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5 Best Cold Weather Holidays for your bucket list

Posted by on 8 Aug, 2016 in City Breaks, Czech Republic, England, Europe, Everything, finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Switzerland, Wheres | 72 comments

Say ‘holiday’ and the first thing that comes to mind are beaches, palm trees, and pina coladas.   I’ll be honest...

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Baltic Road Trip: The Ultimate Guide to Tallinn, Estonia

Posted by on 23 Apr, 2016 in Baltics, City Breaks, Europe, Where To Stay | 60 comments

To me, Tallinn will always be the fairy-tale city of twinkling lights. Thousands of sparkling lights come up in the Old Town daily as the...

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Baltic Beach Hotel and Spa – A Sprawling Wellness Retreat

Posted by on 31 Mar, 2016 in Baltics, Beaches, City Breaks, Europe, Where To Stay | 44 comments

We consider ourselves to be quite savvy when it comes to travelling. When it comes to spa breaks or wellness retreats, we’d always...

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Lookbook: A summer road trip in the Baltics

Posted by on 24 Mar, 2016 in Baltics, Europe, Wears | 8 comments

Back in September ’15, we spent a month in fairy-tale villages, historical cities that remain unchanged since Soviet times, and...

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Baltic Road Trip Itinerary – A journey through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Posted by on 24 Mar, 2016 in Baltics, Europe, Everything, Featured, Road Trip, Wheres | 47 comments

When it comes to preferred road trip itineraries in Europe, we are pretty sure that the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania do...

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The Ultimate Guide to Lapland Safaris in Finland

Posted by on 19 Jan, 2016 in Europe, Everything, finland, Wheres | 17 comments

This article is Part 3 of our 4 part series on planning the ultimate trip to Lapland, Finland Read Part 1 The Ultimate Itinerary for...

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Baltic Road Trip: A Guide to Riga, Latvia

Posted by on 1 Dec, 2015 in Baltics, Europe, Where To Stay | 6 comments

Riga, Latvia was the starting point and the ending point of our roadtrip through the Baltics. A number of European airlines offer...

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Planning the perfect romantic getaway in Jersey + a giveaway

Posted by on 18 Sep, 2015 in England, Europe, Everything | 17 comments

As the sun dipped low over the island paradise that is the Galapagos, I murmured something about not wanting to leave. The next day, as we...

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The SMELL of travel – 10 reasons why you should get off that couch and travel NOW

Posted by on 20 Aug, 2015 in Asia, Cambodia, Europe, Everything, Featured, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Mauritius, Mediterranean, Morocco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, Wheres | 54 comments

The internet is a crazy place – there’s nothing you can’t find on it! From countless reviews of hotels to detailed...

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The Perfect Itinerary for a Road Trip in England

Posted by on 18 May, 2015 in England, Europe, Everything | 16 comments

We’ve lived in London for over 7 years now and we have a weakness for road trips – this dangerous combination has led us to...

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