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Away From the Sands — Exploring Animal Attractions in Florida


The sunshine state of Florida is famous for its sunny beaches and lively night life scene. However, it’s not just the party vibe and the glorious sunshine that you can travel here for. As well being a place for families, it’s a place for animal lovers, with attractions that both will love.

Here are just a few of the most popular ones.


Jungle Island

Make your way to Miami (why not make it your first port of call, in fact!) to explore an enchanting jungle home to more than three thousand exotic animals including a whole host of colourful parrots. Jungle Island covers an area of more than 18 acres close to South Beach and features fun, educational animal stage shows as well as a petting zoo and interactive safaris that people of all ages can enjoy. There are also online discounts available.


Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Animal lovers are sure to enjoy visiting Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, located in Titusville. The attraction boasts an excellent assortment of endangered animals that are displayed in natural environments like swamps and marshes. There are also activities for families to take part in such as trekking and kayaking.




Sea World

This attraction has been creating a splash among visitors to Florida for many years. Located in Orlando, you can see aquatic animals like seals and dolphins. Sea World also hosts special animal shows throughout the day, while visitors can feed some of the animals if they wish. In addition to animal encounters, Sea World features a collection of wild rides that will keep thrill seekers amused and entertained.


Discovery Cove

This unique attraction offers visitors the chance to swim with dolphins, which is sure to be an experience that they will never forget. Other enchanting animal encounters possible include playing with stingrays, coming face to face with sharks and snorkelling through coral reefs that are home to hundreds of tropical fish of all shapes and sizes.



Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney has created an attraction that presents animal encounters in a memorable way. Visitors can wander through nature environments filled with cascading waterfalls and lush glades to discover animals in their natural environments. One of the great things about this attraction is visitors can wander wherever they choose to discover animals like tree kangaroos, iguanas and colourful macaws.


The state of Florida is filled with natural beauty for visitors to explore. You don’t have to go to the beach. You can instead explore and take in some of the world’s wonders of nature. You’ll have just as fun a time.

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