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5 Romantic Places Around The World Not On The Tourist Path

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If you are looking for some fantastic places to visit with your partner, you have come to the right place! There are quite a few great destinations that are very romantic and still untouched by thousands of tourists. And that is all you can ask and wish for while looking for the perfect honeymoon spot, right? So, find out about five such places and then start packing your swimsuits because you are certainly going to need them!

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Corsica, France

We all know that France is a country of love and that Paris is the capital of love as well. But there is one place in this fascinating country that is not yet discovered but is truly spectacular to see as well. I am talking about the birthplace of Napoleon – the island named Corsica! Fantastic scenery, cosy atmosphere, and summer all year round make this small island in the Mediterranean Sea one of the perfect getaways for lovers. Don’t forget that food there will be fantastic too – it is France, after all!



Split, Croatia

Croatia is very famous among tourists.  But, in reality, many of tourists around the globe tend to visit Dubrovnik – the most famous city in this country. Although Split, which is an ancient city, can be a great place to spend some romantic time as well. And this is the best part –  it is not so full of tourists! Split lies on the Adriatic Coast. It has ancient Roman ruins and vibrant beaches you can tan all day long. If that is not enough, the traditional Croatian cuisine is just perfect there! So, if you want to glorify your love, Split is surely one of the best places to do that in the world!

Split Palace


Aspen, Colorado

This city is widely known as skiers’ paradise, but you can visit it not only for that. Aspen is amazingly gorgeous and takes your breath away instantly. With its mountains, forests, and little cosy lodges it will make you fall in love even more! Apart from stunning scenery, Aspen has luxurious hotels and a great nightlife as well, so every type of couple can find the perfect activity there as well.



Another country that is beautiful and hard to forget is Peru. It is yet not discovered by many and that is one of the things why it is so great. Incredible nature, historical sites like Machu Picchu and always smiling people are all in Peru. While visiting this country, make a stop at the ruins near Chachapoyas. Here all the lovers can have unimaginable walking on clouds sense. Of course, there are many other great activities you can do there, so just do a little research on romantic spots!


Peruvian Amazon Rainforest Expeditions Villa Review-38



It is hard to pick one place in Australia worth to visit because the whole country (and the continent!) is full of fantastic, breathtaking landscapes that will make you even closer to your lover. Everything from the north Australia’s coast with unbelievably beautiful coral riffs and hot weather all year long, to the centre of Australia and real wilderness, will make you fall in love with this country. Here you can spend your days fishing, swimming, sailing, surfing, scuba diving and boating. Or you party all night long in Australia’s biggest cities. It is all up to you because Australia is full of various activities for all kinds of tourists. In this country, you will always find what to do with your beloved one!

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