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The Slow Travel Movement

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Planning a new trip is a challenging but exciting task. Before setting off there is a lot for you to consider. Where am I going to spend my next holidays? Where can I find the cheapest airfare ticket? What are the entry requirements for my destination of choice and do I need a visa? Organising a trip is, without a doubt, a complex endeavour. Nonetheless, it adds to the thrill of anticipation.

1-New York
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A thorough planning process is especially useful when going on what seasoned travellers call a slow travel trip. The concept behind this movement is that of taking time while travelling within a certain country or world region, and as such immersing yourself more deeply in the local culture. In this sense, the movement is somewhat opposed to the prevailing “time is money” mentality in our western cultural sphere. Slow travel gains its appeal from the notion of not just visiting, but really exploring the destination of choice, gaining a much richer and deeper understanding of the place than the average tourist passing through. When planning for a slow trip, it is essential to check the country’s visa conditions, since these tend to vary considerably depending on your nationality.


2-USA, Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park
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There have always been destinations that have been particularly popular with slow travellers. Europe, stringing together a variety of countries and cultures on a relatively small area, Australia, with its pristine beaches and vast Outback or even Southeast Asia and South America for the slightly more adventurous. There is certainly no lack of fascinating world regions to be discovered.


Slow Travel around the US

Among them, the US rank among the most popular destinations for slow travellers. It is hard to exactly pin down all the fascination that stems from this vast country, but it is certainly grounded in its unique cultural mix of people, its lively world-class cities and the geographic variety of its vast landscapes. Whether planning on visiting megacities like New York and Los Angeles, the sinful delight of Las Vegas, the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon and the Yellowstone National Park or the sunny beaches in California, Florida and Hawaii, organising a trip that lives up to the country’s huge variety is a seemingly impossible task. Nonetheless, every slow traveller on the mission of really getting to know the US will fall prey to its unique charms. And who knows, this might even be the start into a new life. After all, many slow travellers later decide to extend their stay further and try applying for a permanent residency visa. With US immigration notoriously strict, one of the easiest way of securing a visa is through the Green Card Lottery System, with more information about the process to be found on this site. It is worth noting, however, that not everyone is eligible to take part in the Green Card Lottery but that there are indeed other ways of applying for residency in the United States which can be explored.


Arizona, Grand Canyon North RIm
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