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Raise your hands if you’ve been in the position where you are craving a cocktail – you consult a menu and decide against it. Simply because it costs over £10. That’s £40 for the family – just for a drink. Err no!


But shouldn’t holidays be the time when you say YES to every whim – be it an ice-cream for breakfast, canapés just hours after lunch, or endless cocktails by the poolside? Of course they should be!! That’s the rationale behind the#Justsayyes campaign started by First Choice. They’re right – life is truly to short to say no to little indulgences. As for us, we realized quite early that we enjoy All Inclusive Holidays, especially on vacations where we just want to relax and head out of the resort only for a couple of hours everyday.


Here are 5 places at which we opted for All Inclusive Holidays. I hope this list gives you some ideas for your next holiday in 2016


Costa Del Sol, Spain


Of course I had to start with Spain, the mecca of All Inclusive Holidays. It’s true that British tourists head to Spain in hordes. But the country’s developed tourist market means that it is easy to find sensational all-inclusive deals on luxury resorts. If you want bang for your buck, Costa Del Sol or Costa Brava is the way to go. Sparkling beaches, tapas bars, good-quality resorts, and quaint Spanish villages along the way – the two beach strips have something for everyone. We opted for a resort in a quiet part of Malaga and loved waking up to the sound of the crashing waves everyday.


Beautiful countryside around Malaga
Beautiful countryside around Malaga


Lanzarote, Spain

If mainland Spain is a bit too mainstream for you, then The Canary Islands are a great option. The best part is that the islands, located just off the coast of Africa, are warm all year round. We opted for an All Inclusive Holiday in Lanzarote during winter vacation and it was amazing to bring in the New Year ensconced by warm weather. For the intrepid wanders amongst you, Lanzarote has a lot to do. I’m sure you’ll spend most of your days lazing at the glorious beaches but there are volcanic hikes, national parks made entirely out of lava, and houses carved out of lava bubbles.


Best Beach Lanzarote
Beaches in Lanzarote


 Casablanca, Morocco

If you love exploring new countries, then this is the one for you. When you plan a trip to Morocco, chances are you will fly into its bustling capital Marrakech. Now Marrakech is a complete assault to the senses. It is fascinating and you will love exploring it. But its frenetic rhythm will leave you completely exhausted. Morocco’s all-inclusive beach resorts give you a chance to recuperate from the madness of Marrakech and offer a relaxing haven, far from the maddening crowds. The pound sterling goes a long way in Morocco, so I suggest treating yourself to a gorgeous five-star resort. Research well and book early to score the best deal.


Crete, Greece

No article on all-inclusive holidays would be complete without a mention of the beach-haven that is Greece. From 3* to 5* properties, Greece offers a variety of resorts for the holidaymaker. We veer towards the more exclusive 5* properties and they’re well worth it – from Greek salads and lavish buffet meals to chilled beers and gorgeous sundowners, everything is taken care of. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and not worry about looking at the menu to see just how much that drink costs.


Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt

Head to the coastal town of Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt for a true taste of the exotic. The boulevards of Sharm-el-Sheikh are lined with plush resorts offering some great All-Inclusive deals. The town offers a perfect introduction to Egyptian culture without sacrificing home comforts – everything from large supermarkets stocked with digestive biscuits and shortbread to restaurants serving bangers and mash and fish and chips can easily be found. Sharm-el-Sheikh is also the perfect jumping point to explore the other parts of Egypt including Cairo.

Our all-inclusive resort in Sharm-El-Sheikh
Our all-inclusive resort in Sharm-El-Sheikh

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