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Camping in UK

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Come summer and UK is covered with colourful flowers and foliage right out of a painting. As the weather changes, there is a spring (pun fully intended!) in everybody’s step and holidays are the only thing on everybody’s mind. Warmer destinations such as Spain and Portugal might be the first ones to come to mind, but UK is perfect for a spot of camping in the summer. And you can skip long queues at airports – score!


In terms of destinations, pick one that suits the needs of your family. If you’re a couple, then the flower-laden countryside of Kent is perfect for you. Pick a spot surrounded by hundreds, nay thousands, of wild flowers. Since it’s UK, you’re never too far from a typical English pub. So you can hop over to the nearest village for a spot of pub grub and a couple of pints of cider when you’re done picnicking in the countryside


If you’re travelling with your family, then Cornwall and Devon are perfect. They offer dozens of family-friend camping areas offering everything from running water and hot showers to swimming pools and water slides. Spend your days exploring the little villages dotting the countryside, binging on Cornish pasties, enjoying the sea, discovering quaint bakeries, and polishing off one ice-cream too many.

The English Countryside is perfect for camping
The English Countryside is perfect for camping


However with picturesque drives and sylvan surroundings right out of a story book also comes the fear of unpredictable weather. After all, you’re still in UK. Make sure you are equipped to handle UK’s infamous grey weather – stock up on umbrellas and rain coats and do your research before hand. UK’s weather is highly unpredictable and can turn within seconds – it can be sunny one moment and cloudy the next. Besides rain showers and thunder storms are common even during summer months. This is a perfect article to prepare you for camping in adverse conditions – it includes a number of handy tips for camping in situations that involve wind, rain, even snow.


If you’re not upto braving the weather, fear not. Glamourous Camping aka Glamping is bound to come to your rescue. This new trend is taking UK by storm. If you enjoy camping but couldn’t be bothered to fumble around with a tent or camper van, then book yourself into one of UK’s many glamping B&Bs. They offer modern amenities combined with the thrill of camping, so everyone’s a winner. Everything from native-American style teepees adorned with colorful rugs and dreamcatchers to minimalist Scandinavian pods are on offer – choose one that suits your personality and get ready to experience the holiday of a lifetime.


UK has some incredible camping spots
UK has some incredible camping spots


Insofar as packing is concerned, make sure you carry a pair of wellies.Most camping sites offer a variety of stunning walks around the countryside. Of course, iconic brands like Hunter produce some of the best wellies out there but the high-street is flooded with knockoffs at a much cheaper price. Once you’ve stocked up on suncream, umbrellas, and boots, venture into the Great English Countryside for an amble or two. You might just discover a hidden forest of bluebells, a carpet of lilies, or a field full of bright yellow canola flowers.


Camping is the perfect way to enjoy every bit of the British summer – god knows it won’t last too long!


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