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A guide to historical and delicious Seville

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The city of Seville is located in the sunny region of Andalucia, in the south of Spain. This southern city is known for its many cultural attractions, its food and its traditions.


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Our favourite thing to eat in Spain? Tapas of course 🙂


Barrio de Santa Cruz.

There are many places worth visiting in this historical city. Take a walk around the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the historical city center, where you will find the city’s most famous attractions, the Cathedral, the Giralda and the Alcazar Palace. This centric district can be explored on foot and in a traditional, horse-drawn carriage. Most carriages can be found near the Cathedral square, a place filled with orange trees. If you want to find the ideal holiday destination, head to this area of Seville, filled with ancient historical landmarks, traditional shops and a variety of delicious tapas bars serving local wines.


Cathedral and the Giralda.

The ancient cathedral is worth the queue. The inside of this historical buildings is decorated with marble, gilded statues of saints and vast columns. The main attraction is the Retablo Mayor, a large altar carved from wood and covered in gold. This altar has statues of angels. Many of the cathedral’s ancient chapels have been transformed into galleries where you will be able to see antique reliquaries, ceremonial goblets and robes threaded with golden thread that used to be worn by archbishops. After exploring the interior of the cathedral, head to the famous Giralda. From the top of the Giralda, an ancient minaret that was transformed into a bell tower, you will be able to enjoy views towards the city center and the Guadalquivir river.


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Next to the cathedral is the Alcazar. The ancient Moorish fortress was transformed into a royal palace before becoming one of the city’s most visited places. Each hall has its own architectural style and antique decorations. There are several Gothic halls, renaissance structures and mudejar courtyards. Each hall has shaped a piece of the country’s history. The Ambassador’s Hall is the most famous of all, a large space covered with frescoes and murals.



The neighbourhood of Triana is another place worth visiting. This neighbourhood is located opposite the Barrio de Santa Cruz, right across the Guadalquivir river. To get there, cross the Isabel II bridge from the city center. Enjoy a drink and a selection of fat, juicy olives in one of the many terraces along the banks of the river. This traditionally gypsy area is where you will find the mot famous tapas bars and a selection of authentic flamenco joints, filled with guitar music and dance. The tapas in this area are known for their large portions. Try taquitos de cazón, deep-fried squares of fish, and the cold salmorejo soup.

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