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Best Value Destinations for Travelers on a Budget

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Wanderlust and the cheaper cost of traveling have definitely fuelled more overseas trips. For everyone who is using their Avios points for their travels, there’s one good way to see whether you are getting the best value for your money and this cheat involves an awesome tool –Airmiles Value Tracker from Totally Money.  This tool is really handy to those who want to compare various destinations and see where they should go to maximize their traveling fund. Every globe trotter knows how important it is to bag the best deals when traveling. And, that’s just one of the best reasons why making the most of your Avios points is a great goal. For those who are looking for cool destinations with the best value, here are some suggestions:


Cambodia Travel Fashion
Travel far and wide


Billund, Denmark. This small town in Jutland happens to be an awesome place to go off to. This is a typical company town which is known as the home of the LEGO Group and it is well-known as the home of Legoland. This happens to be a popular stop for families with children. Legoland is located right next to the factory and there are excellent stops for both kids and adults including the Mini Land, Pirate Land and Polar Land. The waterpark and activity centre, Lalandia Billund, has also opened its doors making the place more attractive to families on a holiday.


Menorca, Spain. For a romantic vacations and friendly getaways, this place is just the place to fly off to. This island in the Mediterranean Sea is known for its turquoise waters and perfect beaches. The islands are really wonderful during the early spring. Outside the peak season, there is a significant drop in prices making it a good time for a vacation. Bask in the spectacular view outside the terraces of a natural cave in Cova d’en Xoroi in Cala’n Porter, explore the historic monuments which is scattered all over the island and join in one of the fiestas which are held from June to September. While you’re there, don’t forget to binge on scrumptious tapas


best things to eat in Spain
Our favourite thing to eat in Spain? Tapas of course 🙂


Mykonos, Greece. This Greek island in Cyclades is an exciting destination for the holidays. Also known as the Island of the Winds, this fishing village is a known tourist destination and it is popular for its distinct Cycladic architecture. There are several ancient sites in Delos and there are several windmills dotting the island. The cuisine is also something to look forward to and this island is definitely a must for beach goers.


Athens-in-a-day - gyros
Spend a lazy afternoon binging on Greek food in a small ouzeria


Rosia Bay, Gibraltar. Located in the Iberian Peninsula’s southern end, this British Overseas Territory is deemed to be the entrance to the Mediterranean. There are several attractions in the territory that would be worth visiting it for from whale watching in the Strait, dolphin watching and bird migration. There are several beaches in the area but if you are looking for a charming little beach, Rosia Bay is a good choice and for a small village experience, Catalan Bay in the east is a good stop.


Algiers, Algeria. Located in the western side of the Mediterranean, Algiers combines the ancient city with the modern one. There is much to see in the city as it is a great hub for enchanting architecture. Among the attractions is Notre Dame d’Afrique, a basilica which is accessible by cable car. The Jardin d’essai is home to exotic plants and several mosques, including the Great Mosque of Algiers which definitely worth seeing.

With so many cool destinations that you can travel to with Avios points, making the most of your next holidays will definitely be easier on your pockets.




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