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Our FAVOURITE Travel Beauty Essentials

Posted by on 15 Feb, 2017 in Travel Beauty, Wears | 30 comments

Hey you guys, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get around to writing this post. We get so many questions on social...

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5 Packing Hacks and Tips for Travellers

Posted by on 4 Dec, 2016 in Everything, Packing, Wears | 46 comments

We’ve previously penned down a list of EVERYTHING that goes into our suitcases in our post Packing For Long Term Travel *** Travel...

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On sneakers and travelling

Posted by on 25 Nov, 2016 in Wears | 32 comments

I laid off individual outfit posts when we started travelling full time. I carry a limited stash of clothes and usually throw together...

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Travel Fashion – Packing for a road trip to Leh and Ladakh

Posted by on 10 Jul, 2016 in Asia, Country Retreats, Everything, Featured, India, India1, Road Trip, Wears | 52 comments

This is Part 3 of our 5 part series on planning the ultimate road trip to Leh-Ladakh in India. We will cover every aspect – itinerary,...

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Packing for long-term travel

Posted by on 20 May, 2016 in Everything, Featured, Packing, Wears | 42 comments

We’d definitely be rich if we had a penny for every time we were asked how we fit our lives in a suitcase each. Now we have friends...

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What to pack for a summer roadtrip in New Zealand

Posted by on 13 Apr, 2016 in Everything, Featured, New Zealand, Oceania, Wears | 24 comments

This is Part 3 of our 4 part series on planning the ultimate road trip in New Zealand. We will cover every aspect – itinerary,...

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Lookbook: A summer road trip in the Baltics

Posted by on 24 Mar, 2016 in Baltics, Europe, Wears | 8 comments

Back in September ’15, we spent a month in fairy-tale villages, historical cities that remain unchanged since Soviet times, and...

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A Balinese ‘winter’?!

Posted by on 20 Dec, 2015 in Wears | 0 comments

It’s December and the sun is shining bright – we slather ourselves with sunscreen before we head out into town each day. This...

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Packing for Peru: A journey in outfits

Posted by on 15 Dec, 2015 in Everything, Featured, Peru, Peru1, South America, Wears | 10 comments

“We seemed to breathe freely, a lighter air, an air of adventure”   Che Guevara’s ode to South America in The...

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Tropical Island Paradise: A Lookbook from Maldives

Posted by on 26 Nov, 2015 in Everything, Featured, Maldives, Maldives1, Wears | 16 comments

Think of a summer island paradise  – an island far far away from civilisation, dotted with gorgeous huts and palm trees, and...

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