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Written by Savi, 31 Comments

I know I should be writing reams about beanies and knits because it’s freezing in London right now, but I just can’t get Mauritius’ turquoise beaches out of my mind.

These photos are from a day at Belle Mare beach. It was a day that was a complete blur of wind-tangled hair, hammocks, sparkling sun through the palms, flowers, fresh coconuts, and bare feet on sand.

I’m wearing a roomy crochet kimono that works perfectly as a beach cover-up. I’d love to tell you this is a meditated outfit, but I would be lying. Truth be told I just put together everything that screams sun-laden tropical paradise in one outfit – crochet, neon bracelets, mirrored aviators, and a neon satchel. It’s really that simple 🙂


Outfit Details :-

Bracelets – DIY (They’re actually shoe laces 😉 )

Kimono Top – H&M (similar here)

Neon Satchel –  ASOS (similar here)

Sunglasses – ASOS (I wore the same ones while gallivanting in sugarcane fields in Mauritius)


packing for the beach 1
Turquoise waters and breakfast at the beach *sigh*


packing for the beach 3
Look who waddled his way into an outfit post 😉


packing for the beach 4
DIY Bracelets


packing for the beach mauritius
Belle Mare Beach, Mauritius


packing for the beach 3
The beaches of Mauritius


packing for the beach 7
Hammock Love


packing for the beach mauritius 5
Crochet Kimono


packing for the beach mauritius 4
Fresh coconut water *nom*


packing for the beach spain 3
Belle Mare Beach, Mauritius


packing for the beach mauritius 3
The beaches of Mauritius


packing for the beach mauritius 6
Can you blame us for never wanting to come back?


packing for the beach mauritius 8
The best outfits are without shoes 🙂


packing for the beach mauritius 9
The beaches of Mauritius


packing for the beach spain 6
I wasn’t the only one sporting neons 🙂


packing for the beach mauritius 9
The beaches of Mauritius


Do you guys love beaches as much as I do??



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31 thoughts on “For The Beach Bums

    1. Thanks Erica. The weather is indeed dreary at the moment, but the festive cheer makes this time of the year fun for me 🙂

    1. Jade I’m not a big fan of really hot weather either, but Mauritius was just right at this time of the year 🙂

  1. Amazing!! Savi u look gorgeous, n I love ur laidback attitude in the pics, makes me wanna pack a bag n go on a beach vacation right away! Love all the posts on Mauritius 🙂

  2. Wow love those pictures! Currently sitting in a freezing office in sunny Mumbai, but I still felt the warmth of the beach. Haha!
    Great idea with the shoe laces!

    1. Thanks Roxanne. If it’s any consolation, I wrote this post whilst sitting in London, which is grey and dreary at the minute 🙁

  3. Love this post! The beaches are stunning, the water is amazingly blue and of course, your outfits are perfect! That’s the perfect bathing suit cover-up. I love how you use shoelaces for bracelets, what a great idea. Something I never would have thought to do.


  4. I think u can easily kill anyone with those Innocent, Cute, Sweet, Hot, Lovely, Classy, Stunning, Pretty, Adorable n Sexy LOOKS… I am your Fan !!! The Snaps are just Mind Blowing, my mind is Flying and is Shocked, LIKE how can someone be so damn Gorgeous… Cuteness is something which every girl has but you are the one from where the actual meaning of awesomeness starts… Your Style is really Commendable… Shades are simply Superb… Smile is so Mesmerizing … Expressions are so Luvly… Attitude is just out of the world.. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Hey Kapil, thank you so much. I’m extremely flattered. As I always say, you’re way too generous with your compliments 🙂

      1. Awww dats so kind of u babes ^_^ frankly speaking my compliments r really frm d bottom of my heart n u actually deserve every bit of it dear ♡♡♡

  5. I love beaches I have been to Bali and loved it. planning for another beach outing in Sep. Mauritius was our 2nd choice. Hope I we will go there soon. You look HOT and loved that Crochet Kimono

    1. Thanks Shikha. Mauritius is a great country for a holiday – do check out all our articles on Mauritius before planning you trip 🙂

  6. Dear Savi and Ved,

    Hope you are well.

    I’m working with Travel Secrets, a travel magazine in India, and I recently started following your account on Instagram. I love how you mix travel and fashion to create unique experiences!

    For our March- April issue, we were keen on interviewing you. The questions would be around your travels. Here are a few details about the magazine:

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    In case you are interested, I’d be happy to send across the questionnaire via email. We hope you’ll agree to sharing some stories and memories from your journeys!


    Tanya Anand
    Editorial Team
    Travel Secrets Magazine

    1. Hey Tanya – great hearing from you. Could you drop us an email at bruisedpassports at gmail dot com please? 🙂

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