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The Best Way To Experience Central Taiwan

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Central Taiwan seduces visitors with idyllic countryside panoramas. Pineapple plantations dot the countryside and dairy farms pride themselves on whipping the creamiest ice-creams known to mankind. If this isn’t enough to tempt you, Taichung’s winding roads, befitting television commercials, will definitely send you in a tizzy. It’s hard to soak it all in but a bike ride overlooking misty mountains and lush plantations ensconced in fog is highly recommended. And to end a hectic day, head over for foot reflexology and a body massage. Do remember to bring in your pain killers for you will need them after the massage – you have been warned 🙂



IMG_3504 IMG_3505


b) Follow it up with dinner at one of the international restaurants. We chose Turkish and thoroughly enjoyed the kebabs, breads, and dips


c) A bike ride on route 139 is unlike any other. Winding through lush green forests and Taiwan’s countryside, you get a real taste of Taiwan. It’s not strenuous and if done in winter can be a good bit of exercise without much sweating.

IMG_3506 IMG_3507

d) Ice-cream at a dairy farm – There is no better way to enjoy fresh food than to visit a dairy farm and have the ice cream produced there, with milk from the cows that are bred right there. Knowing where the ingredients are coming from enhance the flavour of the food that one eats.




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