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HOLA! For all those who are a part of the Bruised Passports family, welcome back! And for those joining us on our adventures, welcome to our world of travels, colour, and happiness 🙂

Last week we shared this post on our Instagram and Facebook pages asking where in the world Bruised Passports readers were from:


and we were OVERWHELMED with the responses – so happy to find out that so many people from different corners of the world love to follow our adventures. A BIG thank you to each and every one of you. Vid put together this map of cities where Bruised Passports virtual family members are from:


It is so much fun to see our virtual family grow over the years and hope to see many more of you from every corner of the world be a part of this crazy adventure of ours. And now that you are here, grab a cuppa and enjoy some armchair travel with us!!

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