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Top 5 Easter break destinations

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Easter tends to bring people back to their childhood but for some of us, Harry Potter is both a fond memory of our childhood and adulthood. The new Warner Bros Harry Potter: behind-the-scenes studio tour in Leavesden is perfect for fans of the series and an ideal break away for the kids and adults alike. There is tons to do in Leavesden for all ages, but the Harry Potter themed studio tour takes the lead and is ideal for that Easter break.

Harry Potter
Warner Brothers: Harry Potter

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Lake District

The birth place of Peter Rabbit is perfect for Easter. He may not be a big fluffy pink bunny carrying a basket of Easter eggs but the magical nature of the Lake District is enough to capture every imagination. You can cycle around the area, take a kayaking trip out on the lake or relax with your feet up, the Lake District is the perfect getaway for Easter just make sure you don’t leave your Easter eggs out in the sun or they’ll melt!

Lake District
Lake District

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Everyone needs to visit London at least once in their lives. There is so much to do in the capital of England from bus tours of the great city to visiting tourist attractions such as the infamous Big Ben, you’ll never be bored in this big city. There are also plenty of restaurants dotted throughout the city for every taste bud, whether you’re a fan of Mac Donald’s or you want something a little more fancy, London has it all.


Offbeat London - Top 5 Alternative Things To Do In London
London by night



This wonderful city is perfect for an Easter vacation as it has tons to do. From the famous Edinburgh Zoo with their gorgeous Giant Panda’s to the Edinburgh castle, there is something here for everyone. Edinburgh is filled with fantastic nightlife too and there are regular ‘ghost tours’ throughout the day (and night) if you prefer something a little different this Easter. Instead of grabbing a train or bus to Edinburgh (or anywhere for that matter) why not rent a car or van from Hertz instead. Car hire means never having to worry about missing your bus and never having to wait hours for a toilet break, with your own car you can stop and start whenever and wherever you like plus there’s the added bonus of never having to carry your luggage everywhere you go, you can just leave it inside the boot!


Easter in Edinburgh


Alton Towers

This adventure park contains more than 50 rides for people of all ages. It’s a great choice for those of you who love a bit of adventure and don’t mind the tummy churning rollercoasters that they have available here.


Alton Towers

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