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Moving the Party Elsewhere: Fun In Vegas

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Everyone’s heard about Las Vegas’ reputation as a party destination and rightly so! However, beyond the glitz and glamour of the casinos and clubs, beyond the craziness displayed in The Hangover movie, there’s a whole new world of fun to discover at the thrumming neon heart of Nevada.

Touching down in this desert oasis is easy, thanks to all the flights to Las Vegas, and it’s also cheaper than you’d imagine. Sort yourself out with a place to stay and then you can head into town for your own slice of the Las Vegas experience:


There is so much more to Vegas than gambling (photo credit - wikipedia
Vegas has so much to offer (credit )


Diving into the city

If you’re not afraid of heights and like to live on the edge, Las Vegas has something that you’re not going to want to miss. SkyJump involves leaping off the 108th floor of the Stratosphere tower in ‘controlled free fall’. A cross between a sky dive and a bungee jump, you’ll hurtle towards the ground at 40 miles per hour, strapped to a vertical zip line. The wires are controlled to slow down as you get closer to the ground, making for a smooth landing onto a generously-sized crash mat.


For an equally exhilarating experience but without the risk you can try some indoor skydiving. This involves floating upward over a wind tunnel and provides you with the same sensations as jumping from a plane. The only difference is that you don’t have to deal with the heights.


Getting behind the scenes

If you’re drawn to the showbiz aspects of Las Vegas, a behind-the-scenes walking tour will be a fabulous addition to your trip. At the Jubilee! All Access Backstage Walking Tour, you can learn what goes on backstage at the shows, including the hustle and bustle of costume design and set creation. Just remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


Learning about the Mob

Las Vegas has quite a history of gangsters and there are many museums where you can learn about the city’s chequered past. Visit the Mob Museum downtown, or ‘Mob Attraction Las Vegas’ on the Strip and you’ll learn about villainous hoods, dramatic FBI investigations, the lawless prohibition era and every element of the Vegas underworld.


Ducking the casinos

If casinos aren’t your thing but you’re still looking for game-related entertainment, the Pinball Hall of Fame will be right up your street. It’s jam-packed full of pinball machines and many other retro arcade games, with more than 200 machines to try your luck with! How about that for a blast from the past!


Escaping the bustle

No trip to Nevada is complete without seeing the most awesome rock formation on Earth: the Grand Canyon. It’s a day trip from Las Vegas, accessible either on an organised tour or by car. You can even spend the night and do some hiking in the desert before you join back in with the bustle of the city.


Las Vegas has a lot to offer its guests. You can live it up in the party culture if you wish, which is fun, but there’s more available if you’re looking for thrills without having to go for broke in the casinos, spend time in the clubs until the sun comes up or indulge in the seedy side. The Vegas Experience can be different for everyone — The Hangover was just their experience!


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