you will not be covered for. Having travel insurance is essential for any holiday maker, as finding yourself in a foreign country with a medical issue, cancelled flight or stolen belongings can quickly become expensive without cover.

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Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition may find that their policy will need to be altered to suit their specific needs, and it is essential to have a medical screening to have any health problems officially diagnosed. It is usually possible to get hold of insurance cover with a pre-existing medical problem but you may need a doctor’s certificate or an assessment done in order to create a personalised policy.


Travel insurance can provide you with peace of mind, but only if you know exactly what your policy covers you for. Be sure to scrutinise the terms and conditions of your policy before agreeing anything and make sure to choose the right policy for you. Wherever you travel in the world, you are always at risk of having health issues, being robbed, suffering from travel cancellations or losing your belongings. Having travel insurance will act as a financial safety net if the worst were to happen, but it is essential to ensure that your insurance policy specifically suits your travel needs.


It is also worth thinking about whether or not you are likely to be taking multiple trips in a year or whether one holiday will include more than one destination. It is possible to take out single trip policies and annual multi trip policies.

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The Saga website states there are benefits for taking out annual multi-trip travel insurance even for a single trip


“If you are travelling for more than 30 consecutive days then you may find that our annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is more cost effective than taking out a separate single trip policy each time you travel. The advantage of annual multi-trip insurance is that cancellation cover is already in place should you want to go on a last minute holiday or city break.”


In order to ensure your insurance will suit your travel needs, it is essential to check that the country you are visiting is included in the list of destinations that cover is available for. Regions that are prone to natural dangers, warzones, diseases, coups and other problems that may affect your insurance may not be covered for, and it is important to contact individual providers for information about which areas they offer cover for.


Travel insurance is a necessity and should be factored into any holiday budget, just like the cost of flights and accommodation. It will protect you in the event of cancelled flights or health problems, and the cost of insurance is far less than the expensive bills you will endure if you have a problem abroad without insurance.


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